North Devon

Parish Council minutes 8 October 2014

Draft minutes of the Buckland Brewer Parish Council

Wednesday 8 October 2014
Held at Buckland Brewer School

Members Present: Mrs Barbara Babb, Mr Andrew Hewitt, Mr George Heywood, Mr Jim Lowe, Mr Trevor Mills, Mrs Kate Slocombe, Mrs Shirley Tilley and Mr David Watson.

Also in attendance ­­5 members of the public and Claire McIntosh (R Hicks & Co.)

Parish Clerk: Patrick Blosse

1299 Apologies for Absence

PCSO Liz Rendle

1300 Minutes of the Meetings of the Parish Council on 10th and 24th September 2014

The minutes of the meetings held on 10th and 24th September 2014 were confirmed and signed.

1301 Declarations of Interest

Shirley Tilley and Barbara Babb in relation to Item 1313: Grants (Short Mat Bowls Club), and David Watson in relation to Item 1313: Grants (Buckland Brewer Church)

1302 Public Participation


1303 Crime Report

PCSO Liz Rendle was unable to attend. The Clerk read a short report indicating that there had been no crimes reported in the parish in past 3 months and giving details of a crime prevention scheme for war memorials. The Council chose not to join the scheme.

1304 Presentation by Aster Homes Ltd

The representatives were unable to attend but will come to the meeting in November 2014. Jim Lowe also suggested that a representative from the Community Council of Devon should be invited to talk to the Council about social housing sometime before next summer.

1305 Clerk’s Report

Correspondence: A summary of various items of general correspondence was supplied to each member. The following item was specifically drawn to the Council’s attention:

  • BOC: Automated External Defibrillators
  • TTVS: Torridge Matters, September 2014
  • Messagemaker: LED Traffic Information Displays
  • DCC: Agenda, Highways Conference
  • Rural Services Network, Newsletter 15th September 2014
  • Rural Services Network: Rural Vulnerability Service, RURAL TRANSPORT SEPTEMBER 2014
  • TTVS: Snippets 72
  • Care Closer to Home Commissioning Intentions
  • Community Council of Devon: Official Conference Programme and Speakers
  • Devon Highways: Temporary Traffic Order
  • Rural Services Network: Newsletter, 22nd September 2014
  • Action for Children survey –  (response requested by end September)
  • DALC: Autumn/Winter Events
  • Rural Sounding Board Survey reminder –  (response requested by 30/9/14)
  • Summer 372 service report
  • Rural Services Network: Newsletter 29th September 2014
  • DCC Community News Roundup: Library Service Review
  • TTVS: Snippets, Issue 73
  • Devon Countryside Access Forum: Annual Report
  • TTVS: Annual Report and invitation to AGM, 23rd October 2014, 10:00, Sea cadet Hall, Victoria Park
  • DALC Update: Its Budgeting Time
  • Rural Services Network: Newsletter 7th October 2014
  • Healthwatch Voices, Issue 6 Autumn 2014
  • Devon Senior Voice

ii) Parish Councillor Vacancy: There had been insufficient signatures received by the Electoral Registration Officer to call an election so the Parish Council was now entitled to appoint a co-opted member if they so wished. It was agreed to advertise on the notice board, website and the Village Scene for nominations to be received by 30th November 2014. A decision would be made at the December parish council meeting. If more than one nomination was received the applicants would be asked to give a short presentation.

iii) Review of Standing Orders: The Clerk presented a revision of paragraph 1.m to reflect the change in the law regarding filming of parish council meetings. It was agreed to adopt the amendment below:

A person may not orally report or comment about a meeting as it takes place, but otherwise may, with due regard to data protection law and without causing interference of any sort to the conduct of the meeting or those people present:
Film, photograph or make an audio recording of a meeting
Use any other means for enabling persons not present to see or hear proceedings at a meeting as it takes place or later
Report or comment on the proceedings in writing during or after a meeting or orally report or comment after the meeting.

1306 North Devon Link Road Strategy Consultation

It was agreed to submit a comment suggesting that the A361 should be dual carriageway all the way. Jim Lowe will write to the MEP.

1307 Football Pitch Club House

Andrew Hewitt said that he now has the timber to board the doors and the job will be done soon.

