Buckland Brewer

draft Parish Council Minutes 9 April 2014


Members Present: Mrs Barbara Babb, Mr Andrew Hewitt, Mr George Heywood, Mr David Lloyd, Mr Jim Lowe, Mr Trevor Mills, Mrs Kate Slocombe, Mrs Shirley Tilley and Mr David Watson.

Also in attendance 6 members of the public, Claire McIntosh (Hicks & Co.), Tim Newman (WildWestNet) and Cllr. Robin Julian (DCC)

Parish Clerk: Patrick Blosse

KEY: Actions are shown in bold blue type Decisions are shown in bold red type

1145 Apologies for Absence None

1146 Minutes of the Meetings of the Parish Council on 12th and the Support Network Sub-Committee on 17th March 2014 The minutes of the parish council meeting held on 12th March 2014 and the Support Network Sub-Committee held on Monday 17th March 2014 were confirmed and signed subject to correcting item 1139(d) to Miss Nicholls instead of Mrs Nicholls.

1147 Declarations of Interest Kate Slocombe re item 1151 (ii) Football Pitch, Grass Cutting and item 1152 Field Rents.

1148 Public Participation Maggie Melville spoke to oppose the application for a wind turbine at Braddons Park on the grounds that it would affect property values and could makes homes unsaleable. She was disappointed that many parishioners had not been invited to the consultation offered by the applicant and asked the Parish Council to oppose the scheme.

1149 WildWestNet: Broadband Supply Tim Newman gave an overview of the service provided by his company, WildWestNet, which provides satellite broadband to rural areas that cannot take advantage of fibre-optic cabling. The company taps into the internet supply and broadcasts from the top of the Civic Centre building in Barnstaple. A receiver has already been installed at Orleigh Lodge and is used as far away as Woolsery and Bittenden – a distance of more than 20 miles. Distance is not necessarily an issue but a clear line of sight is essential. No planning permission is required for a receiver (about the size of a housebrick). A dish can also be supplied to provide the service for a group of properties (up to about 20). A high spot could be needed for a booster and the church tower was suggested as the most suitable position. Tim has already spoken to the Dioceses Office who is very keen on the idea. 80% of users use their receivers to bounce the signal on to other users. The cost is £100 to install plus £25 per month. There is no minimum contract period and the equipment cost would be refunded if cancelled within the first month. Free broadband could be supplied for village halls on a casual use basis only (limited hours). There is no requirement for a minimum number of users in the village. Increasing the number of users should have no impact on speeds as the company currently has the option to buy extra capacity whenever it needs it. Speeds of 15-20 mbps can be expected. Jim Lower recommended that the company sets up a demonstration in the village hall at the Annual Parish Meeting on 28th May 2014. The Clerk is to send Tim a copy of the settlement plan which would demonstrate the village’s plans for development over the next 30 years.

1150 Clerk’s Report

(i) Correspondence: A summary of various items of general correspondence was supplied to each member. The following item was specifically drawn to the Council’s attention:

• Marretta Corliss: Proposed building of 550 new houses Junction of Littleham road and Clovelly road The Clerk is to write to the Planning Department asking for guidance should the issue of complaints from people who move into the area about existing farming and other businesses become an issue in Buckland Brewer.

• SLCC: Newsletter March 2013 (Repeal of two signatories rule and new Transparency Code)

• Turbine application in Peters Marland The Clerk had already informed the correspondent about Buckland Brewer’s policy of not commenting about turbine developments in other Parishes

• The Big List: Big Issue subscription request – declined

• RSN Online: Rural Vulnerability Service, Broadband 2014

• Rural Services Network newsletter March 2014

• DALC Newsletter: April 2014

• TTVS: Snippets Issue 60 – [Annual subscription due]

Late items:

• Police Commissioner’s Surgery, Bude, 16th April

• Kate Little, Torridge Planning – the Planning Department will no longer permit extensions for comments on planning applications. The Chairman called a special meeting for 22nd April 2014 (8:00pm in the Village Hall) to discuss the application that had already come in too late to be discussed at today’s meeting but which must be responded to by 29th April, and any others that might arrive in the meantime.

(ii) TTVS Subscription: The Clerk explained that TTVS now require a £10 annual subscription. It was agreed that the Parish Council would subscribe.

(iii) Audit & Accounts Training – Truro: The Clerk asked for permission to attend a training course being organized by the Cornwall Association of Local Councils at a cost of £30 + VAT, subject to spaces being available. Permission was granted.

1151 Football Pitch

i) Club House: Andrew Hewitt has removed 2 white-lining machines, a gas stove and a generator from the site. Jim Lowe had distributed a report of the options available for the repair, replacement or demolition of the club house. It was agreed to defer the discussion to the special meeting on 22nd April 2014, when there would be more time to give the report proper consideration.

ii) Grass cutting: The Clerk reported that there had been 2 bids for grass cutting of the football pitch. The higher bid had been received from Eric Tucker and the Council agreed unanimously to accept his offer of £200 per year.

1152 Parish Council Fields and Allotments:

(i) Rents: The clerk had written to Peter Bromell setting out the proposed rent increase for Job’s Field to take place with effect from 1st June 2015. Mr Bromell had been asked let the Council know if he wishes to object to the increase by 3rd May 2014. Once the final rent figures have been agreed with Mr Bromell, Mr Babb and Mr Nicholls, Hicks & Co. will be asked to revise their agreements.

(ii) Allotments: Mrs Catherine Fry had asked to take over vacant plot 2. She already has plot 3. Normally allotments are limited to one per household but as there had been no other applicants and there are a number of empty allotments it had been agreed, in consultation with the Chairman, to permit Mrs Fry to take a second plot. Letters have been sent asking for the annual rent, which increased to £10 (£6 per half plot) from 1st April 2014. It was agreed that plots 13, 14 and 15 need clearing. Jim Lowe to advertise in Village Scene.

1153 Thornhillhead Communications Mast: A letter had been received from Arqiva enclosing a cheque for £1,000.

1154 Thornhillhead Moor:

(i) A presentation was given by Claire McIntosh. Cutting had finished and a claim will be submitted to RPA. All the fencing is nearly complete. There has been a lot of fly-tipping which needs to be cleared. Grazing starts on 1st May 2014 and Claire will organize a Graziers Meeting. The recent swaling was disappointing as Devon Wildlife Trust could not supply volunteers because their insurance did not cover them for it. Although it had not been done this year it will be possible to catch up with it next year. Getting agreement to suitably worded signs had been difficult but it 7 innocuous signs saying “Cattle Graze This Common” will be erected. It was recommended that about £4,000 should be retained in the Thornehillhead Moor account as a reserve and that about £4,000 should be shared between the graziers.

(ii) Invoice from Hicks & Co. The Clerk had suggested that it could be financially advantageous (in respect of the audit fee) to pay the invoice that had been received from Hicks & Co. before the end of the financial year. Councillors had been contacted by telephone and email prior to the meeting and had agreed unanimously to this suggestion.

1155 Summer Bus Service: Parkham Parish Council had confirmed that they wished to join in the scheme this year. Jim Lowe had made the necessary arrangements and the bus will run every Friday from 11th July to 29th August.

1156 Pannier Market Hopper Bus Jim Lowe had made further enquiries about the possibility of a hopper bus and now needs to talk to the Prince’s Countryside Fund and to other local parish councils. The hope is to establish a service to run once a week to and from the Bideford Pannier Market.

