Village hall

Village Hall Committee minutes 15 January 2014

Minutes of the meeting on 15 January 2014

Present: Trevor Mills (Chair), Jim Lowe, Jane Lowe, David Watson, Dawn Dziurzynski, Steve Harding, Kevin Lobb, Alan Sutton, Tom Lloyd, Jo Birch, George Tilley and Shirley Tilley

1) Apologies: Alex Dziurzynski

2) Minutes of the Last Meeting 27th November 2013: Agreed and signed off.

3) Matters Arising:

a) The Inventory of Village Hall items kept outside of the Hall will be passed onto Dawn – Dave Watson still needs to ensure this will take place

b) Jane Lowe will also send a copy of the list of key holders to Dawn

c) Jane reminded the Minute Secretary to ensure that the draft minutes are circulated as soon as possible after the meeting to ensure that any necessary actions can take place. Dave Watson to ensure this is done

d) Jane Lowe stated that the lack of minutes meant that the planned Fun Raising Quiz Evening on Saturday 8 February had to be postponed until Saturday 15 March. Jane & Jim Lowe and the Entertainment Sub-Group will make arrangements for this event.

e) Jane Lowe will take charge of the arranging of the Budget Sub-Group Meeting which was arranged for Thursday 23 Jan 2014 at 7.30pm.

f) The Cleaners contract needs to be undertaken as soon as possible – Steve Harding will arrange this. The issue of the Cleaners pay & conditions will be considered at the Budget Sub-Group Meeting.

g) The issue of the rep for the Youth Farmers was clarified – Tom Lloyd will continue as the sole rep. Tom Lloyd will ask Sophie Grills is she wished to be a trustee in her own right.

4) Co-option of Trustee:

Jane Lowe has been in discussion with Paul Brown, who has expressed a wish to become a trustee. Jane Lowe nominated this co-option which was seconded by Shirley Tilley – All agreed to Paul Brown being co-opted as a Trustee. Jane Lowe will have further discussions with Paul Brown & to ask him to sign the Trustee Book, which she will ‘look after’.

5) Correspondence:

a) Steve Harding responded to the email from Laura Odell, Chair of Buckland Brewer Under Fives and a further correspondence was passed to Jane Lowe.

6) Treasurers Report:

Existing Hall

a)- Bi monthly bills are now being issued.

b)- The Performing Rights Society Licence has been paid – £135

c)- Kevin Lobb has contacted Allied Westminster for a quote for the Village Hall Insurance. The quote was for £414.38 for the same cover plus cash being held at Trustee’s homes. This compared to a quote from the previous supplier of £716.86.

d)- The new EON electric tariff has started & initial bills indicate a saving of at least 1/3.

e)- Jane Lowe had circulated an email in December regarding a donation towards the retirement of Fred & Barbara Babb. There had not been any objections raised & therefore a donation of £50 had been made from Village Hall Funds.

f)- A bill for £24.10 had been paid to Bridgemans for a gas bottle.

g)- There was an outstanding bill of £195.60 that had been received in December from Ray Hoyle, which Kevin needed authorisation to pay. Trevor Mills indicated that this was in relations to water coming into the Skittle Alley which had needed to be fixed. All agreed that Kevin Lobb should be authorised to pay this bill.

New Village Hall

f)- The Christmas Market profit was £811.09 which included a payment of £29 for leftover books from the Book Stall from a local bookseller.

g)- A Donation of £30 has been made towards the Children’s Hospice in respect of borrowing a marquee from Alana Smith & family.


Lloyds TSB – Current a/c – £1 468.74

Lloyds TSB – Deposit a/c – £2 907.89

New Village Hall – Lloyds Deposit a/c £34 499.64

Total £38,876.27

7) Fund Raising & Future Events:

a)- The Women’s Institute Fundraising Event for the Village Hall involving Tony Beard will take place on Friday 11 April. This is being arranged by the Buckland Brewer WI.

b)- It was suggested that if any Trustees have any ideas for future events then for these to be passed onto Dawn or any other members of the Entertainment Sub-Group for discussion. The Entertainment Sub-Group will meet on Monday 10 February at 7pm at Dawn’s home.

c)- The Rosemoor Event will possibly take place on Friday 22 August. Suggestions of the entertainment will be discussed at the Entertainment Meeting.

d)- Another suggestion was for a Games Evening to be held as a Fundraising Event.

e)- The Fete Meetings will now be regularly held on the 4th Wednesday of the month starting in February to avoid any clashes with the Village Hall Meetings.

8) Signing of Hall User Contracts:

Dawn Dziurzynski informed the meeting that some affiliates have not signed the User Contracts – Parish Church, Skittles, Playing Field, Parish Council & School. These were given to various trustees to be passed to the relevant organisations for signing & return to Dawn.

9) Arrangements for Village Hall –Keys & Gas Bottle Monitoring:

a)- David Lloyd still holds the key for the Gas Bottle Cage – Jane Lowe will talk to David Lloyd regarding whether he is still willing to monitor the gas supply.

b)- Jane Lowe has collected the spare Village Hall key from Babb’s. It was felt that this key will not be passed to The Community Shop to hold.

c)- Arrangements for elections held in the Village Hall will be made with Torridge District Council prior to the event.

10) Any other Business:

a)- There was some discussions on the planned ‘Race Night’ planned in the Village Hall by the Playing Field Association. There are strict rules in place for such events because of the Gambling Laws and because of this additional paperwork was required to be completed by the Playing Field Association. Alan Sutton will deal with this issue.

Shirley Tilley expressed some dismay that this event that she originally suggested for the Village Hall, but not proceeded with due to the legal requirements, had now been put into action by the Playing Field Association.

b)- The Meeting was made aware of the Launch by Pearces of the Hillpark Development on Saturday 1 February at 10am at Atlantic Village, Bideford.

11) Update on New Parish Community Hall:

This report by Jane Lowe & following discussion was wide ranging & included agenda items on Trustees & Affiliate Organisations, Budget making & running of the present hall.

There have been ongoing discussions between Jane Lowe, Project Manager & Community Council of Devon regarding the Hallmark certification process & any application for the Big Lottery. As a result of this Jane felt that there needed to be fairly radical changes in the running of the present hall to show to the Big Lottery that we as Trustees have the skills and business ability to successfully run a Community Hall. There will need to be a change in the relationship between the Trustees & the present affiliate organisations. The forthcoming Budget Meeting will need to look at the level of hall charges and all costings to enable a sustainable budget to be put in place. That these changes will include the detailed plans for the new Community Hall and its running. That these changes will need to be in place for any chance of a suitable application for the Big Lottery.

Jane gave the Meeting 3 different options regarding the New Community Hall – To proceed with the Big Lottery Grant application; To look at alternative funding for the Hall or to abandon the project and to continue with the present hall.

After a lot of discussion all Trustees agreed to proceed with the Big Lottery Grant application.

Further discussions will take place in future Meetings. It was suggested that Trustees considered the Current Policies & Procedures and what needs to change or be adapted to improve them.

At some stage there will need for more detailed discussions with the affiliate organisations and the community, which could include future Open Meetings. Jane offered to attend meetings with Community organisations in the future to have this discussion.

The Budget Sub-Group will look at all costings & charges relating to the present hall.

There will be ongoing discussions by Jane Lowe with the Community Council of Devon regarding the Hallmark process. Jane will also begin to have discussions with the architect regarding possible simplication of the Community Hall design.

The Meeting finished at 10.25pm


DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 19 February 2014 at 8pm

Signed…………………………………………… Date………………………..