1308 Thornhillhead Moor

(i) Discussion with Claire McIntosh regarding use of project funds:   Claire explained that the annual income to the project will be £8,873.00. Payments of £2, 501.80 are due to Coles for 2 years maintenance works and similar costs of £1,000- £2,000 per annum should be expected in future years. It was recommended that a reserve of £5,000.00 is held to meet any unexpected expenses. The Clerk said that the fund currently has about £12,600.00in its account. George Heywood said that a similar project on Dartmoor had decided to keep all its funds in reserve to meet any costs that might arise from a TB scare. There are 319 cattle rights in all. It was proposed by Trevor Mills, seconded by Kate Slocombe and agreed by 7 votes to 1 that graziers rights of £5 per head should be settled with the graziers in the current year. The Clerk to liaise with Claire McIntosh to arrange the details and timing of the payments. A set of accounts will be presented at a future meeting of the Council.

Fly-tipping: Claire has had no time to follow this up so far.

1309 TAP Fund Project

2014/15 Application re Village Green Improvements:  A quotation had been received for £3,150 + VAT for resurfacing works, which it was agreed would be taken no further. Steve Harding and Andrew Harding had planted out some bulbs for which payments were agreed. It was agreed that the benches need repainting. Jim Lowe will buy the paint and will do it when he has the opportunity.

1310 Hopper Saturday Bus/Summer Bus Service Statistics

Parkham Parish Council has shown some interest in the scheme but wants answers to some specific questions concerning the cost, the bus to be used and the volunteer drivers. These will be identified by the Clerk and relayed to the parishes. A definitive answer is expected from all of the parishes by the November meeting.

1311 Babeleigh Barton Road: 2nd Stage Complaint to DCC

It was reported that the Babeleigh Barton School Governors are very worried about the state of the road. It was agreed that more homework was needed on the traffic flow. A vehicle count will be organized by Barbara Babb to take place for one full day. Shirley Tilley suggested that the Council asks for the loan of a counter device from DCC. Jim Lowe will seek advice from the Ombudsman regarding how to progress with the complaint.

1312 Half-Yearly Budget Monitoring Statement

The Clerk presented a budget monitoring statement showing income and expenditure to date this year and projected expenditure to the year end.

1313 2014/15 Grant Applications

Six applications for grant had been received. (see summary at Appendix 1)

  • Buckland Brewer Village Hall:  It was proposed by Kate Slocombe, seconded by Shirley Tilley and agreed unanimously that a contribution of £500.00 per year should be added to the precept starting from 2015/16.
  • Buckland Brewer History Group:   Agreed – £50.00
  • Buckland Brewer Playing Field Association: The Council noted that the annual grant to the Association had already been paid. It was agreed to continue to pay the Association £250.00 per year from the annual budget. (£250.00 to be included in the 2015/16 budget.)
  • Buckland Brewer Under 5s Pre-School:   Agreed – £100
  • Buckland Brewer Short Mat Bowls Club:   Agreed – £50.00
  • The Church of St Mary and St Benedict, Buckland Brewer:   Agreed – £250.00

1314 Priority Signs, Cleverdons

No further action.

1315 Village Library

Shirley Tilley reported that Betty’s son has a bookcase and that stocking the library can go ahead when this is delivered.

1316 War Memorial

The Clerk had already asked a contractor to make a start on the re-enamelling works but as this has not yet been started. He will chase them up again.

1317 Fields and Allotments

(i) Review of Terms and Condition:  The Clerk presented a revised terms and conditions document in accordance with the decisions taken at the meeting on 24th September. The wording was agreed unanimously.
Applications for Allotments: (a) Jack Seddon is keen to get on with plots 14 and 15 and had asked for a waiver of the deposit for which he would undertake to restore the plots himself. The Council refused the offer, preferring to get the work being done by the contractor completed first. This would be done as soon as the weather permitted.
Chris Kaminski requested to erect a shed and a greenhouse on plot 13 that were both larger than size currently permitted. The application was refused.

Field Inspections, 25th October 2014:  Will start from the village green at 10:00am.

1318 Village Hall:  Progress Report

Jim Lowe reported that the Hallmark Certificate was presented at the recent CCD Conference. 14 houses have been sold so far and 1 reserved. Work has started on the 2nd phase of the works, which is a little behind schedule due to difficulties in obtaining materials. Jim Lowe had been approached by someone wishing to purchase the corner of the field currently used by Fred Babb but he had explained the field is not yet the Parish Council’s.

1319 Parish Clerk’s Annual Appraisal

A meeting of the Personnel Sub-Committee was arranged for Wednesday 14thOctober 2014, starting at 8:00 in the Village Hall.