1157 Best Kept Village Competition: A map was supplied by Kate Slocombe both as a hardcopy and on a CD. This can now be passed on to the organizing committee. There are 3 flower boxes in the village which need replanting. David Lloyd is to do one and Jim Lowe the other two.

1158 TAP Fund Application/Village Green Confirmation had been received that the TAP Fund application had been successful and payment had already been received. Council approved payment of the elements of grant due to Langtree Parish Council (£1,456), Peters Marland Parish Council (£168) and Frithelstock Parish Council (£333). A bill had been received from Ernest Martin for £75 for maintenance of the village green and it was agreed that this expense would be applied to the TAP Fund project. Jim Lowe is to develop a plan for the refurbishment of the footpaths in the village.

1159 War Memorial: Grant Application The Clerk is awaiting written confirmation from the Royal British Legion and Cllr. Robin Julian that they approve of the grant application. He is also required to contact the Conservation Officer and/or the DCC Historic Environment team.

1160 Village Library: The PCC had responded favourably to siting a small village library in the back room of the church and had suggested that it should be made available to parishioners on Fridays to coincide with the coffee mornings? The Clerk is to discuss arrangements with Betty Walters.

1161 Torrington Hospital: Andrew Hewitt reported that the review panel were awaiting the results of today’s referendum organised by Torrington Town Council.

1162 Lengthsman Service/Drain Clearing/Pothole Survey: Andrew Hewitt and David Lloyd had carried out a pothole survey on 1st April 2014 and Andrew presented a written report (see Appendix 1). He also stated that he had tabled questions to be addressed at the next Torrington Area Advisory Group meeting on 15th April 2014. It was agreed that a joint approach with Parkham might be more effective as it was the road between the two villages that required most attention. The Clerk is to write to them.

1163 New Development Update: An update on the progress of work on the new development had been received from the Contract Manager, Paul Knox:

• We have 20 of the 40 homes in production and have reservations on 12 of these.

• The necessary infrastructure (roads drainage and services) is in to facilitate occupation of these 20 homes

• First occupations on the site will be occurring at the end of this month (April)

• We anticipate allowing the school to re-occupy the open space behind the school after Easter via a casual arrangement between us and the school and there will be ongoing dialogue with the school if that position needs to change for safety reasons.

• We will be facilitating a visit to the site for up to 60 school children from Buckland Brewer and Parkham schools on the 6th May and Pearce are sponsoring some design competitions that the children will undertake after the visit for prizes

• The second phase of 20 homes will start this spring and we hope that we may be able to make a start on the village hall subject to negotiations.

1164 Community Defibrillator: The Clerk presented a report on the Community Heartbeat scheme, which he recommended as offering the safest and best supported arrangement for a community defibrillator. The equipment would be registered with the local ambulance service and it would be guaranteed that they could support the equipment supplied. The scheme would cost over £2,500, of which £500 would be met by a grant from the Community Heartbeat Fund. In addition, it would be the responsibility of the Parish Council to meet the cost of installing the electricity supply and meeting electricity charges and the cost of consumables. Members supported the principal of the scheme and expressed a preference for the equipment to be sited in the centre of the village. It would be necessary to consider how the funds could be raised. Members agreed to continue to discuss the project.

1165 Members’ Reports

Andrew Hewitt reported that consultation about library services was available on the DCC Tough Choices website. Cllr Robin Julian explained that there had been a County Council meeting today, that there were no plans to close any libraries at present and that he would oppose any such proposals. David Watson suggested that similar consultation on Youth Services had been ignored and that proposed cuts were already decided. Robin Julian regarded these as essential services and did not want to see any shut down. He was keen on one-to-one contact within the community and had been fighting for services to be retained and had “ruffled a few feathers”. Andrew Hewitt asked members to respond on the Tough Choices website. Jim Lowe said that he thought the rural bus services would be the next services to be cut. Robin Julian said that the County should be fighting harder to keep revenues coming in rather than cutting more services.

David Lloyd said that he had experienced problems with email. Other members had also been unable to open some attachments sent by the Clerk. The Clerk said that he would investigate alternative email systems.

Jim Lowe (i) asked for 4 questions to be put to Cllr Phil Collins when he attends the Annual Parish Meeting. First on the list will be the question of being given only 21 days to respond to planning application consultation requests. Three further questions are needed. (ii) Jim asked whether members wished to move the stones from the village green. It was agreed to leave them where they were for the time being. (iii) Jim has a dozen saplings for planting in public places.

Trevor Mills (i) informed members that the planning application for the Old Post Office, which had been refused, had gone to appeal but the Parish Council had not been informed. The Clerk will write to Torridge D C asking for an explanation. (ii) Trevor stated that Richard Mills would like to take on Hymns Piece. Richard had submitted an unsuccessful bid in December 2012 when the plot had been leased to Joe Wolfe. Trevor will organize a meeting on site with Richard to discuss what he proposes to do with the land.

Kate Slocombe had reported a faulty light but had been told that it could not be done because the sub-contractor would only visit if there were two or more lights not working. It was reported that Western Power has sub-contracted repair works to Southern Electric and the new arrangements showed a noticeable deterioration in the level of service. Jim Lowe said that he would report the fault again.

Shirley Tilley reported that the bungalows at 3, 4 and 5 Gorwood Road were experiencing problems with deliveries and needed a suitable sign. It was agreed that this was necessary but that it would be the responsibility of the residents.

1166 Planning

a) Applications:

(i) 1/0128/2014/FUL – Erection of a wind turbine, measuring 34.6m to tip with associated infrastructure, Braddons Park, Buckland Brewer, Devon. Members discussed the application at some length. George Heywood wished to support the application on the grounds that one of the residents living less than 600 metres from the turbine had no objection. Three other members stated that the Council had adopted a policy not to support any turbines within 600 metres of habitable dwellings and that there were two such properties affected, albeit that one was thought to be a holiday cottage. A vote was taken and it was agreed by 8 votes to 1 to oppose the application.

ii) Devon County Council Planning Application at Buckland Brewer CP School – Retention of one existing modular classroom for a further 15 years: Supported unanimously.

(iii) 1/02450/2014/FUL – Mambury House, erection of double garage, wood store and wood boiler room had been received too late to be added to the agenda for today’s meeting. Decision deferred to a special meeting to be held on 22nd April 2014.

b) Decisions:

(iv) 1/0133/2014/FUL – Removal of condition to allow the change of use of the existing garage in to a kitchen, The Jays, 1 Gorwood Road – Granted Permission

(v) 1/1151/2013/FUL – Erection of a single storey conservatory extension, change to the rear elevation of dwelling with fitting of a new glazed bi-fold door, Beeches Farm – Granted Permission

(vi) 1/0654/2013/FUL – Installation and operation of a single 250kW wind turbine Land At Langtreemoor Lane, Fore Street, Langtree – Refused

(vii) 1/0801/2013/FUL – Proposed siting of 1 x 24.8m high (hub) wind turbine with a tip height of 34.5m, Land at Tuttsclump Farm, Parkham – Refused

1167 Accounts

i) Bank balances:

• Parish Council Current Account was £4,924.23 as at 31st March 2014

• Thornhillhead Moor Account was £18,216.03 as at 19th February 2014

ii) Payments due (£10,950.15 + VAT)