Update on the new village hall

For the sake of clarity, please will all readers note that this is in the format of a progress diary which shows achievements and developments over the last 18 months –


It is important to recognise that there is no value identified, either to the community or financially, in “doing up” the existing hall, which is on its “last legs”, for the following reasons:

• The space available prevents ever being able to comply with various elements of now mandatory legislation e.g. disability requirements.

• There is no parking available and never can be – this is a basic requirement of community halls.

• There is no storage space nor ever will be – currently trustees are storing hall equipment in their own homes – this causes major inconvenience both to the users and trustees.

• The hall is sited on a corner which is arguably dangerous and certainly very undesirable where children and older people are involved.

• The hall & floor have no foundations – any improvement would need to address this as a basic and there is no business case to apply for funding to cover the cost of making the hall fit for purpose for 21st century compliance.

• Were it possible to raise funds for the extent of improvement required to carry them out and implement them (effectively a re-build, discounting any inconvenience to residents close by),would put the hall out of use for many months thus disabling users. Trustees are bound by their governing body (Charity Commission) to ensure a usable hall for all on an ongoing basis to the best of their ability.


SUMMER –Full membership of Community Council of Devon (CCD) taken –CCD is the body which advises & facilitates all matters community

SUMMER – clarity sought by 2 trustees (BBVH committee members) from BBVH lawyers regarding Trust Deed & Trustees responsibilities & duties.

SEPTEMBER – presentation from CCD to trustees emphasising advice from lawyers & offering practical guidance on trustees’ individual & collective duties & extent of personal liability.

SEPTEMBER – receipt of long outstanding invoice from Nigel Gale ,architect, prompts invitation to Nigel to engage with trustees/committee by way of presentation in the same month. Nigel outlines 3 options to build –preferred option identified by committee (Design & Build).

OCTOBER – surveyors Gates specialise in Design & Build contract work – invited to present to BBVH committee with more detail – they offer their services at the end of the presentation, during which they also advise on current legislation re Health & Safety & liabilities on site. Lyn Brookes, specialist in this area, recommended to act as CDM (safety Professional/Practitioner who will undertake all necessary paperwork & interaction with on site service providers).

NOVEMBER – Gates & Lyn Brookes formally engaged as Employers Agents & CDM respectively.

MID – DECEMBER – fund-matching source identified between CCD & Torridge District Council (TDC). Maximum available to be £20k + £20k = £40k – funding source to be terminated at TDC end January 2013. Key requisite is planning permission needs to have been granted. This is the case for all funders.

Throughout, & prior to, the above period & ongoing into January, continued “robust exchanges & engagement” with TDC planners regarding granting overarching planning permission to Pearce (developers) to secure future of community & S106.



JANUARY – continued pressure on TDC planners who eventually grant provisional planning permission only 2 days before expiry of funding availability. During the entirety of this month, trustees, using detailed costing advice & projections from Gates & advice from other local halls, compile a significant funding bid for £40k. The large document is driven to the funding committee in Exeter by a trustee to ensure closing date requirements are met.

FEBRUARY – bid fails. Full criteria of application could never have been met by BBVH within timescales – full analysis of shortcomings & put down to experience. Archived for future use/reference. TDC advice S106 has been delayed again within their own offices for “legal reasons”.

LATE APRIL – after no less than 2 years of negotiation, S106 finally signed off by all involved parties. At this time BBVH discover that they are not the direct beneficiary. As BBVH had never been party to nor consulted about the document, although Pearce shared information informally, there was no way of knowing this. S106 grants benefits to the Parish Council on behalf of Village Hall.

MAY/JUNE – BBVH engage in correspondence with Parish Council to secure “Letters of Intent” – Parish Council will sell on identified parcel of land at nominal price & immediately remit £325K to BBVH upon receipt. In return BBVH trustees accept liabilities connected to S106 viz. funds must be used within 10 years of remittance, receipts provided, unspent funds to be returned to Pearce (via Parish Council) together with market rate interest accrued on unspent sum.

JUNE – BBVH & Parish Council solicitors instructed regards land purchase/s to act when land becomes available for sale from Pearce(S106 terms).BBVH agree to pay also Parish Council legal costs incurred in acquisition of the land which will be transferred to BBVH.

JUNE – meeting with some trustees & Nigel Gale regards next steps for hall. It is known from experience that at this time all major funders require 3 tenders (or professional pricing) including in any funding application. It has been reasonably assumed that funds will be insufficient to build full approved design.

JULY – Gates prepare tender documents for submission to 3 approved (local) builders – tender documents examined by BBVH trustees individually & Gates instructed to go out to tender. Closing date for returns is mid-August.

JULY/AUGUST – numerous “smaller” (ranging from £2k-£15k) funding applications, average compilation time 6-7 hours apiece, submitted to various local funding sources. All failed except 1 which was granted with conditions. Key failure reason is that building on new hall has not commenced – when building starts, funders will reconsider (chicken & egg syndrome).

AUGUST – 3 tenders received ranging from £850k-£1M. It is evident that £0.5M grant will be needed – only funder “in the game” for this amount is Big Lottery. Only applicants in areas of severe deprivation may apply- Big Lottery confirm BBVH is eligible only for this reason. CCD re-affirm that self-build (popular in 70s/80s) is now frowned upon by them, not considered by Big Lottery, as it is fraught with personal liability risks & contractual difficulties because of current building regulations.

SEPT- “Lottery Masterclass” offered by CCD. Full day course attended by 2 trustees. Course supported by Big Lottery, CCD (who facilitate & enable Big Lottery bids in Somerset & Devon) & “pro bono” surveyor who advises on costs of build. Lottery criteria have just changed to be even more challenging – course advises of massive task ahead. Average success rate to Big Lottery building fund is 12% across England & Wales. Average timeline from start-payout in 3 stages, each potentially failing several times, = 74 months. Lottery advises “we are not interested in time wasters”. No Lottery application can be considered unless the applicant owns the land to be built upon (in addition to planning permission criteria). 50% of subscribers to course give up at the end of the day.

OCTOBER – extra committee meeting to present details on above to BBVH committee, advise of challenges ahead & request them to consider level of commitment – all agree this is last chance, & first real (as opposed to aspirational) opportunity, to deliver a new hall.

OCTOBER – scheduled committee meeting – trustees agree to commit to tasks ahead as there appear no alternatives to achieving goal. Agreement to undertake full financial health check from CCD (Sustainability) & Hallmark (3-stage NVQ-type certification for community hall management containing over 200 separate tasks & checks – examination by outside “peers”). Both ongoing qualifications essential within Lottery application (don’t ask without them).

NOVEMBER – public meeting showing current approved design & to obtain wider community support for project. Nigel Gale & Martin Rich from CCD support event, as well as David Netherway from Swimbridge VH (successful Lottery applicant – their application took 6 years).5 trustees resign, but 2 new ones who are “up for it” join committee. AGM held later that month.


JANUARY – Hallmark work starts. Selection of dates for empty hall needed for exam/examiner availability so must be during unoccupied period i.e. school breaks. Easter too early to achieve enough to pass exam 1 – summer/August hoped for.

FEBRUARY – programme of presentations to affiliate organisations commences to ensure common understanding of work ahead and advise full community engagement will be needed. Presentations will be on an ongoing basis. Newly formed Finance sub-committee meets to start analytical work & recommendations required for committee (this will be a continuous process) & to provide basis for Sustainability. Probably meeting/s Jane Lowe with CCD throughout spring/summer dependent on internal progress.