1320 Members’ Reports

Jim Lowe gave a report of the Community Council of Devon Conference that he had attended last month. Further cutbacks in DCC budgets were resulting in proposals to pass more work down to the parishes, in particular the creation of Highways or Road Wardens to be responsible for organising volunteers for a range of work such as filling in potholes and tasks previously undertaken by the lengthsmen. A review of snow clearance and gritting is likely to pass more expense onto the Parish Councils, such as having to pay for salt. Picnic sites will be closed, weed treatment will be reduced and staffing in the Neighbourhood Teams will be reduced. Andrew Hewitt commented that the County should expect the Parishes to bale out the County. George Heywood felt that these policies would effectively cut off the rural population and that they were outrageous. Jim Lowe felt that things would get worse and that, if Exeter were to become a Unitary Authority it would be likely that the remaining Devon Councils would also merge into one Unitary Council, which could make things even more difficult for the rural areas. Robin Julian agreed that the agreed that that the ongoing cuts were disgraceful and unfair and that the County was asking parishes to do too many jobs. George Heywood said that he drew that at not being able to get to work. Robin Julian said that he was against the cuts and that he would pass on the Parish Council’s feelings with great pleasure. He also said that there was a possibility that the parishes would be given a small percentage of the budget to do things for themselves, for example, the County might provide tools and equipment if the parishes provided volunteer labour.

Trevor Mills said that the lengthsman had visited recently and had cut back an area near his property that had already been done twice before.

Kate Slocombe reported that there was Japanese knotweed on Glen Road, half-way down the hill. George Heywood thought it had come from fly-tipping. Jim Lowe will try to get the lengthsman to deal with it.

Shirley Tilley complained that the bungalow on the corner of Barton Road had overgrown hedges. She also felt that the vacant allotment sites had not been advertised well enough. In relation to the Best Kept Village competition, she felt that the rubbish in Gorwood Road was a factor in the village not doing so well and that it was a disgrace and needed to be cleared up.

David Watson asked whether the Parish Council planned to give further money to the Children’s Drop-in Centre. The Clerk explained that there was £300 in the budget for it but the money hsd not been authorised for payment yet.

Robin Julian said that there had been 3 bids for taking over the Springfields Day Centre and repeated that he had grant money to give to the community if the Parish Council wished to apply for it.

1321 Planning

Appeals:  (i) 1/0668/2013/FUL – Bilsford Farm Wind Turbine, Erection of a wind turbine (46.9m to blade tip, 100kw) and associated infrastructure.
1/1067/2013/FUL – Watershute Farm, Horns Cross; Wind turbine (up to 35m blade tip- 25m hub)
Late Item: 1/0954/2014/FUL – 3 Hillpark – Conservatory  Although this item had been received too late to be added to the agenda the Parish Council felt that it was not sufficiently contentious to warrant an extra meeting, especially as a conservatory on another new property in Hillpark had already met with their approval. It was therefore agreed that the application would be supported.

1322 Accounts

i) Bank balances:
Parish Council Current Account was £8,487.17 as at 30th September 2014
Thornhillhead Moor Account was £12,605.51 as at 19th September 2014

ii) Payments due (£575.67)
Parish Clerk’s salary, expenses and associated PAYE: £299.92
Torridge Community Transport Association – £92.37
Ernest Martin, Grass-cutting – £82.00
P J McClymont, Website – £50.00
S Harding, Village Green bulbs – £26.38
A Hewitt, Village Green maintenance – £25.00

iii)  Receipts since last meeting (£3,771.00):

TDC: Precept (2nd Instalment) – £3,000.00
Grass cutting contributions – £1.00
Field rents – £770.00

Date of Next Meeting

7:30pm, Wednesday 12 November 2014, Buckland Brewer School

Please note change of time to winter schedule.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:50 pm.

Mobile library timetable for 2015

Devon County Council has published the mobile library timetables for 2015; Buckland Brewer is “week 3″ in the 4 week cycle.