• Parish Clerk’s salary, expenses and associated PAYE: £183.06

• Hicks & Co. (Cheque dated 28th March 2014 – £8,500 + VAT

• Ernest Martin, Village Green maintenance – £75.00

• Langtree Parish Council (TAP Fund Grant) – £1,456.00

• Peters Marland Parish Council (TAP Fund Grant) – £168.00

• Frithelstock Parish Council (TAP Fund Grant) – £333.00

• Flying Start Federation (Hall hire) – £50.00

• DALC (Annual membership) – £175.09

iii) Receipts since last meeting (£1,812.00):

• Field Rents: £770.00

• Contribution from Monkleigh Parish Council towards training costs: £30.00

• Allotment rent: £12.00

• Arqiva – £1,000.00

(iv) Audits: The Clerk reported that the annual internal and external audits were due and notices would be posted in due course

Dates of Next Meetings:

22nd April 2014: (Special Parish Council Meeting; 8:00pm; Village Hall)

14th May 2014 (Annual Meeting of the Council; 8:00pm; School Hall)

28th May 2014 (Annual Parish Meeting; Village Hall;  8:00pm)

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10:05 pm

Chairman: ………………………………………………………………………. Date: …………………………………

Appendix 1

Potholes in Buckland Brewer

On Tuesday 1st April Councillors Hewitt and Lloyd drove around the parish to try to ascertain the extent of the pothole problem in Buckland. This is a very regular subject at Parish Council meetings where there is a strong feeling the DCC is not even trying to maintain the roads in a serviceable condition.

Basing the route for the tour of inspection on the number of references to the road at Parish Council meetings the councillors drove first along Barton Road. This is the shortest route between Parkham and Buckland and is heavily used by the staff of both schools, which are federated, necessitating much travel between the two by both staff and pupils. The Parkham end of Barton Road at Bableigh Barton Farm, right up to the Bradworthy/ Holsworthy road junction, is almost completely covered in potholes, and the edges of the road are breaking up. Also, some of the holes are quite small currently, but if left, they will increase in both area and depth. Heading back to the village, the edges of Barton Road are badly damaged. Being a narrow road, with unsupported edges creates situations where heavy vehicles, e.g. tractors, are forced out on to the edges so that they collapse under the loads for which they were not designed. Where the lane that leads to Twitchen and Brendon joins the Parkham end of Barton Road, the nearside of the road is virtually all potholes. Some repairs have been carried out in that area. There is a properly formed concrete gulley which is currently full and breaking up past Bableigh Barton for about half a mile. There is a passing place in this area that is so damaged as to be a hazard. In the area close to the unmade-up lane that leads to West Stone the road is effectively reduced to about two metres wide. Upon inspection one is left with the inescapable conclusion that attempting to repair potholes along this road is not feasible. What is required is complete resurfacing with a properly supported surface that would endure that type of use to which it is subjected. How this could be financed is not immediately obvious.

Councillors Andrew Hewitt & David Lloyd, Buckland Brewer Parish Council, 1st April 2014


Buckland Brewer Methodist Church Notices, 20 April 2014 to 26 April 2014

Welcome to Worship at Buckland Brewer Methodist Church, Easter Sunday 20th April 2014 led by Roy Harris with Alan Randall

Welcome to all to our time of worship & fellowship this morning – There will be tea & coffee after the service in the schoolroom – All are Welcome

Methodist Minister – Rev Graham Slingo – The Manse, Shebbear EX21 5SI – 01409 281 262

Today’s Lectionary –Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24; Acts 10:34-43; Colossians 3:1-4; John 20:1-18

Forthcoming Services

Sunday 27th April –11am – Rev John Carvosso

Sunday 4th May – 11am – United Worship at Methodist Chapel – Rev Graham Slingo

Sunday 11th May – 11am – Duncan Withall

Other Regular events:

Every Friday from 10.15am – 12noon – Coffee Morning at Parish Church Schoolroom

Every Friday’s– Buckland Brewer ‘Bumps & Babes Toddler Group meets in the Buckland Brewer Methodist Church Schoolroom from 9-45am-11-45am

Buckland Community Shop from 7.30-6pm each day and 8am-1pm on Saturdays in Old Vestry

North Devon Foodbank Collection Point in Community Shop

Young persons (11+) Drop In on Thursday’s during Term Time at 7pm in Chapel Schoolroom

The coming week in Buckland Brewer.

Easter Monday (21st April) – ‘Big Breakfast’ at Buckland Village Hall in aid of Buckland Parish & Methodist Churches starting at 9pm.

Tuesday 22nd April – Extra Buckland Parish Council Meeting at 8pm at Village Hall

Wednesday 23rd April – Buckland Fete Meeting at 8pm at Village Hall.

Advance Notices

Sunday 27th April – ‘Ignite’ Service at 7pm at Torrington Methodist Church

Starting on Monday 28th April at Bideford, High Street Methodist Church from 7.30-9pm is a 6 week course on Fresh Expressions Mission Shaped Intro – rediscovering mission & re-imagining church. Other dates are 12th, 19th May; 2nd, 16th & 23rd May. Contact Jo Simpson, Methodist District Evangelism Enabler on 0795 123 0521

Buckland Plant SaleSaturday 17th May from 10am-3pm & Sunday 18th May from 11am-3pm.

Buckland Safari LunchSunday 18th May with sitting startings at Methodist Church at 12.30 & 1pm. Tickets from The Sweet Window & 01237 451050 cost £8 adults & £4 for Primary aged children – Under 5’s free. Proceeds for Parish Church, Methodist Church & Village Hall

Sunday 18th May – Torridge Circuit Easter Offering dedication service will take place on at Langtree Chapel with tea at 5.15 pm followed by a Service at 6.30 pm with the speaker being Rev Meg Slingo. The theme of the service is ―Risk the Path He Trod‖

Methodist Collection for Sunday 13th April was £46 plus £1.60 for Coffee.  The Collection today is for Methodist Church Funds 

Methodist Cleaning & Coffee/Flowers

Cleaning – Sat 26th April – Lorna Hicks – Coffee – Sun 27th Apr – Barbara Babb

Buckland Brewer Parish Website – www.bucklandbrewerparish.org.uk

Parish Council Meeting Agenda 22 April 2014

An additional MEETING of BUCKLAND BREWER PARISH COUNCIL will be held on Tuesday 22nd April 2014, 8:00pm in Buckland Brewer Village Hall

(Note added before posting, by way of explanation. Kate Little, the Joint Head of Strategic Development and Planning for Torridge District Council, has told the Parish Council that when it is consulted on planning applications it must respond within the 21 day deadline.  Otherwise its comments may be ignored.  Currently, the intervals between parish council meetings are 28 to 31 days.  To meet the new, stringent, 21 day requirement it may from now on be necessary to hold an Additional Meeting between the currently scheduled meetings.  This is the first such meeting.  J G Schofield)

Business to be transacted at the meeting:

1168 Apologies for Absence,

1169 Minutes of the Meetings of the Parish Council on 9th April

1170 Declarations of Interest

1171 Public Participation

1172 To review the options for the future of the sports pavilion

1173 Members’ Reports

1174 Planning: All the relevant details can be viewed online at www.torridge.gov.uk/planningonline under the reference numbers cited below).

a) Applications:

(i) 1/0240/2014/FUL – Mambury House, erection of double garage, wood store and wood boiler room (target date 29th April 2014)

(ii) 1/0302/2014/OUT – Land adjacent to Ross House, proposed detached two storey dwelling and integral garage. (target date 29th April 2014)

(iii) 1/0194/2014/FUL – Milford Farm, Erection of an Extension to Existing Agricultural Building (target date 5th May 2014)

(iv) 1/0195/2014/FUL – Milford Farm, Erection of an Extension to Existing Agricultural Building (target date 5th May 2014)

b) Weekly Lists of Planning Applications



Police and Crime Commissioner: Public Surgery

The Police Commissioner will hold a “public surgery” in Bude on Wednesday 16th April.   This is potentially a good development, suggesting that he wants to hear the views of residents.  The venue is the Parkhouse Centre, The Crescent, Bude.