You will be aware that during this time fund raising has continued with the hope that some pleasure has been provided to the community at large, and the existing hall still has to be run. Despite negative “grapevine” from those who have chosen not to access the true picture placed at the disposal of the community, we feel we have not been idle. To make this a success we welcome & need ongoing support and input from the community. It is you we are representing. None of us is paid, there are no “hidden benefits”, and we cannot do this alone. Each & every member of the community will get out of this ongoing programme what they put into it. For more information, to join as a trustee or just simply offers of help (YES PLEASE, EVEN IF IT’S ONLY SOME WASHING UP AT AN EVENT!) contact me on the number below.

All ratified minutes of BBVH committee meetings are available for public view/scrutiny on the parish website and have been so since January 2011. Also watch Village Scene, or simply pick up the phone to me.










Parish notices

Christmas Market

Can we thank everybody who made this year’s market the most successful ever, raising £800 towards the new Community Hall. Can we also thank the same team who towards the end of October through the grateful hospitality of Nicki and Ollie at the Coach and Horses ran a quiz in aid of The Devon Air Ambulance and Devon Freewheelers. £150 being donated to each charity.

Vacant Allotments

There are a number of vacant allotments available. If you are interested in renting either a full plot or half a plot please contact the Parish Clerk, Telephone 01805 624832

New Parish Council Information Point

As from the beginning of January the Parish Council will be setting up an information point in the Church next to the Font. This will consist of back copies of minutes, and other reading material, in the main issued from national and local organisations that the Parish Council are either affiliated to or have a working relationship with. A suggestions box will also be provided.

The Parish Council is very grateful to the Parish Church Committee for providing the space in the church for this project.

Village hall AGM minutes 21 November 2013


Minutes of the Buckland Brewer Village Hall Annual General Meeting Held on Wednesday 21ST November 2012 in the Village Hall 7.45 p.m.

Present – Trevor Mills, Jane Lowe , Jim Lowe ,David Watson, Steve Harding; David Lloyd, Margaret Lloyd, Jo Birch,  Alan Sutton, Frank Watson, Derek Ellis; Kevin Lobb; John Bridge; Tom Lloyd (yet to be elected) & 2 members of the public.

1)                  Apologies –Dawn Dziurzinski, George Tilley; Shirley Tilley; Lyn Layton (resigned)

2)                  Ratification of Minutes of last AGM meeting 23rd November 2011 – proposed David Lloyd, seconded Jim Lowe, agreed all, and signed

3)                  Matters Arising. None which would not be covered within this agenda elsewhere.

4)                  Chairman’s Report – thanks to all officers, specifically Jane, Kevin, Dawn but also to all trustees. Next 12 months will be extremely busy maintaining the momentum recently generated by increased activity of the new community hall sub-committee.

5)                  Treasurers Report.

Existing Hall. This year see a loss £4181.06, mainly attributable to CapEx (purchase of the chairs)£3801.90, but also maintenance £1774.76 & decreased electric meter usage which will be addressed within the business of the forthcoming meeting.

Questions? – none

New Community Hall. Loss of £7410.25 includes expenditure on architects £10503.60.Profit excluding this is £3093.35.Specific income from Xmas Market 2011 £370, Picnic Prom £710, Rosemoor share £721 & theatre (Salty Socks) £106. Cinema made a loss of £30 and this activity has been curtailed. Interest on funds received £339.99 (up £300 following Principality investment). PRS license outgoing has doubled to £133.

Questions? – none

6)                  New Community Hall Annual Report. Advised as ongoing and will be covered in greater detail at the forthcoming committee meeting. Planning permission still awaited, deadline from TDC is today.

7)                  Appointments. Football Club is not to be represented this year  (exchanges of mail between Jane & FC members confirm this – see also minutes of previous committee meetings). Changes since last AGM– Gardening Club is now represented by Steve Harding. Derek expressed concern there is still no representative for the school. Jane advised that having written as instructed after last AGM (no response) full publication of requirements had been made public and a degree of responsibility had to rest with organisations themselves. David agreed he would speak with Ruth to ascertain whether they wanted a place on committee as trustee. Jane advised the situation was that the trust deed allowed for 18 places plus a treasurer and secretary. Assuming all re-elected maintaining status quo, places remained for 1 affiliate plus 2 casual vacancies (Trevor advised these are regarded as co-options). No one from the public present offered their services. Tom Lloyd advised he was to replace Michael Martin as trustee/representative for Young Farmers, having been issued by the secretary in advance with a copy of the trust deed and advised of his responsibilities.

All other organisations were agreed en bloc by all those present, proposed Jane Lowe, seconded Margaret Lloyd as follows:-.

a)                  Representatives of Village Organisations:-

Bowls – George Tilley                          Young Farmers – Tom Lloyd

Parish Council – David Lloyd            Skittles – Frank Watson

WI – Margaret Lloyd                          Football Club – not to be represented

Church – Margaret Lloyd                   School – t.b.c.

Chapel – David Watson                      Playing Field – t.b.c.

Pre-school – Jo Birch                          Gardening Club – Steve Harding


b)                  Jane advised that with Lyn’s resignation a co-opted place became free. Jim wished to affirm a place as trustee in his own right in order to serve regards the new hall, rather than at the behest of an affiliate. Assurance given that Playing Field Assn has an AGM forthcoming within the next week when they could seek to replace Jim very quickly should they choose. Agreed to appoint Jim as follows –proposed Trevor, seconded David (Lloyd).

Remaining Elected Members – proposed David Watson, seconded Jo Birch

John Bridge                                                     Alan Sutton

Dawn Dziurzynski                                          Shirley Tilley

Derrick Ellis                                                    Trevor Mills

Jane Lowe

Jim Lowe

Kevin Lobb


In accordance with trust deed requirements, all present signed to confirm their agreement to responsibilities & duties.

c)                   Officers would be elected at the Management Committee meeting to follow


Trevor asked if there were any comments prior to closing the meeting (there is no set agenda item AOB).John (Br) asked for it to be placed on record that there remained concern that the Football Club was not represented. No other comments.


The AGM closed at 8.00 p.m.




Signed……………………………………………………………  Date……………………………………….


Village hall committee minutes 10 September 2013



Minutes of the Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee Meeting Held on 10th September 2013 at 8.00 p.m.

Present: Trevor Mills (Chair), Jane & Jim Lowe, David Watson, Dawn Dziurzynski, Steve Harding, Margaret and David Lloyd, Kevin Lobb, George Tilley, Shirley Tilley, Alan Sutton, Derek Ellis, Tom Lloyd, John Bridge

1) Apologies:, Frank Watson, Jo Birch

2) Minutes of the Last Meeting 17th July 2013: Agreed and signed off with amendment to Item 5, Trustee liability insurance should read £250k (not £250).

3) Matters Arising:

David L advised “idiot guide” to operating gas remained WIP but gas now working properly. Not possible to get an indicator gauge. Gus had not yet been able to provide a duplicate key – WIP. Cleaners taxation issue – David L had been unable to speak directly to a tax adviser although guided Kevin towards a webpage which deals with employers matters. Jane informed that she had been obliged to contact HMRC on a personal matter and raised VH issue in conversation. Advice was that VH had acted correctly in ensuring our cleaner has a contract but needed to expedite tax registration as failure to include cleaner in a taxation return could place her in a tax bracket which either incorrectly gave or denied access to certain benefits – we had a legal responsibility to ensure this was put right. ACTION Kevin now to get a contact number from employers website, speak to HMRC on Employers Helpline and move this forward. Trevor has not yet located a beekeeper for Jim but will do so. Margaret will look out for a drain cover now that Ray Hoyle has cleared it out (& carried out a roof repair at the same time). Offsite inventory – Trevor had not contacted Frank but listed items at this meeting for Jane (ACTION) to send to Frank to complete list. Question arose of ownership of stages. Old stage has been written off by insurance company and has no use or value. Existing stage is property of Rosemoor but remains on permanent loan to BBVH, kept at the school. All other actions completed.