Mobile library schedule for 2015 – Buckland Brewer

The mobile library visits the village green between 12.15pm and 1pm on Wednesdays

  • 21 January
  • 18 February
  • 18, March
  • 15 April
  • 13 May
  • 10 June
  • 8 July
  • 5 August
  • 2 September
  • 30 September
  • 28 October
  • 25 November
  • 23 December

This route also includes Littleham, Woodtown, Parkham, Monkleigh, Newton St Petrock and Stibb Cross


For more information or copies of this timetable in large print contact Devon Libraries:

See also: 2014 mobile library timetable

Best Kept Village: Buckland Brewer’s entry

The results of the village’s entry into the 2014 Best Kept Village Competition are as follows:

Best Kept Village Final Results for 2014

Past Winner – Large Village

  • Winner: Kilmington
  • Runner-up: Newton St Cyres

Past Winner – Small Village

  • Winner: Dalwood
  • Runner-up: Offwell

Large Village

  • Winner: Bradworthy
  • Runner-up: Musbury

Small Village

  • Winner: Sheepwash
  • Runner-up: Bratton Clcvelly

New Entry

  • Winner: Ashwater
  • Runner-up: Lympstone

Although Buckland Brewer did not win any prizes this year, the supporting letter from the judges is very encouraging and offers some ideas for the future:

Buckland Brewer

Buckland Brewer is a charming, pretty and compact village. It was mainly tidy with a small amount of old litter found on verges and in gutters and cigarette ends in other areas. Verges were well trimmed. Road signs were in need of a clean.

There were some houses in several roads, which had very weedy gutters. However, most houses, gardens, outbuildings, walls and fences were very well maintained. There are some lovely gardens. No allotments were found, although the website indicates they exist.

The Village Hall is central to the village life and well used. The kitchen looked adequate. It needs some external maintenance to the guttering/down pipes and the window sills. The telephone kiosk looks shabby. Notice boards were in good condition and had current information. No BKVposter was on display.

The Village Green was in good condition. Village children had written poems about WW1 and placed them next to poppies planted on the small green in front of the church porch. The school grounds looked tidy and well kept. There is an excellent playing field for cricket and football, which is well mown. The field was not shown on the map provided. The cricket wicket was well tended. The goal posts on the football pitch are rusty. The football pitch is also used for the village fete. There are new seats for spectators to enjoy the scene or the games. The seats at the Tarka Housing development were just acceptable, but need the lichen removed. Near the church the four seats are well positioned but one will need painting.

The footpath opposite the church was accessible and tidy. The path in Barton Road was littered and overgrown in places. On another visit the entrance to this path was obstructed by a householder’s wheelie bin.

The Community Shop serves the needs of the village and is run by a team of twenty volunteers. lt is well stocked selling amongst other things – local preserves, sweets and vegetables. Close by, there is the ”Sweet Window”, a delightful idea. Locally made sweets are sold through the little window by the very pleasant shopkeeper. The pub is very good and has clean toilets. The car park was also clean and tidy. lt is clearly popular with villagers. The bar staff were helpful and friendly and the food there was enjoyed by several judges. The commercial premises in Gorwood Road look very shabby, weedy and detract from the village scene. Two abandoned cars were also found. They looked to have been in situ for quite a time.

The Anglican Church dates back to Norman times and are a central feature of the village. It is beautifully maintained and is clearly much used and much loved. The porch has recently been restored to a very high standard. The church yard was well mown. The grass area in front and the war memorial were beautiful. The notice board here was good. The kissing gate needs attention and gate posts need painting. The Methodist Chapel was closed. The surrounding area was tidy.

The village map was rather poor and failed to show several of the features needed for judging purposes. Judges especially reported it difficult to find key buildings. The website had much good information and was user friendly. The village clearly has many groups and activities for young and old alike. There are weekly coffee mornings to bring residents together. Both the Parish Church and the Methodist Church are actively reaching out to the community. The Parish Council are actively leading initiatives for future housing and economic developments for the village and the wider Parish.

Buckland Brewer showed itself to good effect as a new entrant in the Best Kept Village Competition this year. The standard was very high in the New Entry category. Judges felt that with attention to the points highlighted, as needing attention, Buckland Brewer could be a future winning village in the Small ViIIage category of the competition. We hope to see you in the competition again next year!

Covering letter from the Best Kept Village in Devon competition (pdf 771kB)

Road Closure: Stibb Cross to Thorne Moor

Road closure

Map reproduced by kind permission of SWH. Crown copyright, all rights reserved.

Circumstances and weather permitting, the road between Thornmoor Cross and the Old Methodist Church, Buckland Brewer will be closed on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 August, 2014. This is to enable SWH to carry out patching works on behalf of Devon County Council.