We have been given relatively short notice, and Bude is a less convenient venue than Bideford.  However, should you wish to attend the surgery, or to contact the Commissioner to make your views known contact his office.

Email: opcc@devonandcornwall.pnn.police

Telephone: 01392 225555.

Parish Council minutes 12 March 2014


Members Present: Mrs Barbara Babb, Mr Andrew Hewitt, Mr George Heywood, Mr David Lloyd, Mr Jim Lowe, Mr Trevor Mills, Mrs Kate Slocombe, Mrs Shirley Tilley and Mr David Watson.

Also in attendance 2 members of the public, Alison Boyle (part), PCSO Liz Rendle and Cllr. Robin Julian (part)

Parish Clerk: Patrick Blosse

1118 Apologies for Absence Cllr Robin Julian had sent apologies that he expected to arrive late.

1119 Minutes of the Meeting of 12th February 2014 The minutes of the parish council meeting held on 12th February 2014 were confirmed and signed.

1120 Declarations of Interest Kate Slocombe re item 1125 (ii) Football Pitch, Grass Cutting ; Shirley Tilley re item 1139 (a) 1 Gorwood Road planning application; Kate Slocombe and Barbara Babb re item 1126 Field Rents.

1121 Public Participation None

1122 Crime Report: PCSO Liz Rendle reported that there had been 2 crimes recorded for the parish in the past 2 months: some specialist equipment had been stolen from a vehicle (which had not been locked) and there had been another theft from the Hillpark construction site, this time of £1,500 of equipment from locked sheds. Andrew Hewitt recommended the use of wireless cameras. Liz stated that crime in rural areas remained low but these thefts proved that it is still vulnerable and that better security is needed. Liz also reported that there had been a theft of heating oil in a nearby community and advised that tanks should be securely locked.

1123 Alison Boyle: AONB Alison said that she had been appointed to the Board of the North Devon Coast Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The association had been founded in 1959 as a result of the Countryside Rights of Way Act and the local board manages the area from Hartland to Combe Martin, employing 2.4 fte staff. It maintains close links with planning issues, such as the Atlantic Array. The focus for the next year is to be on farming and land management following increasing pressures on farmers to protect the countryside. The existing 4-year plan ends this month and the next meeting of the Board, in April 2014, will concentrate on the development of a new long-term plan, which is likely to include Bucks Mill and other local issues.

1124 Clerk’s Report

I. Correspondence: A summary of various items of general correspondence was supplied to each member. The following item was specifically drawn to the Council’s attention:

• Devon County Council Adult Social Care Day Services – Stakeholder events

• Affordable Housing on Exception Sites (Policy DM21) – see item 1139 (c)

• DALC: Consultation on filming and use of social media at public meetings

• DCC: Invitation to Stakeholders: Briefing on the Consultation on the future of residential care services at 20 Devon County Council Residential Care Homes. Shirley Tilley offered to attend the meeting at Caddsdown Business Centre on 14th March 2014

• Sally Nicholl: Letter concerning the planning application for the turbine at Babeleigh Barton – see item 1139 (d)

• Easy Read Scheme – flyer and poster

• British Lichen Society Apprenticeship

• Village Green – Issue 135, Spring 2014

• DALC Newsletter, March 2014

• Emergency Management Flyer

• Healthwatch Voices: Issue 3

• Clerks and Councils Direct: March 2014

 1125 Football Pitch

i) Having obtained keys for the club house, Jim Lowe had inspected it and found 9 bottles of gas, 30 pairs of football boots, a number of footballs, a set of football shirts and a large quantity of rubbish that needed to be removed. He had obtained a quote of £300 for clearing the rubbish but it was apparent that there was a quantity of asbestos in the building. It was agreed that councillors should visit the site at 10am on Saturday 15th March 2015. Jim Lowe had already had the gas bottles removed. It was agreed to donate the footballs to the Playing Fields Association, that the shirts would be donated to an appropriate cause and that the boots would go to the recycling centre. An indicative price of £650 had been received for making the club house secure but this had been provided without the benefit of a comprehensive survey. It was agreed that the Health and Safety Executive would be asked to evaluate the state of the building.

ii) Grass cutting – One bid had been received so far for grass cutting of the pitch but further bids were expected by the end of the month so any decision on the issue was deferred until the next meeting.

1126 Parish Council Fields: Rents: The clerk had spoken to Brian Chapple, who had agreed to an increase to £340 per annum and to Mr and Mrs Babb, who had agreed to an increase to £250 per annum with effect from March 2015. Having tried a number of times to contact Peter Bromell by telephone without response, the Clerk will now write to him.

1127 Thornhillhead Communications Mast: A letter had been sent to Arqiva on 19th February 2014 accepting their offer of £1,000 without obligation but there had so far been no response. The Clerk had been contacted by a consultancy purporting to be acting for 02 and Vodafone wanting to renegotiate the rent of the mast in order to install upgraded equipment in preparation for G4 but had not, so far, made any further contact. Robert Hicks and Co. had offered to act on the Parish Council’s behalf in any negotiations at no cost to the Council as any costs would be passed on the lessee.

1128 Thornhillhead Moor: No invoice had been received from Hicks & Co. Andrew Hewitt suggested that, once the invoice had been received and it was known how much remained in the account, a pre-meeting should be held with Robert Hicks before meeting with the graziers. George Heywood reported that there were still no ‘cattle’ warning signs up.

1129 Grant Application: Victim Support: A letter had been received from the Victim Support charity appealing for funds. Any decision was deferred to the next meeting.

1130 Summer Bus Service: All three of the other participating parish councils had been asked about continuing with the service in 2014. Putford and Bradworthy had definitely agreed to carry on. Parkham Parish Council will discuss the issue at its next meeting on 1st April but their Clerk had indicated that it was “almost certain” the council would continue to support it. Jim Lowe had been told by Community Transport that there would be little or no change in the cost.

1131 Pannier Market Hopper Bus A very enthusiastic response had been received from Community Transport but there was concern expressed about the service potentially clashing with the 372 service. One member thought that the new Waitrose in Torrington might start a hopper service of their own. Jim Lowe will continue to discuss the issue with Community Transport.

1132 Best Kept Village Competition: A map is still required. Kate Slocombe has one which she will photocopy and send to the Clerk.

1133 TAP Fund Application An application has been submitted and had received a positive response from Malcolm Harris, Community Development Officer at Torridge. It now requires approval by Devon County and Torridge District Councillors. The application now includes Peters Marland and Frithelstock as well as Langtree. The submission has been supported by professional photographs taken by a local photographer, the cost of which is to be offset against the photographer’s use of the village hall.