4) Correspondence:

Updated copy of Licensing News from Torridge District Council (TDC) – nothing that directly impacts BBVH but we are aware that over the next few years licensing regulations will be relaxed. We continue to require PRS license which relates to playing music.

E-mail circulated that day to all trustees relates to an award for Trustee of the Year. Jane asked people to consider this as there was a possible reward of £250 for the association represented by the successful trustee, deadline 23rd Sept.

Letters had been sent to all affiliates who had possessions in the hall – response from U5s advising they have their own employers liability and contents insurances. John advised Bowls are in process of reviewing. He asked whether Bowls Club were covered under VH Liability insurance – concensus view is yes.

Letter from History Group asking whether a fee of £20 for an evening’s hire could be waived or reduced .Existing fees discussed & it was asked whether History Group had charged for the evening or whether they were fund raising for a charity/good cause (in which case £12 could be charged for a session). Committees decision is that policy is to be adhered to, other organisations had accepted charge without demur, there was no justification to accede to request – we made a loss last year and we need to demonstrate financial health to outside world & even if we are technically “not for profit”, we cannot eat into small reserves kept for emergencies e.g. running repairs. All charges will need to be reviewed/completely overhauled as new hall is built. ACTION Jane to write back to History Group declining request but suggesting contributing to workload by becoming an affiliate could ease charges – see item 6).

5) Treasurers Report

Existing Hall

Accounts to year end 31/08/13 – provisional profit £700 with Young Farmers, Parish Council (known to be in hand) & Zumba outstanding. ACTION Tom to chase YFC urgently for funds. Income noted as having increased. Insurance will cover £10k as instructed & p.a. system insured for “away” all at no further cost.EON negotiation has resulted in 50% reduction for a 1-year contract – all congratulated Kevin. Electricity contracts to remain on 1-year tariffs to ensure no penalty pull-out when hall is exited. There is higher water & electric usage (more use of hall and hot dry early summer).

£295 paid to Ray Hoyle for drain & roof fixing.

New Village Hall

£9009 paid to Gates

Provisional profit pre accounts 31/08/13 £3253, shortfall after Gates payment £5755 – not regarded as sinister, time has come to spend amassed funding.

Rosemoor – figures not finalised but no profit anticipated

Principality now closed – funds with Lloyds immediate access as they are now being spent.

Balances –

Lloyds TSB

Current a/c – £3,106.92 Deposit a/c £2,907.29 New Village Hall £31,795.72

Principality Closed – £0.00 Total £37,809.93


6) Constitutional Matters

Football Club – now it is closed does this open up a possibility to include another affiliate – agreed it does – invite History Group – see also Item 4.  All expressed deep regret – ACTION Jane to write to BBFC (Jim has an e-mail address for the former Chair) in these terms.

Creation of new officer role (temporary) – Jane explained to Committee there is the need for a separate officer entity to enter into documents, discussions etc – other halls have “project type” titles on their letter headings and as we become deeply entrenched into the new hall programme, it would seem correct to create an officer role, certainly for the duration of the build. Proposal (David Lloyd)– creation of a role for 2 years (initially) Project Liaison Officer, seconded Margaret Lloyd, passed unanimous.

Nominations for Project Liaison Officer – Jane Lowe, proposed Dawn Dziurzinski, seconded John Bridge. No other nominations. Jane Lowe elected unanimous.

Secretary role – despite previous beliefs and aspirations there is not an obvious “secretary elect” to take over from Jane in November. Trevor & Jane now ask the committee whether the time has come to go to the public and broadcast a need. We need all the help we can get – we can be selective if necessary. Agreed although Jane suggested George Schofield had expressed a certain willingness “if pushed”. ACTION Jane to approach George & advertise but she reminded all that they had a shared responsibility to replace her – if AGM arrives and a secretary cannot be found then the committee will be unable to function – a years notice was served – Jane cannot continue to do both any more.

7) Update on New Hall

Jane has compiled a full separate report delivered at this meeting detailing all that has been done since the committee last met. 4 funding applications in progress, 1 declined although scope for re-submission much later. Solicitors on land purchase instructed but this may not take place until 20th house sold – no legal necessity. The existing hall is trustees’property to sell (subject to a public vote) and it is appropriate at this stage to request outline planning permission – cost £170 – in order to facilitate the auction process at the right time – TDC have in a separate piece of work with Parish Council indicated that they will have “not much problem” with 2 more dwellings. A number of proposals/resolutions follow. Full report to be circulated amongst trustees but in interests of tender process (we remain in “purdah” until this is ended) not to be circulated in the public domain yet. When it is possible to brief parish council more fully Jane will come back to committee for approval before doing so. No builder can be appointed under contract until a) we own the land to be built on & b) most of the funding is in place in principle. 3 bids have been received, a number of options offered ranging from “do nothing, fold the project” to “continue to pursue best price”.

Proposal/Resolution 1)Continue with best price. 2)Jane & Jim to attend Lottery Funding Masterclass on 25th Sept cost £35 p.h. 3)Jane to continue to be guided by Gates & Community Council of Devon(CCD) 4)Jane to re-write (as guided) the Lottery proposal & continue with other funding bids, including Clothweavers Guild in partnership with Torridge District Council 5) Jane to negotiate purchase of “quality advisory time” up to £1000 initially with CCD to get best possible chance of successful Lottery bid 6) seek outline planning permission for existing hall on the basis of 2 residential dwellings.

Resolutions 1-5 proposed in mass Trevor Mills, seconded David Lloyd, passed unanimous.

Resolution 6 proposed David Lloyd, seconded John Bridge, passed unanimous

8) Fund raising events

Alex Knight Guitar evening 21st Sept; advertising in hand, 22 tickets sold to this moment (some sold subsequently),tickets printed (thanks to Brenda Mills).ACTION Jane to ensure Dawn has Alex’s phone number. Jane has assured all that she & Jim will be around from 4 p.m. on the day to ensure Alex & Chris are hosted properly. Raffle in hand, Dawn will contact Kevin direct for cash – payment + float. ACTION Dawn to ensure staging is available for Trevor & Jim to collect on Friday 20th. Query about license – ACTION Jane to chase Tony Nichols TDC.As many as possible afterwards need to clear up but tables & chairs can be left out for Harvest festival event next day. John will do door. Final meeting at Dawn’s 7 p.m. Monday 16th.

Johnny Kingdom Sat 16th Nov – in hand – evening to follow a theatre-style presentation (hoped to accommodate 100) followed by drinks & “lite bites”. £10 p.h. licensed bar & raffle to be our profit.

Beaford Arts promoters evening 15th October – attendees to be Dawn, Alan, Jim – Dawn will liaise nearer the date.

Beaford Arts have booked the hall Sat 29th Nov – admission £7 p.h. – Beaford to “live in village” for a week providing interactive events mainly with school. This evening is a culmination providing audience-participation event (details not clear).Village Hall was asked to consider whether a merger of efforts could help fund-raise but it was felt we had too much on to ask our people to do more and profit is probably minimal already for Beaford. If asked we could possibly provide a licensed bar for the event.

Margaret advised that W.I. had the chance to do an evening with Tony Beard (BBC Devon Radio) but could not afford themselves to raise the fee of £150. She asked if BBVH would consider a joint fund-raising event in April 2014. Agreed by BBVH committee in principle – ACTION Margaret to go back to W.I. and get more details to finalise an event. Margaret expressed concern that it was the “same old faces” that did everything when so many organisations would benefit from, and expressed a wish/need for, the new hall – non-trustee members of affiliates are not often seen (some never) trying to help raise money for the venture. After discussion about what can reasonably be requested, despite general agreement with the comments the following was decided upon – ACTION representatives from each affiliate to feed back to their organisations to ask for help in some way fund-raising as separate events to take the pressure off the same people on VH committee.