Please be aware however, that the date may need to change at short notice. During the works, a diversion route will be signed and maintained. SWH and DCC will notify all affected properties.

SWH aims to maintain access to properties and businesses within the closures, however there may be times when access is restricted/delayed. SWH apologises in advance for any inconvenience caused by these essential works.


Joanna Cole, Customer Liaison Administrator

Telephone: 01805 622395: Ext: 2017

Buckland Brewer development: the draft Local Plan

North Devon and Torridge District Councis have published the draft Local Plan which covers proposed development in northern Devon up to 2031. Public consultation on the plan ends on 8 August 2014.

For full details see:

This map of Buckland Brewer village shows how the village is expected to change over the next 15 to 20 years.

Buckland Brewer Policies Map

For convenience of people living in the parish, we’ve reproduced the parts of the plan relevant to Buckland Brewer. You should read this in light of the contents of the whole draft plan.

Buckland Brewer Spatial Strategy

The community’s spatial vision for the Local Centre is that it should support a range of facilities and amenities to meet the needs of residents and that it should have a more balanced age profile than at present. The community accepts that significant growth in population, particularly in the younger age groups, is likely to be necessary to help achieve this.

The vision will be delivered through:

(a) provision of approximately 103 dwellings including affordable homes, to meet a range of housing needs in the community with an emphasis on smaller properties for families and single people. The supply of housing will be delivered through extant planning consents and two site allocations with a capacity for approximately 45 dwellings;

(b) two additional housing sites within the development boundary, together with smaller infill plots;

(c) seeking to retain and expand existing services and facilities in the village;

(d) retention of existing sports and recreation facilities, and

(e) supporting appropriate employment provision, including live-work units subject to market demand.

The Development Proposals


The spatial strategy for the village will be supported in a range of ways including the site specific policies below.


A development boundary for Buckland Brewer is defined on Policies Map 12 outside of which the principle of residential development is only supported on an exceptional basis. The development boundary includes opportunities for additional development in addition to the sites subject to specific policies.



Employment in Buckland Brewer is related primarily to service activities.

for Policy BBR01: Land Adjoining Football Pitch

(1) Land to the north of Buckland Brewer, as shown on Policies Map 12, is allocated for economic development to include a mix of unit sizes focused on meeting local business needs.

(2) The site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific development principles:

(a) a focus on economic uses within the B1 Use Class;

(b) a very high standard of unified design and appearance in view of the location of the site in the countryside; and

(c) appropriate screening on all boundaries to integrate the development into its countryside setting.


During the life of the Local Plan there may be a requirement for additional land or premises to accommodate businesses able to provide a service to, or employment for local people. A small site is allocated to accommodate this demand to the north of the village.


The allocated site of about 0.22 hectares can accommodate premises for light industrial or other B1 uses to help provide a range of employment opportunities in Buckland Brewer.  Its location will ensure minimal impact on existing residential property and on traffic in the village.


The site is in a very prominent position, visible from all directions, and its development needs to reflect this. A very high standard of design of buildings will be required to ensure visual impact is minimised.  Boundary planting will need to be substantial to help integrate new development into the countryside.


If required, the opportunity could be taken to integrate access arrangements for this site, the football pitch and the adjoining allotments.



There is a substantial existing commitment1 to additional housing in the village with permitted sites at Gorwood Road and to the south east of Buckland Brewer in association with a new village hall. Further sites are additionally allocated to meet the spatial strategy for Buckland Brewer over the plan period.


The identified sites are considered to be deliverable. They will be released to ensure a steady pace of development over the plan period and in accordance with the spatial strategy. The order of presentation does not reflect any priority for release of the sites.


Existing commitments include a number of affordable dwellings. During the plan period additional affordable homes may be needed to meet local needs. All sites will be required to meet a range of housing needs in accordance with the spatial strategy and general plan policies. If a more significant need for affordable property is identified land to the south of the settlement, known locally as ‘Cock Pheasant’, between the roads to Great Torrington and Thornhillhead, is considered suitable. This site is outside the development boundary and will be released only in accordance with Policy ST19: Affordable Housing on Exceptions Sites.

Policy BBR02: Land at Orleigh Close

(1) Land north east of Orleigh Close, as shown on Policies Map 12, is allocated for residential development that includes

(a) approximately 20 dwellings with an emphasis on providing a mix of housing types and sizes to reflect local need, including affordable homes; and

(b) adequate replacement for any parking spaces lost to obtain satisfactory access to the principal village road through Orleigh Close.