1134 War Memorial: Grant Application Applications are now being accepted for smaller schemes so an application will be submitted to Devon County Council for the next tranche of grants. Support is required from the British Legion and Cllr Robin Julian, who agreed in person to supply a supporting letter. The clerk will formally write to both parties.

1135 Village Library: The Clerk had spoken to the vicar who was enthusiastic about the scheme but needs to ratify the decision with the PCC, which next meets at the end of March 2014.

1136 Torrington Hospital: Andrew Hewitt reported that further consultation and opinions are being sought but that he felt that the proposals will go ahead “whatever happens”. On a related issue, Cllr Julian said that he had spoken to the leader of Devon County Council about the potential closure of the Springfield Day Centre in Bideford, and others that are threatened with closure, and had been told that no decisions had yet been made. David Watson reported that they were no longer taking any referrals.

1137 Lengthsman Service/Drain Clearing: It had been confirmed with Julian Roskilly of Devon Highways this week that there no news on when lengthsman rotas will restart. Andrew Hewitt suggested that a survey of local road conditions and potential lengthsmen works should be carried and it was agreed that Andrew Hewitt and David Lloyd would do this together.

1138 Members’ Reports

Cllr. Robin Julian reported that some pothole are being temporarily patched and would be repaired properly at a later date and that many people were “up in arms” about this. There had been reports of footpath material being used to patch potholes in roads, which was unacceptable. He stated that some money was being provided by central government specifically for pothole repairs but he did not know how much would be allocated to Devon. The County Council had stated that some roads were under threat of temporary closure notices and there was a possibility that some might close altogether. He felt that more and more would need to be done by the parishes in the future, especially as Devon County was facing another £49 million of budget cuts next year.

George Heywood (i) reported an incident at Bideford Rugby Club where a defibrillator had been used to save a life. The Clerk explained the proposals for providing a defibrillator in Frithelstock, which had formed part of the TAP Fund Grant application, and gave an overview of prices and delivery options. It was agreed that the Clerk would investigate these further and report back. (ii) George also reported that it had not been necessary to use any salt this year. (iii) A pothole at the top of Orleigh Hill needed to be filled – to be reported to Devon Highways by the Clerk. (iv) He said that he thought that the licensee using the football pitch for archery was under the impression that the grass would be kept cut at all times. The Clerk will clarify the position with her.

Jim Lowe (i) reported that there had been no response to requests for repairs to the street lights and believed that this work had been sub-contracted to Southern Electric. (ii) Four questions are wanted for the guest speak at the Annual Parish Meeting. Jim will put an item in Village Scene asking for suggestions.

Kate Slocombe announced open afternoons at Buckland Brewer and Parkham Schools on 25th and 27th March respectively.

Shirley Tilley commented on the number of vehicles parked along the road. Andrew Hewitt pointed out that this was probably because the holiday cottages are occupied. (ii) Shirley also pointed out that Cornwall Fire Brigade was using a call centre based in Yorkshire and hoped that this would not happen to the Devon and Somerset Fire Service as it would lead to loss of local knowledge.

David Watson (i) reported seeing dog mess on the ramp to the community shop and behind the chapel. It was recommended by one member that ‘No Dogs’ signs could be put up but no decision was taken. (ii) David also said that the notice board ought to have softer wood or an alternative backing as it was very difficult to insert pins. Jim Lowe to discuss with Richard Dorset.

Alison Boyle and Cllr. Robin Julian left the meeting at this point.

1139 Planning

a. Applications:

i) 1/0133/2014/FUL – Removal of condition 3 from planning approval 431/1993 to allow the change of use of the existing garage in to a kitchen, The Jays, 1 Gorwood Road. It was unanimously agreed to support this application.

ii) Devon County Council Planning Application at Buckland Brewer CP School – Retention of one existing modular classroom for a further 15 years. Notice of this application had been received too late to be included on the agenda. A decision was deferred to the next meeting and the Clerk was asked to notify DCC accordingly.

iii) 1/0128/2014/FUL – Braddons Park Wind Turbine. Notice of this application had been received too late to be included on the agenda. A decision was deferred to the next meeting and the Clerk was asked to notify Torridge Council accordingly.

b. Decisions:

iv) 1/1125/2013/FUL – Variation of conditions 2 & 14 of planning application 1/0504/2012/FUL to allow change in power output from 50kW to 100kW (Height to blade tip 39.997m), Craneham Farm, Buckland Brewer, Devon – Granted permission – Noted. The Clerk and the Chairman had both reminded Torridge Council that the Parish Council had previously registered its objection to the application.

c. Rural Settlement Plan Update (i) Jim Lowe reported that most of the points raised by the Parish Council concerning errors and omissions in the draft rural settlement plan for Buckland Brewer had been corrected or re-instated, including:

• the new property for which an application has already been accepted is to be included within the settlement boundary (plot 2)

• all in-fill sites have been included

• the plot of land off Tower Hill (plot 7) has been reinstated. It had been thought that access would be too narrow but Torridge had accepted that this would be improved if a garage was demolished.

• reconsidering the limitation of the number of industrial units

• admitting that the development plot in Gorwood road had been omitted in error

It had been stated by Kate Little (Joint Head of Planning) that there was little or no hope of meeting the Local Plan’ publication deadline.

The Cock Pheasant plot (plot 1) was still not included within the settlement boundary but the Chairman had distributed an explanation of policy DM21, indicating that it could still be designated for affordable housing at a later date, and that not including it within the settlement plan could protect it from other development proposals. Jim had been contacted by a representative of Aster Homes, a housing association with properties in mid and south Devon wanting to expand into North Devon, and had asked them to attend a future meeting.

(ii) David Brown, responsible for providing the small industrial units at High Bickington, has also been asked to attend a future meeting.

d. Babeleigh Barton turbine A letter had been received from Sally Nicholl concerning an application for a wind turbine in Parkham parish. She had first written to the Chairman at this time last year suggesting that Buckland Brewer might apply to share in any community benefits from the scheme and was concerned that the issue had not been brought to the Council’s attention. The Clerk had responded to Mrs Nicholl’s pointing out that Buckland Brewer had a policy of not commenting on turbine applications in other parishes and that it had no rights in law to seek community benefits if they did not constitute part of the planning application. Jim Lowe recalled having a lengthy discussion on the telephone with Sally but could not recall having seen her first letter. It was unanimously agreed that any letters submitted to members of the Parish Council should be brought to the Council’s attention.

1140 Accounts

i) Bank balances:

• Parish Council Current Account was £3,055.46 as at 28th February 2014

• Thornhillhead Moor Account was £18,216.03 as at 19th February 2014

ii) Payments due (£1187.23)

• Parish Clerk’s salary, expenses and associated PAYE: £187.23

• Buckland Brewer Village Hall – £1,000

iii) Receipts since last meeting (£80.00):

• Archery licence: £50.00

• Contribution from Frithelstock Parish Council towards training costs: £30.00

iv) Repeal of section 150(5) of the Local Government Act 1972 (two cheque signatories).The Clerk reported that legislation requiring Parish Council expenses be paid by a cheque signed by at least two signatories was being repealed. This opened the way for the use of internet banking and other forms of transaction that were not previously possible. However, his recommendation was that it was unnecessary for Buckland Brewer to change its banking practices at this time, which worked adequately for its purposes, and this was agreed unanimously.