Xmas Market Sat 7th December – Jim gave logistics of stall which resulted in a need for more marquees (Precision Engineering to help out) – some traders would need to be placed in these. Application for road closure submitted.

Jim & Jane advised the committee that they would like to act separately to donate to DAAT (air ambulance) & Devon Freewheelers (volunteer bikers who transport medical supplies) – it was felt that the parish owes a debt and the best way of satisfying this was a fund-raiser quiz dedicated to these charities. Jim & Jane have booked the skittle alley at Coach & Horses for 25th October (quiz nearly written) and it is hoped that this will free up the profit from the Xmas Market. Jim & Jane expressed concern about the help received last year and that we could not function if there was a repeat. They indicated that without certain individuals who may or may not have been acting on their own or for affiliates, the Market would fail and they wanted to encourage more help but also to acknowledge the help given by splitting a percentage of this profit (poss 60/40) amongst dedicated helpers to pass back to their own organisations. Reception for this suggestion ranged from apathy to strong vocal objection and did not reach the proposal stage. Considered declined. Derek advised he hadn’t been asked personally so didn’t know he was needed. Others indicated that without defined jobs people who did turn up to help felt at a loose end. ACTION Jim & Jane to define tasks and times (appx) and assign them to volunteers. The Quiz on 25th will still go ahead.

Suggestion for the future – Rosemoor – Dawn asked about the possibility of a summer ball/dance outsourcing the catering to take pressure off the village teams. A live band doing cover versions of well-known popular dance items, preferably selling tickets by tables rather than by individuals. Timing to be mid-summer for best warmth & light. Well-received suggestion, subject to costs etc ACTION – Trevor to ask Rosemoor about availability/prices and approach Lt Torrington to ascertain interest there. Progress report next time.

9) AOB.

Removal of items e.g. cutlery, crockery, from the hall. Jane advised it had been mentioned to her that a few people knew what belonged to which organisations & where, but things did seem to “grow legs” & items “disappeared” .It was generally agreed the share & share alike principle between church, chapel, village hall was admirable but when the hall is hired out people have a reasonable expectation that the kit would be there for use as it is included in the price – also sometimes the equipment was hired out separately and its removal for whatever reason could be deeply damaging to VH reputation. By discussion it was confirmed that there is a hire cost for use of the equipment. Therefore it was agreed that nothing should be removed from the hall for whatever reason without first consulting with bookings secretary (Dawn) – this means actually speaking to her first so she could book the items out, not leaving an answerphone message.

Margaret & David need a key to access the hall for gas replenishment purposes – agreed – ACTION Jane to help Margaret obtain a key.

Gift Aid – ACTION Kevin will resurrect when he is able

Shirley proposed a vote of thanks to U-5s for their efforts in painting the hall ACTION Jane to write formally.

Trevor confirmed electrician’s tests have been carried out & lights checked. John needs some starters.

Jim asked again about the fete finances – can there be a small contribution to PFA funds. This remains WIP as the fete committee was not all present when they last met – deferred to October. Also accounts not finalised despite publication in Village Scene.

Dave W advised he needed to use VH First Aid box supplied in an emergency – ACTION Dawn will review contents & replenish according to her trained discretion (she is schools appointed officer in this respect

DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS –16th October. AGM & subsequent meeting already scheduled to be 20th November. The meeting closed at 10.15 p.m.

Signed…………………………………………… Date………………………..


Village hall committee minutes 17 July 2013


Minutes of the Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee Meeting Held on 17th July 2013 at 8.00 p.m.

Present: Trevor Mills (Chair), Jane & Jim Lowe, David Watson, Dawn Dziurzynski, Steve Harding, Margaret and David Lloyd, Kevin Lobb, Jo Birch

1) Apologies: George Tilley, Shirley Tilley, Frank Watson, John Bridge, Alan Sutton

2) Minutes of the Last Meeting 26th June 2013: Agreed and signed off, also for the website.

3) Matters Arising: Trevor – inventory of VH stock held at Bearah remains outstanding; OUTSTANDING ACTION to be addressed urgently for insurance & inventory purposes

Jane – all actions listed have been completed;

David L – there is now a gas safety certificate which must be renewed annually and all outstanding gas supply-related problems have been resolved e.g. new flexible, regulator, change-over valve; David has agreed to continue to monitor gas supply weekly. ACTION David L will write an “idiot guide” for use by others. Key will be kept in the electric box in the kitchen, ACTION David Blight (Gus) to provide a duplicate. Cost £240.ACTION Jane/secretary to retain certificate for scanning & then display.

Young Farmers have not yet returned tea-towels (retained after their event last month) – ACTION Jane to text Tom and ask him to get these returned.

It was not possible to start new hall building bricks at the fete as there was a blanket instruction to all associations not to sell to promote their enterprise.

Jim asked again about a possible donation from fete committee to help with Playing Fields essential running costs (appx £1500 p.a. for essentials, grass & mandatory hedge cutting, insurance for the public to use) – David advised he would ensure this was discussed at the fete committee/WIP.

Margaret has made new tablecloths (thanks to Margaret) – Treasurer will reimburse costs.

4) Correspondence:

i) Payment of £49 mailed to secretary from YFC – passed to Treasurer

ii) Letter from Gates CDM/Lynn Brooks with invoice £909.60 – passed to Treasurer

iii) E-Mail – hard copy from Gates re tender – who and deadline date of 30th August (originally 17th but Pearce advised this was not realistic).ACTION – Jane to check “next steps” with Gates

iv) Letter from Community Council of Devon advising of annual conference Thursday 12th Sept. Jane asked whether anyone was keen to attend .Headline contents shared – agreed that this was not a priority this time although Jane will send details if anyone feels they would like to go – £40 per head for members.

5) Treasurers Report:

Insurances – Kevin has quote to cover £10k + £1k audio equipment outside – ACTION Kevin to update the audio figure to £2k proposed Jim, seconded David L, unanimous.

ACTION Jane – to write to Skittles, Bowls, Pre-School re trophies & equipment to remind their possessions are not insured by Village Hall and that they should ensure they have adequate insurance for these items.-proposed Jim, seconded David L, unanimous.

Existing insurance allows for trustee liability up to £250. Jane suggested that we have to face the reality that defalcation or error at any level could occur (agreed Steve) especially once we have responsibility for significant sums of cash for payment for new hall. We are accountable for all money under the S106 and grant issuers will probably request evidence that their money has been used for purpose specified. ACTION Kevin/Treasurer to increase trustee liability cover to £1M when next insurance is due in 2014. – proposed Jane, seconded Jim, unanimous.

Comments re Young Farmers, now resolved

Nicky’s (cleaner) PAYE discussed – pre-circulated document (details trawled from .Gov website) from Jane suggests that VH should be treating this payment as employee/taxable. ACTION David L to speak to tax office describing (at this stage unnamed non-specific) scenario to ascertain what should be done.

Skittles have paid £155

New Hall – £130 Bonus Ball received.

Final bills will be issued

Balances –

Lloyds TSB

Current a/c – £2,558.46 Deposit a/c £2,907.175 New Village Hall £9,312.65

Principality £30,787.86 Total £45,566.14

6) Update on New Community Hall

Jane advised she had recently had 2 lengthy discussion recently with Gates to finalise details and tenders were now issued – Pearce, Midas, & Devon Contractors (Morgan Sindall, Interserve, & Pollards declined to price).