(2) The site should be developed in accordance with the following specific development principles:

(a) provide vehicular access only from Orleigh Close;

(b) a design and layout that provides an acceptable impact on existing properties;

(c) provision of a substantial tree and hedge screen on all boundaries with open countryside; and

(d) a pedestrian link to land proposed for development to the south east.


A site to the north east of Orleigh Close on the eastern side of the village is allocated for housing. The site is relatively level and can accommodate a range of dwellings to meet local needs. It is well related to the highway network and village facilities and with appropriate landscaping, will not harm the landscape setting of the village.


This site of approximately 1.1 hectares can make a significant contribution to enabling continuing growth in the village over the plan period without harming the setting of the village. To ensure this is achieved, development will be expected to follow the substantial completion of the existing commitment in association with the village hall. The site is not expected to be released at the same time as BBR03.


The site borders the front of properties in Orleigh Close. Detailed design and layout that avoids overlooking between existing and new properties is essential. Access through the site to Meadow Park will need to be provided.


Substantial planting on the eastern, currently undefined, boundary is required to minimise the impact on the countryside setting. Existing hedge boundaries will also be reinforced with native planting to create more biodiverse features capable of screening the site

Policy BBR03: Land to the North East of Orleigh Close

(1) Land to the north east of Orleigh Close, as shown on Policies Map 12, is allocated for residential development that includes approximately 25 dwellings with an emphasis on providing a mix of housing types and sizes to reflect local need, including affordable homes.

(2) The site should be developed in accordance with the following specific principles:

(a) vehicular and pedestrian access from the development adjoining the new village hall;

(b) a pedestrian link to the development of site BBR02;

(c) a design and layout that provides an acceptable impact on existing properties and future development; and

(d) provision of a substantial tree and hedge screen on all boundaries with open countryside.


A site to the north east or Orleigh Close, adjacent to BBR02 and to the rear of development associated with the new village hall, is proposed for residential development. Vehicular access to this site will be from development associated with the new village hall only.


This site of approximately 1 hectare can make a significant contribution to enabling continuing growth in the village over the plan period without harming the setting of the village. The site will not be developed before the substantial completion of the existing commitment in association with the village hall. The site is not expected to be released at the same time as BBR02.


Existing hedges should be reinforced and a substantial new boundary created on the northern edge to help integrate the development into the countryside.

Community Facilities


Buckland Brewer has a range of recreation provision, mainly located to the north of the village. The Local Plan safeguards use of the football pitch, playing field and allotment areas from other uses and the sites remain outside the development boundary to further discourage development pressure.


Also safeguarded is the area of amenity land adjoining the new village hall to be transferred to Parish Council as the adjacent development progresses. A play area for use by the primary school and amenity land for general use are part of the development which includes a new village hall.

Hospital transport for cancer patients

The parish clerk has received the following press release from Sharon Lynch, Manager, Go North Devon Ltd , about a new free hospital transport car service for cancer patients needing to get to North Devon District Hospital.

If you would like any further information about it please contact Sharon Lynch or use the contact phone number.

NDCCCT Car poster 2014

A new door to door trial service for cancer patients who need to get to North Devon District Hospital (NDDH) for oncology or chemotherapy treatment and who would struggle to get there has been launched this week.

The service which is funded by the North Devon Cancer Care Centre Trust (NDCCCT) and co-ordinated by Go North Devon (GND) will collect patients from the Torridge area on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from the North Devon area on Tuesday and Thursday. The service will run twice daily to NDDH arriving at 9am and 1pm; departing at 1.15pm and 5pm. The VW Caravelle can carry five passengers on each run and booking is essential.

NDCCCT and Go have worked together for the past 17 years helping North Devon cancer patients who needed to get to Exeter on a daily basis for Radiotherapy. However an NHS funded service is now in place to help patients with these journeys so the NDCCCT Trustees felt the time was right to investigate new ways to help cancer patients in the area.

There is currently no charge for using the new service which is funded by NDCCCT from donations and fundraising. James Bonetta, Chairman of NDCCCT said “Our charity began with the goals of helping cancer patients attend appointments and offering support to the chemotherapy unit at NDDH. With the new unit opening next year this new service will combine those original aims and, we hope, help many people in the future.”

For more information or to book a seat please telephone 01271 314332 Monday to Friday 09.30 to 4.00pm (excluding Bank Holidays).