Dates of Next Meetings:

Monday 17th March 2014 at The Chapel – 7:30pm – Parish Support Network Sub-Committee

Wednesday 9th April 2014 at Buckland Brewer School – 8:00pm

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:42 pm

Chairman: ………………………………………………………………………. Date: …………………………………


Volunteers required, on Thornhillhead Moor, on 24th March

The Parish is responsible to Natural England for the maintenance of Thornhillhead Moor.

Weather permitting, we are planning a controlled burn off of vegetation (aka “swaling“) on the Moor next Monday (24th March 2014).  Anyone willing to help would be much welcomed as there are not many Devon Wildlife Trust volunteers this year.    If you know anyone willing to help, could you tell them as well?

The contact for further details is Claire McIntosh at Robert Hicks (claire@roberthicks.co.uk)


Pat Blosse, Clerk to Buckland Brewer Parish Council

Catsborough Cottage, Catsborough Cross, Monkleigh, Devon, EX39 5LE

Telephone: 01805 624832


Parish Council support network sub-committee Monday 17 March 2014

In view of the proposed cuts by Devon County Council to community, social and support services, the Parish Council has agreed to set up a sub-committee to look at ways and means of supporting existing voluntary groups within the parish, or whether there is a call to facilitate any further practical support.

The meeting will take place in the Chapel School Room at 7.30pm on Monday 17 March



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Parish council minutes 12 February 2014

Meeting of Buckland Brewer Parish Council Held on Wednesday 12 February 2014 at 7:30pm at Buckland Brewer School

Draft minutes

Members Present: Mrs Barbara Babb, Mr Andrew Hewitt, Mr George Heywood, Mr David Lloyd, Mr Jim Lowe, Mr Trevor Mills, Mrs Kate Slocombe, Mrs Shirley Tilley and Mr David Watson.

Also in attendance 1 member of the public

Parish Clerk: Patrick Blosse

1095 Apologies for Absence Cllr Bob Hicks, Alison Boyle

1096 Minutes of the Meetings of 8th January 2014 and 5th February 2012 The minutes of the parish council meeting held on 8th January 2014 and the Budget Review and Finance Sub-Committee meeting of 5th February 2014 were confirmed and signed, subject to a clarification of item 1087 Members’ Reports: George Heywood to which was added “George Heywood stated that Councillor Robin Julian was wrong in his statement that farmers could do no more”.

1097 Declarations of Interest Kate Slocombe and Barbara Babb in respect of item 1102: Report of the Budget Review and Finance Sub-Committee held on 5th February 2014.

1098 Public Participation None

1099 Clerk’s Report

I. Correspondence: A summary of various items of general correspondence was supplied to each member. The following item was specifically drawn to the Council’s attention:

o Devon Countryside Access Forum, request for new members – George Heywood expressed an interest

o Village Green Winter 2013 – Jim Lowe discussed the opportunity to obtain a war memorial grant and it was agreed that a professional’s opinion would be sought to assess the extent of works needed

o DCC Highways: Response re ‘priority system’ for Tower Hill – noted that no action was possible

o DALC: Invitation to Royal Garden Party – Chairman’s name has been submitted

o DCC: Flood Clean-up and Repair Work – noted that lengthsman duties delayed

o South West Heritage Trust/North Devon Record Office – it was agreed that the Clerk would write to Cllr Julian asking why the North Devon record Office could not be affiliated. Andrew Hewitt will also ask his contacts

o Winter Friends NHS Choices campaign Newsletter – It was agreed that, in the light of all the consultations taking place about support services and inevitable cuts in these services as a result of government financial policy, the Parish Council sets up a sub-committee to look at ways and means of supporting existing groups within the parish or whether there is a call to facilitate any further practical support. The sub-committee is to comprise Barbara Babb, Andrew Hewitt, Shirley Tilley and David Watson. It was agreed to co-opt Dawn Adams. Further co-options could take place to involve other interested members of the community. The group’s first meeting will be in The Chapel at 7:30pm on Monday 17th March 2014.

o Notice of Road Closure – Babeleigh Cross to Buckland Brewer to Tuckers Park 14th April – 18th April 2014 – Western Power Network

o Notice of next Torrington Area Advisory Group – 15th April 2014, 7:00pm, Methodist Church Hall, Mill Street, Torrington

o Letter of thanks from CAB for grant payment

o Application for Hire of School Premises for 2014 – future meeting dates were confirmed and the Clerk will complete and return the form

o TDC: Empty Homes Toolkit – noted, no action required

o TDC: TAP Fund 2013/14 and approach from Langtree Parish Council for a joint application. It was agreed that Buckland Brewer would submit a TAP fund application together with Langtree. Clerk to coordinate.

o DCC: Devon Mobile Library Service – new timetables

o Linking Life in the Torridge – Parish Survey

o Jane Lowe: New Hall Update

o Invitation to join a Rural Sounding Board – Jim Lowe to follow up

o Best Kept Village Competition: Guidelines and Judging Schedule. The map provided had not been satisfactory. It was suggested that Phil Slocombe should be able to supply something more suitable.

II. Insurance: Following approval of the budget at last month’s meeting, street furniture cover has now been added to the insurance policy.

III. Future Guest Speakers: A representative from WildWestNet has agreed to attend the meeting scheduled for 9th April 2014 to present their satellite broadband services and it is hoped that a representative from Tarka Housing will attend the meeting of 12th March 2014.

1100 Consultation on the Future of Youth Services in Devon It was generally agreed that a proper youth club was needed for the village but that no-one was available to run it. There will be a forum at Caddsdown Business Support Centre 1:00-3:00pm on 9th April 2014. Jim Lowe to attend. George Heywood said that what was most needed was transportation to clubs in Bideford, Torrington and further afield.

1101 Consultation on DCC Day Services The Chairman and clerk had investigated the consultation papers provided on the internet, which were comprehensive and provided for each individual day centre. It was agreed that no comments would be submitted at this stage.

1102 Report of the Budget Review and Finance Sub-Committee held on 5th February 2014

The meeting had discussed a land valuation report that had recently been received and rent reviews for the fields and allotments. The report identified approximately 20 acres of land in the Parish Council’s ownership, most of which was used for permanent pasture, with a total value of about £165,000. The Chairman and the Clerk had attended a briefing meeting with the Parish Council’s land agent prior to the meeting and had been told that three of the rental agreements were now below the market rate and ought to be increased. It was proposed by the sub-committee that the following tenant’s rents should be increased appropriately and that the clerk should write to them seeking increases of approximately 25% to take effect on or after 25th March 2015:

Mr B Chapple

Mr F Babb

Mr P Bromell

It was further proposed that all other field rents would remain unchanged until the next rent review, which would take place in 2016/17 in preparation for any rent changes to take place from 25th March 2018. It was also proposed that the Clerk should write to all tenants to inform them that the rent review has taken place and when the next review is planned. These recommendations were proposed by Jim Lowe, seconded by Shirley Tilley and agreed unanimously.