Deadline to be 30th August. She had corresponded with/reminded Parish Council of need to nominate a solicitor for land transfer to ensure we could get this ball rolling (funding applications would need to confirm we had a right to land and funds under S106).The S106 had taken an inordinate amount of time to be signed off by Torridge – issues re payment for Torridge services & minor details raised by agent for one of the land vendors.

It was agreed by the committee that the time had come to ensure that the parish was as much “in the know” as possible as there now seemed to be something concrete to report. ACTION Jane to compile a report to date and place in public domain areas e.g. Village Scene, notice board, parish website etc.

7) Insurances – see Treasurers report item 5.

8) Fund Raising events

i) Rosemoor – Trevor advised potential concern (raised by little Torrington) about lack of sales to date. Discussed & agreed by all present that cancellation was unthinkable – all hoped for a profit, albeit small, but breaking even or even incurring a loss was always a risk we agreed to accept when we undertook such ventures. Jobs were assigned to individuals. A request for draw prizes from affiliates was requested.

ii) Alex Knight Duo – first meeting had gone ahead. Dawn advised based on the assumption of sale of 50 seats, tickets would be £10.Food to be cottage pie & French bread – makers agreed to be Shirley, Dawn Margaret & Jane (veg option).Brenda will be asked to help with production of ticketing & advertising literature. Jane has produced posters (copy agreed by those who met recently) with a copy having been sent to Alex. Jane will ensure advertising is placed in local mags (e.g. Bideford Buzz, Torrington crier) & ND Journal. School have offered help with production of A3s in colour + lamination – we will offer a donation towards cost nevertheless. ACTION Jane to send copy of black & white posters to Brenda for “bulk” production. Jane has contacted Alex for any “on the night” requirements re staging. Bar on the night to be David(Gus) supported by Trevor & George. Confirmed rate – £300 (+ £50 travel if audience exceeded 50.)Kevin has agreed to do the door. Further meeting scheduled early September, reminder to be circulated, all helpers welcome.

iii) Johnny Kingdom – “back burnered” at the moment but no issues identified – will be discussed in detail in September.

iv) Xmas Market – Jim has placed an ad in Village Scene to book tables.He is seeking innovative subscribers e.g. beekeeping and ideas are requested from all trustees.ACTION Trevor to find a beekeeper number from his contacts for Jim.

v) Fiona from Beaford Arts wants to present a one-week creativity workshop within the village with an entertainment at the end, sometime towards the end of November.No date settled, Dawn is principle point of contact – more information to follow.

vi) Jane advised she had written another Virtual Treasure Hunt which would be on offer as a low-cost event for the future. We would possible seek to produce a quiz in spring 2014.

vii) Rosemoor 2014 – Trevor suggested that perhaps Emily Wright could be persuaded to keep her promise to come back as the 2014 act.

viii) Dawn has become aware of a good Country & Western act which we have not had locally for some years – she will pursue & share details

9) AOB:

David W –one of the outside drains is silted up again – he has cleared out a load of dirt from it.ACTION – Jim to contact Ray Hoyles to investigate & report.

Dawn requests that all affiliates let her know when they are not using the hall where it was pre-booked.

A query raised re new hire agreements – are they needed as representatives/trustees change. Not needed – it is the association that is contracted, not the representative/trustee.

A new agreement will be needed for pre-school as they extend facilities.

Jane asked whether Dawn now needed support/back-up especially during her own holidays. Dawn advised that at this stage it was not needed, but as the new hall comes into use with multiple areas & further users e.g. school, this will become possibly a full-time job linked to other responsibilities i.e. a paid manager will be needed.

Dawn asked when Skittles were starting and stopping –ACTION David W to check & advise Dawn.


Provisionally Tuesday 10th September (see Item 4iii), possibly in addition to 25th Sept. at 8.00 p.m. & 16th October. AGM & subsequent meeting already scheduled to be 20th November. The meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.

Signed…………………………………………… Date………………………..

Buckland Brewer village fete – Saturday 13 July

Buckland Brewer village fete 2013

buckalnd brewer village fete

2pm, Saturday 13 July 2013

2pm Village playing field

  • Appledore Band
  • Phoenix Morris Dancers
  • The Pirate Slide and Bouncy Castle


  • Teas
  • Garden and produce show


  • Fancy dress judging

7pm Village

  • Parade

7pm Village playing field

  • BBQ
  • Entertainment by the North Devon Display Gymnastics Club

Sunday 14 July 6.30pm

  • Open Air Fete Service

Proceeds to
Methodist Church, Parish Church, Village Hall & Churchyard

Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee: minutes of the meeting held on 23rd November 2011 (following the AGM).

Minutes of the Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee Meeting Held on 23rd November 2011 following the AGM (at appx 8.30 p.m.)

Present: Trevor Mills, Jane Lowe , Jim Lowe ,David Watson, Shirley Tilley, George Tilley,Peter Sandon, David Lloyd, Margaret Lloyd, Lyn Layton, Jo Birch, Michael Martin, Alan Sutton, Frank Watson

1) Apologies: Kevin Lobb, Dawn Dziurzinski, John Bridge

2) Election of officers:

Chair – Trevor Mills, proposed David Lloyd, seconded Jo Birch, agreed unanimously.

Vice Chair – George Tilley, proposed Frank Watson, seconded Jim Lowe, agreed unanimously

Secretary – Jane Lowe, proposed Margaret Lloyd, seconded Shirley Tilley, agreed unanimously

Treasurer – Kevin Lobb, proposed Trevor Mills, seconded Margaret Lloyd, agreed unanimously (Kevin’s agreement to stand again was obtained prior to this meeting)

Bookings Secretary – Dawn Dziurzinski proposed Trevor Mills, seconded Jane Lowe, agreed unanimously (Dawn’s agreement to stand again was obtained prior to this meeting).

3 ) Minutes of last meeting 21st September 2011 agreed and signed off.

4) Matters Arising: There were a number of repair issues raised – listed *. ACTION – Jim & Jane to request Pete Seward with a view to making repairs (policy being to use local providers where possible).

*New door lock & double door Yale lock (new lock provided by Trevor and is on the premises); Ladies’ toilet door – broken lock; extensive fungal growth by men’s toilet – frame appears to need replacement; fire exit lock jams the door open; mat by front door riding up causing a health & safety hazard (advised privately to Jane after this meeting). Lyn asked about the cooker door (does not shut properly – see previous minutes) which has rendered the cooker unusable for some time. Trevor advised that (as parts were no longer possible to obtain – see previous minutes) he needed to be creative to make the repair but this was on his more immediate agenda. A discussion ensued regarding how best to get faults/repair requests etc reported e.g. possibly a list on a notice board. However this is not always a practical solution. In order to report a need for a repair, members/individuals should advise their committee representatives, who in turn should advise Trevor by telephone (NOT e-mail please).

5) Correspondence

Items received related to insurances which have been passed to the Treasurer to be dealt with in normal course of business.

6) New Parish Community Hall

Nothing definite to report – see AGM minutes.

7) Treasurer’s Report

Copies of the standard monthly report were circulated by Trevor in Kevin’s absence, key points being:

£500 Grant received from Bideford Bridge Trust towards costs of the (recently delivered) new chairs. Overall cost of these 51 chairs was £3607.20 –payment has now been made. West of England Fire Protection £43.20 paid

Pre-school & Bowls bi-monthly bills are about to be issued. £30 donated to Alzheimer Charity (in lieu of a formal payment)* see questions Treasurers report, AGM- on behalf of Alan Saunders, who has become the new auditor for the accounts £703.20 paid for the new door. Additional comments re New Community Hall- to date the Bingo has made £39.00; films have made a £33.00 loss; Beaford/Salty Socks production has made a profit of £106.00.