Draft letters had been prepared but the advice of the land agent was that these did not meet the requirements of a formal rent review and that approaches should be made in person initially to negotiate the increases. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact the tenants

The land agents fee for carrying out the valuation was £300.00 + VAT

1103 Renting of Football Pitch June Gaydon is away on holiday for a number of weeks but she has agreed to the terms of the licence and arrangements have been made for her to sign it on 24th February 2014. George Heywood asked about income for the grass and it was agreed that this would be advertised in Village Scene. Jim Lowe has not yet obtained the keys for the pavilion.

1104 Thornhillhead Communications Mast – Response to Arqiva On the advice of Geoffrey Cox, MP, it was agreed that Arqiva’s offer of £1,000 as a one-off payment should be accepted, without obligation, and that the letter previously drafted by the Clerk should be sent subject to adding an opportunity to renegotiate the rent for “any future upgrades, such as the provision of 4G”. It was also agreed that Andrew Hewitt would obtain pictures of the mast as it is currently configured so that any future changes can be noted.

1105 Thornhillhead Moor An email had been received from Claire McIntosh. Mrs Holt was pleased to accept some spare trees to plant on their bank and 6 would be provided when the fence is complete. There is also quite a significant fly-tipping problem up there, which will have to be sorted out once the fencing is complete and it is clear how much funds are available. Claire had written a letter to the County Solicitor for advice on what the signs should say so as to not increase the Parish Councils liability should there be an accident.

1106 Summer Bus Service An invoice and breakdown of the service costs and usage had been received on 12th February 2014. The Clerk is to write to the other 3 parishes to confirm that they are willing to continue the service next year.

1107 Tower Hill/Glen Bridge A response had been received from Ian Rawle, Neighbourhood Highway Officer stating that priority points could cause confusion and complaints and that this site could not be recommended on safety grounds. A reply from Julie Pepworth regarding Glen Bridge also indicates that it is unlikely that a weight limit can be imposed.

1108 Village Green The School and Jim Lowe have planted poppies in readiness for planting out on the village green later in the year and Jim Lowe asked others to the same. Andrew Hewitt suggested that shrubs might be suitable than another tree and this was agreed unanimously.

1109 Village Library Shirley Tilley has been offered some shelving, which she hopes the church will be willing to put up. Pat Blosse, in his capacity as a bookdealer, is willing to keep the shelves stocked with books that could be borrowed by parishioners with an honesty box for small donations to church or village funds. It was agreed to proceed with the scheme and the Clerk will write to the PCC outlining the scheme and asking permission to erect the shelves.

1110 Pannier Market Hopper Bus Shirley Tilley distributed flyers outlining the Pannier Market Hopper Bus Service and suggested that the scheme might be extended to take in Buckland Brewer and other outlying villages. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to Torridge Community Transport suggesting such a scheme.

1111 School Bus to Torrington Nothing to report

1112 Torrington Hospital Andrew Hewitt gave a resume of the work continuing on the consultation about the future of the hospital and the Care Closer to Home scheme. There were no new developments to report.

1113 Snow Warden Update George Heywood reported that the extra salt has arrived.

1114 Annual Parish Meeting: Torridge District Council Leader The Chairman reported that Cllr. Philip Collins, the Leader of Torridge District Council, had agreed to attend as guest speaker at this year’s Annual Parish meeting on 28th May 2014. He would like notice of about 4 questions so that he can prepare suitable responses.

1115 Members’ Reports

Andrew Hewitt reported that the Orleigh Hill drains had been cleared but then the hedges had been cut and the drains were blocked again. He asked if the timing of the cuts could be discussed with DCC. George Heywood pointed out that the hedge-cutting is done by contractors and that timings are subject to weather conditions. The item was noted.

George Heywood George pointed out that the Council was earning no income from Thornhillhead Moor and that the sale of some or all of the land would raise funds for the parish. – noted.

Jim Lowe reported that i) Glen Bridge was approved for a weight limit of 40 tons and that it was highly unlikely that the County would pursue a traffic order for any change, especially as this could cost £3,000, ii) he had responded to the Devon Waste Plan consultation mentioning biodegradable landfill and the use of waste to generate energy, iii) a response had also been sent on the Public Transport consultation on each of the 4 points highlighted and iv) that the plans to extend high speed broadband were continuing but that it was unclear whether Buckland Brewer would benefit.

Trevor Mills pointed out that the leaves at Glen Hill had now been removed.

Kate Slocombe i) reported that a street light was out in Barton Road. Jim Lowe will notify DCC, ii) and that her husband had dug out the drain on Gorwood Road (Buckland side of Jewels Cottage at the bottom of Friends Hill)

Shirley Tilley i) highlighted the dangers of cars dropping-off and collecting children from the playschool and ii) reported a scam concerning phone numbers staring 0809, 0284 and 0876 which, if responded to, could cost £1,500 a minute.

1116 Planning


i) Devon County Council Planning Application at North Hele, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LZ Planning Reference DCC/3618/2014 – Demolition of circular slurry store and replacement with below ground slurry store, extensions to agricultural buildings and installation of new residential sewage treatment plant – noted

ii) 1/1125/2013/FUL: Variation of conditions 2 & 14 of planning application 1/0504/2012/FUL to allow change in power output from 50kW to 100kW (Height to blade tip 39.997m) at Craneham Farm, Buckland Brewer, Devon. The Council had previously objected to this application on the grounds that a dwelling was within 600m. Following consultation by email a response had already been made to restate the Council’s objection and to point out that the nearby residents would be even more adversely affected.

iii) 1/0736/2013/FUL – 2 small wind turbines at Mambury Farm, East Putford – no comment as outside the parish

iv) 1/1151/2013/FUL – Beeches Farm, Buckland Brewer, single storey conservatory extension – supported

The Chairman pointed out that some responses had been submitted to Torridge Planning department showing that the Parish Council had “no objection” but that an earlier minute of the council had agreed that all responses would be given as a positive ‘support’ or ‘objection’ as the term “no objection” implied some ambivalence and the members would prefer to be seen to be supportive where appropriate.

1117 Accounts

i) DALC Finance update – Local Government Finance Settlement – the Clerk pointed out that there was no risk that capping or referenda would be applied to parish councils’ council tax decisions in the current year but these might be considered for the largest local councils in 2015/16. It was unlikely that such conditions would be applied to small parishes in the foreseeable future.

ii) Bank balances:

• Parish Council Current Account was £3,337.88 as at 31st January 2014

• Thornhillhead Moor Account £18,724.59 as at 19th December 2013

iii) Payments due (£615.78 + VAT):

• Parish Clerk’s salary, expenses and associated PAYE: £206.33 (including £30 for a filing cabinet)

• Buckland Brewer Village Hall: £7.00

• Robert H Hicks – Land valuation report: £300.00 + VAT

• Summer Bus Service: £102.45

iv) Receipts since last meeting (£40.00):

• Field rents: £40.00

v) Transfer Between Funds Members agreed a transfer of £250.00 from the Thornhillhead Moor account to the Parish Council’s general account to cover the cost of the Parish Clerk for the year 2013/14, being 2 hours per month plus a sum of about £30 towards office expenses and mileage costs.

Dates of Next Meetings:

Wednesday 12th March 2014 at Buckland Brewer School – 7:30pm

Monday 17th March 2014 at The Chapel – 7:30pm – Parish Support Network Sub-Committee

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:41 pm

Village Hall Committee minutes 15 January 2014

Minutes of the meeting on 15 January 2014

Present: Trevor Mills (Chair), Jim Lowe, Jane Lowe, David Watson, Dawn Dziurzynski, Steve Harding, Kevin Lobb, Alan Sutton, Tom Lloyd, Jo Birch, George Tilley and Shirley Tilley

1) Apologies: Alex Dziurzynski

2) Minutes of the Last Meeting 27th November 2013: Agreed and signed off.