Balances – Lloyds TSB Current a/c – £982.46 Deposit a/c £3866.64 New Village Hall £15,074.90 Principality – £30,000.00 Total balances held £49924.00

The report was accepted by all in Kevin’s absence.

Jane advised that all Bideford Bridge grants appear to have been reduced by 50%, but all agreed that in the current economic climate we should count our blessings and be grateful for what can be afforded. Frank commented that he is aware Bideford Round Table may have funds to donate to worthy causes. ACTION – it was agreed that secretary should write to Round Table asking for a donation towards running repairs (when we become aware of what the figure will be as this will need to be shared with the potential donors).

Trevor asked David Watson about the insurance for the stage which now seems long outstanding. David recommended that Trevor contact Lorna Hicks, which – ACTION Trevor has agreed to do.

7. Fund raising/entertainment – presented by Jim

First showing of the Cinema showed a loss (see Treasurers report). It is hoped that improved sound quality and new seating may help. Salty Socks was a success both financially and as a production – it was necessary to turn people away who had not booked (thus reducing our profit-making potential) – a larger hall will alleviate this problem. Village Show – Jill & Mike reported no takers, and this will therefore be cancelled for now. If interest is expressed it may be possible to reconvene the event at a later date.

Jongleurs evening (not truly fully under the fund raisers banner) Attendance appeared to be limited to the “same old faces”. However the accompanying acts were excellent and it is hoped that in the future one or more may be adopted for an evening in the Village Hall Jubilee Proms – now confirmed with PFA and a definite date 23rd June 2012. This will be focussed on early in 2012 and details will follow. Rosemoor for 2012 has been booked for 10th August, together with the act Country Company (the only date they were available on a retirement tour). It is unclear at this stage whether Little Torrington will join with Buckland Brewer but it is felt that we can cope alone if needed.

Xmas Market. There are c. 50 stalls. Road closure has been confirmed by Devon CC (Roads).Roundabout booked. Village Hall will replace last years fund raiser (pot pourri) with artisan breads, to be placed in the marquee.Gus & Joan will be in the marquee.Santa’s Grotto will be in the chapel vestry, as last year.Santa (Richard Dorset) will arrive “in style”.Entertainment to be provided by Torrington Sliver Band, school children (hoped for) & Buckland Singers. Queens Jubilee stall- is doing biscuits but would welcome “nick-nacks” by way of donation. N.B. help will be needed from 8.00 a.m. on 3rd. The Hall will be open at 7.30 on the Friday evening. The Hall will be open to traders from 8.00 a.m. on 3rd. Bingo – Shirley advised September numbers were poor, with a similar situation in October & November. She will try once more in December (13th). Unless there is a massive change, the effort is not warranted. Help is also difficult to obtain.(in December help is offered from Jo, David & Margaret , Trevor, Gus – thanks from Shirley). Margaret proposed a vote of thanks to Shirley & George for all their input to the Bingo – agreed all.

8 AOB Alan asked about getting people better informed (about events), & proposed a large notice board (diagram showed this being placed prominently on the perimeter wall).Debate followed, but whilst the spirit of the venture was welcomed, both Trevor & Jane were concerned with the potential knock-on impacts, in terms of possibly breaching highways & planning regulations, & the nuisance value to residents. There is already a 4’ square information board to be placed on the opposite side of the road and for now it was agreed that we should continue to make best use of the A-board and larger notice boards (kept at Bearah) placed temporarily along various parts of the main road.

David Watson advised the heater in the skittle alley needs attention – ACTION Trevor to address.

Jane reminded all present that Temporary Events Notices (TENs, the drinks licenses) should be pre-notified to her before they are applied for/obtained. We are restricted to 12 per year in total (regardless of who the applicant is), but in addition, cumulative information about outstanding and spent TENs must be declared to TDC on each application – without that information, the applicant runs a strong risk of making a false declaration.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING Wednesday 18th January 2012.

The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.

Signed…………………………………………… Date………………………..

Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee: minutes of the meeting on 19th September 2012

Minutes of the Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee Meeting held on 19th September 2012 8.00p.m.

Present: Trevor Mills (Chair); Jane Lowe (Secretary); Kevin Lobb (Treasurer);Jim Lowe; Margaret Lloyd; David Lloyd; Jo Birch; David Watson; Derek Ellis; Steve Harding; John Bridge; Mike Martin; Dawn Dzuirzynski; George Tilley; Shirley Tilley; Lyn Layton; Nigel Gale (in part, on behalf of RGP Architects);

1) Apologies: Advance apologies – none received; apologies delivered at the meeting on behalf of Frank Watson. N.B. Football Club was not represented although they were invited and the invitation was acknowledged. See copy of mail extract attached.

2 ) Presentation by Nigel Gale offering choices relating to the new build Nigel revisited current status including affirmation of a contribution towards the build of £325k following a full viability study. The new hall will be 560 with an estimated cost of £1200 per, thus making the cost of building the new hall to be appx £700k.

Procurement methods:

i) Traditional – all done via the architect inclusive of full spec. The architect will approach up to 6 contractors with an identical spec who will price the job. The architect acts on behalf of the client as a contract administrator, ensuring building regs are met and no “unseen extras” creep in. A contingency is built into the price to allow for unforeseen snags.

ii) Design & Build(D&B) – a tender is made on basic drawings which are accompanied by a schedule of requirements e.g. floor/lighting grade & quality together with a performance spec. It is then left to builders/contractors approached to meet the criteria within their best price. The contractor assumes responsibility for meeting criteria & building regs – D&B is now deemed the usual approach.

iii) Partnering – an example would be for BBVH to negotiate with Pearce who are already on site for best terms. The architects fees are put into the contractors sum. If savings are made, these would be shared between the contractor & client. Nigel identified less risk with this as the builders adopt responsibility. (Partnering can be achieved within D&B).

With D&B, the architect would work for the builder, thus the client would need to appoint an independent employers agent (usually a quantity surveyor), whose role is to protect the clients interests. This achieves savings on the architects fee but there would probably be an equivalent cost to the saving incurred for the employers agent, who would run site meetings.

TIMESCALES – Pearce will start 2013, assuming the £325k is released late summer/autumn of that year. BBVH will be i.r.o. £250k-£275k short. It is assumed many larger funders will require 3 quotes, with Pearce having a “head start”.

NEXT STEPS – requests to funders need to be in place at the start of the financial year 2013/14.

The best option is deemed to be D&B (concensus thinking of committee & Nigel Gale), with Partnering recommended to be factored in. D&B can use existing drawings & an employers agent – any spec from funders can be added in.

Point of contact would be RGP who work closely with Gates.

Concerns were expressed about pricing/tendering. Nigel indicated that whilst the task will not be undertaken lightly (time consuming & expensive) ,there is sufficient appetite within the building trade to assure that there will be keenness for our purposes.

Mechanism of approach to funders was discussed – new premises may be built in stages dependent upon how much money has been received (this can be achieved via the partnering arrangement). However Jim stated that we should not compromise but “go for the whole thing”.

Nigel recommended District Council support in identifying funders, North Devon Plus may also be able to help. Individual local charities may also support (at a lower level). It has always been accepted that no funder will accept an initial approach until planning permission has been achieved. As we have 50% of the cost a matched funding application could be a possibility.

Jim stressed that a full financial & business plan together with cash flow projections will be needed for any major funder.