3) Matters Arising:

a) The Inventory of Village Hall items kept outside of the Hall will be passed onto Dawn – Dave Watson still needs to ensure this will take place

b) Jane Lowe will also send a copy of the list of key holders to Dawn

c) Jane reminded the Minute Secretary to ensure that the draft minutes are circulated as soon as possible after the meeting to ensure that any necessary actions can take place. Dave Watson to ensure this is done

d) Jane Lowe stated that the lack of minutes meant that the planned Fun Raising Quiz Evening on Saturday 8 February had to be postponed until Saturday 15 March. Jane & Jim Lowe and the Entertainment Sub-Group will make arrangements for this event.

e) Jane Lowe will take charge of the arranging of the Budget Sub-Group Meeting which was arranged for Thursday 23 Jan 2014 at 7.30pm.

f) The Cleaners contract needs to be undertaken as soon as possible – Steve Harding will arrange this. The issue of the Cleaners pay & conditions will be considered at the Budget Sub-Group Meeting.

g) The issue of the rep for the Youth Farmers was clarified – Tom Lloyd will continue as the sole rep. Tom Lloyd will ask Sophie Grills is she wished to be a trustee in her own right.

4) Co-option of Trustee:

Jane Lowe has been in discussion with Paul Brown, who has expressed a wish to become a trustee. Jane Lowe nominated this co-option which was seconded by Shirley Tilley – All agreed to Paul Brown being co-opted as a Trustee. Jane Lowe will have further discussions with Paul Brown & to ask him to sign the Trustee Book, which she will ‘look after’.

5) Correspondence:

a) Steve Harding responded to the email from Laura Odell, Chair of Buckland Brewer Under Fives and a further correspondence was passed to Jane Lowe.

6) Treasurers Report:

Existing Hall

a)- Bi monthly bills are now being issued.

b)- The Performing Rights Society Licence has been paid – £135

c)- Kevin Lobb has contacted Allied Westminster for a quote for the Village Hall Insurance. The quote was for £414.38 for the same cover plus cash being held at Trustee’s homes. This compared to a quote from the previous supplier of £716.86.

d)- The new EON electric tariff has started & initial bills indicate a saving of at least 1/3.

e)- Jane Lowe had circulated an email in December regarding a donation towards the retirement of Fred & Barbara Babb. There had not been any objections raised & therefore a donation of £50 had been made from Village Hall Funds.

f)- A bill for £24.10 had been paid to Bridgemans for a gas bottle.

g)- There was an outstanding bill of £195.60 that had been received in December from Ray Hoyle, which Kevin needed authorisation to pay. Trevor Mills indicated that this was in relations to water coming into the Skittle Alley which had needed to be fixed. All agreed that Kevin Lobb should be authorised to pay this bill.

New Village Hall

f)- The Christmas Market profit was £811.09 which included a payment of £29 for leftover books from the Book Stall from a local bookseller.

g)- A Donation of £30 has been made towards the Children’s Hospice in respect of borrowing a marquee from Alana Smith & family.


Lloyds TSB – Current a/c – £1 468.74

Lloyds TSB – Deposit a/c – £2 907.89

New Village Hall – Lloyds Deposit a/c £34 499.64

Total £38,876.27

7) Fund Raising & Future Events:

a)- The Women’s Institute Fundraising Event for the Village Hall involving Tony Beard will take place on Friday 11 April. This is being arranged by the Buckland Brewer WI.

b)- It was suggested that if any Trustees have any ideas for future events then for these to be passed onto Dawn or any other members of the Entertainment Sub-Group for discussion. The Entertainment Sub-Group will meet on Monday 10 February at 7pm at Dawn’s home.

c)- The Rosemoor Event will possibly take place on Friday 22 August. Suggestions of the entertainment will be discussed at the Entertainment Meeting.

d)- Another suggestion was for a Games Evening to be held as a Fundraising Event.

e)- The Fete Meetings will now be regularly held on the 4th Wednesday of the month starting in February to avoid any clashes with the Village Hall Meetings.

8) Signing of Hall User Contracts:

Dawn Dziurzynski informed the meeting that some affiliates have not signed the User Contracts – Parish Church, Skittles, Playing Field, Parish Council & School. These were given to various trustees to be passed to the relevant organisations for signing & return to Dawn.

9) Arrangements for Village Hall –Keys & Gas Bottle Monitoring:

a)- David Lloyd still holds the key for the Gas Bottle Cage – Jane Lowe will talk to David Lloyd regarding whether he is still willing to monitor the gas supply.

b)- Jane Lowe has collected the spare Village Hall key from Babb’s. It was felt that this key will not be passed to The Community Shop to hold.

c)- Arrangements for elections held in the Village Hall will be made with Torridge District Council prior to the event.

10) Any other Business:

a)- There was some discussions on the planned ‘Race Night’ planned in the Village Hall by the Playing Field Association. There are strict rules in place for such events because of the Gambling Laws and because of this additional paperwork was required to be completed by the Playing Field Association. Alan Sutton will deal with this issue.

Shirley Tilley expressed some dismay that this event that she originally suggested for the Village Hall, but not proceeded with due to the legal requirements, had now been put into action by the Playing Field Association.

b)- The Meeting was made aware of the Launch by Pearces of the Hillpark Development on Saturday 1 February at 10am at Atlantic Village, Bideford.

11) Update on New Parish Community Hall:

This report by Jane Lowe & following discussion was wide ranging & included agenda items on Trustees & Affiliate Organisations, Budget making & running of the present hall.

There have been ongoing discussions between Jane Lowe, Project Manager & Community Council of Devon regarding the Hallmark certification process & any application for the Big Lottery. As a result of this Jane felt that there needed to be fairly radical changes in the running of the present hall to show to the Big Lottery that we as Trustees have the skills and business ability to successfully run a Community Hall. There will need to be a change in the relationship between the Trustees & the present affiliate organisations. The forthcoming Budget Meeting will need to look at the level of hall charges and all costings to enable a sustainable budget to be put in place. That these changes will include the detailed plans for the new Community Hall and its running. That these changes will need to be in place for any chance of a suitable application for the Big Lottery.

Jane gave the Meeting 3 different options regarding the New Community Hall – To proceed with the Big Lottery Grant application; To look at alternative funding for the Hall or to abandon the project and to continue with the present hall.

After a lot of discussion all Trustees agreed to proceed with the Big Lottery Grant application.

Further discussions will take place in future Meetings. It was suggested that Trustees considered the Current Policies & Procedures and what needs to change or be adapted to improve them.

At some stage there will need for more detailed discussions with the affiliate organisations and the community, which could include future Open Meetings. Jane offered to attend meetings with Community organisations in the future to have this discussion.

The Budget Sub-Group will look at all costings & charges relating to the present hall.

There will be ongoing discussions by Jane Lowe with the Community Council of Devon regarding the Hallmark process. Jane will also begin to have discussions with the architect regarding possible simplication of the Community Hall design.

The Meeting finished at 10.25pm


DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 19 February 2014 at 8pm

Signed…………………………………………… Date………………………..