Gates have offered Kevin Binmore (??) to speak to committee about engaging an employers agent – this would be beneficial a.s.a.p., point of contact to be Nigel. ACTION – Jane to contact Nigel to get a suitable date for Kevin to present to committee.

At this stage (8.50 p.m.)Nigel left the meeting.

3) Minutes of last meeting Agreed and signed off as correct record (July 25th).

4) Matters Arising Nicky’s (cleaner) contract still not in place as other items/issues have arisen which have been more immediate. This remains as an outstanding ACTION on Jane & Trevor & must be resolved a.s.a.p.

BHF clothes bin – the village cannot accommodate this at the moment. Wall painting (action Frank) not completed – just before start of term Jane & Jim re-plastered the offending area as nothing had yet been done , time needed to ensure plaster dried before sanding/painting (several visits made pre-start of term but damp prevented further action). Suggested as further time will be needed for paint to dry before exposing children to the area, ACTION Frank may try this at the start of ½-term. Film matters – discussion with Littleham still outstanding – ACTION Trevor; John has discussed names of old sub -committee with Jane – agreed all involved either no longer around or fully in the loop already so NFA.

5) Correspondence

a) Further letter (hand delivered Alan S that night) from Ruth re guttering repair. Kevin/Trevor now have the parts and will carry out over next week – Jane advised no need to respond.

b) Letter from TDC to Jane acknowledging her letter in which she wrote on behalf of BBVH in favour of the new development, reminding of the April 2011 ballot & giving a copy of the solicitors letter & result.

c) Standard update letter from Childrens Hospice including charity Xmas Cards for sale – no takers that night but Jane will place the booklet in the VH over the next few days.

d) E-mail from Beaford Arts advising of their next promoters evening – to be 18th October. Jane asked (bearing in mind that she & Jim had indicated in May they wished to hand over the lead on entertainments)would anyone take on. Dawn agreed to go but not alone – Jane suggested she would be happy to support but not lead. Dawn & Jane to sort offline.

e) Letters from Peter Peter & Wright Solicitors with an invoice for £90 – see a.o.b. for an explanation

f) Trevor advised he hadn’t brought with him but there is a letter from PCC advising they would like to support the new hall – there is a donation for £185 in respect of this – see also ** in Treasurers report – Trevor will pass on to Treasurer & thanks back to the churchwardens.

6) Treasurer’s Report: Draft accounts are now in place for year 2011-12.

Village Hall: Loss shown of £4306; Major outgoing purchase of new chairs was £3607; Electric costs were up £200 and meter income for same down by £300, thus creating a shortfall of £500. New income from Zumba £10p.w. Repairs £1774. Income from Grants totalled £950.

New Community Hall: Excluding payment of architects fee £10503, profit was £2905.35, net loss shown of £7595.25

Key contributors were Xmas Market (£700 appx), Rosemoor (£600 apx), Picnic Prom (£700 apx), Fete (appx £600 pre division between beneficiaries). Loss of £20 incurred on cinema (this remains financially non-sustainable in current format)

Advised a loss of £300 incurred on events – queried by committee as no events have incurred a loss (not many were run because of P.C..’s Jubilee fund-raisers)– figure possibly agreed donation to Air Ambulance – accounts are in draft – Kevin will check before finalising these figures.

Interest income increased to £340.

Nothing for bonus ball** – telecom Jane L/ Brenda Mills 20/9/12 advising she had meant to pass on a cheque for this from the skittles club for £185 – this source of income (is it £185 once or twice) to be clarified for next meeting/AGM.

Grants assigned to village hall capital purchase.

Balances  Lloyds TSB  Current a/c -£2071.63 Deposit a/c £2,905.83 New (Community) Village Hall £7033.72:  Principality £30,332.87:  Total balances held £42,344.05

7) Fund raising & future events

a) Virtual Treasure Hunt 3rd Nov. Jane advised she & Jim needed support to undertake – 3 extra bodies would suffice (raffle, help in kitchen, drink sales etc)– agreed Alan S, Shirley & George T. Others advised they “could be around” – Jane advised she hoped committee members may feel able to support by booking places and playing. Notified committee that if there were less than 20 takers then it would not be worthwhile. Jane will contact helpers nearer the time.

b) Xmas Market – 1st December – now only 1 spare table. It is hoped the children will sing, the adult choir is set to go, Jim to contact band, agreed after discussion that bouncy castle is “questionable” with terms and conditions so not to go ahead. ACTION Trevor to ask David (Blight)/PCC re bells. Agreed only one draw (Village Hall) to be permitted on the day, to be conducted on a raffle basis rather than selling advance tickets. To replace the annual formal draw this year.

c) Rosemoor venue booked for Friday 23rd August 2013. Alan asked about a cut-off date for suggestions of act – more complex as Ltl Torrington need to be consulted for their views too. If suggestions are to be made to Chair (bearing in mind joint Chair decisions must be final) suggested budget c. £500.A rock & roll band was asked for- if keen, contact Betty Banks who can expand on information.

d) Margaret expressed disappointment that no films were to be shown .See Matters Arising – Trevor will get advice from Littleham – if their method is evidenced to be “above board” i.e. no inappropriate evasion of licenses etc., film events to be considered.

8) Update New Parish Community Hall

Jim revisited the recent Parish Council which was 6-1 in favour of the new development and these recommendations are now with TDC. Jim advised the TDC website shows only 2 in favour, 4 against (all named). More people must write and say they support – he handed out details of reference number and who to write to. There is no retrospective referral i.e. when the previous planning application was extended TDC would not refer back to any support for that, or the April 2011 ballot. Everything has to be done again. Jane may not write again in her own right as her named is already lodged – see item 5b. ACTION – as many committee members as possible to write to TDC in favour of the project. The planning application will not be heard within TDC until the first week in November – TDC will take contributions up until that time.

Jim has asked to attend the hearing to speak on behalf of the proposal.

9) AOB

a) A summary of a meeting at Peter Peter & Wright (Jane L & David L) is attached as addendum. At Trevors request, Jane has booked a presentation on Monday 15th October 8.15 p.m. in the village hall from Martin Rich, Community Council of Devon (CCD) – N.B. all committee members are asked to do their best to be there.

b) Trevor offered formal thanks to Jane L & David L for their recent work.

c) Jim asked Kevin about nature of BBVH accounting specifically can a loan be secured if needed – ACTION Kevin will check although thinks unlikely

d) Shirley asked at what stage should the sale of the old premises be advertised. Although public auction is felt to be the best option, advertising is still essential. Answers should come from relationship to be developed with CCD – see attachment.

e) George offered thanks to U-5s for moving their paint

f) Derek asked about increasing the frequency of meetings (visited during the Nigel Gale presentation).Agreed that for now the 2 presentations (CCD & Gates) would be deemed sufficient in the very short term but agreed that as the way forward becomes apparent, in addition to bi-monthly scheduled meetings, meetings would be called on an ad hoc basis and committee members are asked to be prepared for this.

g) Possession needs to be taken by BBVH of a large photograph of the Jubilee celebration (entire parish).Concerns re old premises about damage to photo (mainly damp) – finally agreed that there is scope for it to be displayed in the village hall , Chairs discretion. ACTION Trevor

DATE OF NEXT MEETING Wednesday 21st November 2012 at 8.00 p.m. to be preceded by AGM at 7.45 p.m.

The meeting closed at 9.50 p.m.

Signed…………………………………………… Date………………………..

Buckland Brewer AGMs

Don’t forget, two important annual general meetings in the coming weeks:

  • Wednesday, 21 November 2012: Village hall  AGM will be held at 7.45 pm in the Village Hall.
  • Wednesday, 28 November 2012: Playing fields’ association AGM will be held at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.