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Village hall survey February 2015

The Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee/Trustees need up to date information on how you use the existing hall, and how you would use a new one – we want to hear how much you need it.

Please would you spare five minutes (honestly, no more) to complete the tick-sheet questionnaire that’s coming through your letter box in the next two weeks. It will be collected after a few days, or you have the option of leaving it outside your house (a collection day will be given on the form).

If you have any ideas about new clubs you may want to set up, or “hall-based” activities you would like to see that are not on offer at the moment (maybe you would like to have a go at organising it), now is your chance.

Thank you for your contribution.

The Village Hall Committee.

4 February 2015

Village Hall committee minutes 17 September 2014

Minutes of the meeting held on 17 September 2014

Present: Trevor Mills (Chair), Jane Lowe, Jim Lowe, David Watson, Steve Harding, Catherine Fry, Dawn Dziurzynski, Alex Dziurzynski, Sophie Grills, Kevin Lobb, Tom Lloyd, Barbara Babb, Alan Sutton.

i. Apologies: George Tilley, Shirley Tilley.

ii.  Subject to the deletion minute silence, the minutes of the meeting held on 20 August 2014 were agreed as a correct record.

iii. Matters arising not otherwise on the agenda:  A free Wi-Fi hot spot would cost £300. It was agreed not to proceed at this point in time.  The History group may need to re-scan some of the pictures.

iv. Correspondence:  Dawn had received a letter regarding licensing changes. Jane agreed to check out the implications (Action: Jane).

v. Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer had provided a statement of the financial position as at the end of August and the comparable figures for the previous financial year. The comparisons showed:
The statement was the provisional out-turn for the year. With the exception of one small amount outstanding, all hire fees have been paid. A loss of £1,640.61 has been made.
Payments for the deep clean, heater repairs and painting have been made.  £1,017.80 has been received from the Rosemoor event.
Details of other receipts and payments were given. The only outstanding invoice is the water for August.
The contract for electricity is due for renewal. The wording of the Trust Deed is causing difficulties in obtaining Gift Aid approval.

Current balances stand at £4,103.09 for the village hall and £36,496.53 for the New Village Hall Fund.

The committee agreed that Alan Saunders be appointed to audit the accounts for a fee of £30, which will be paid to a charity of his choice.

vi. New Community Hall

A grant application to Torridge is being considered on 22 September. Our local councillor is to be asked to support our application (Action: Trevor).

At the Hallmark examination it was suggested that the Parish Council should contribute to the cost of running the hall. A request for support will be made (Action: Jane). It was also suggested that the Hallmark award could be used to obtain a discount on insurance premiums.

The architect for the new hall is to be contacted re obtaining plans for an application for planning permission for the current hall before disposal (Action: Jane).

vii. Hallmark

It was agreed that we should attend the conference to collect our award.

viii. Fundraising & future events

Sales for the Carole Ray evening are slow.

18 October is cheese and wine-tasting. A licence will be obtained. It was agreed to trial making and additional charge for tickets bought ‘at the door’

Jim and Jane are running a village quiz at the Coach and Horses on 1 November. The funds raised will be given to the Air Ambulance &Bloodbikes in lieu of a contribution from the village hall.

22 November – Baroque Music Unravelled; charge £10.

Xmas market is on 6 December – A licence is to be obtained (Action Jane).

There was a wide ranging discussion on ideas for future events for next year including:

Big All & Wild Strawberries
A Brunch on 1 March
Pasty & Pub walk on part of the village boundary
Valentines event on 13/14 February – no food
Plant sale on 16/17 May + Safari Lunch
Village Fete – 11 July

ix. Any other business

The paint currently stored by Sophie needs to be relocated.

The keysafe needs to be moved as it is too high.

The cleaning list needs to be revised.

The purchase of an additional kettle was agreed
Date of next meeting: 15October @7.45 p.m.

The meeting closed at 9.58 p.m.

Village hall AGM minutes 21 November 2013


Minutes of the Buckland Brewer Village Hall Annual General Meeting Held on Wednesday 21ST November 2012 in the Village Hall 7.45 p.m.

Present – Trevor Mills, Jane Lowe , Jim Lowe ,David Watson, Steve Harding; David Lloyd, Margaret Lloyd, Jo Birch,  Alan Sutton, Frank Watson, Derek Ellis; Kevin Lobb; John Bridge; Tom Lloyd (yet to be elected) & 2 members of the public.

1)                  Apologies –Dawn Dziurzinski, George Tilley; Shirley Tilley; Lyn Layton (resigned)

2)                  Ratification of Minutes of last AGM meeting 23rd November 2011 – proposed David Lloyd, seconded Jim Lowe, agreed all, and signed

3)                  Matters Arising. None which would not be covered within this agenda elsewhere.

4)                  Chairman’s Report – thanks to all officers, specifically Jane, Kevin, Dawn but also to all trustees. Next 12 months will be extremely busy maintaining the momentum recently generated by increased activity of the new community hall sub-committee.

5)                  Treasurers Report.

Existing Hall. This year see a loss £4181.06, mainly attributable to CapEx (purchase of the chairs)£3801.90, but also maintenance £1774.76 & decreased electric meter usage which will be addressed within the business of the forthcoming meeting.

Questions? – none

New Community Hall. Loss of £7410.25 includes expenditure on architects £10503.60.Profit excluding this is £3093.35.Specific income from Xmas Market 2011 £370, Picnic Prom £710, Rosemoor share £721 & theatre (Salty Socks) £106. Cinema made a loss of £30 and this activity has been curtailed. Interest on funds received £339.99 (up £300 following Principality investment). PRS license outgoing has doubled to £133.

Questions? – none

6)                  New Community Hall Annual Report. Advised as ongoing and will be covered in greater detail at the forthcoming committee meeting. Planning permission still awaited, deadline from TDC is today.

7)                  Appointments. Football Club is not to be represented this year  (exchanges of mail between Jane & FC members confirm this – see also minutes of previous committee meetings). Changes since last AGM– Gardening Club is now represented by Steve Harding. Derek expressed concern there is still no representative for the school. Jane advised that having written as instructed after last AGM (no response) full publication of requirements had been made public and a degree of responsibility had to rest with organisations themselves. David agreed he would speak with Ruth to ascertain whether they wanted a place on committee as trustee. Jane advised the situation was that the trust deed allowed for 18 places plus a treasurer and secretary. Assuming all re-elected maintaining status quo, places remained for 1 affiliate plus 2 casual vacancies (Trevor advised these are regarded as co-options). No one from the public present offered their services. Tom Lloyd advised he was to replace Michael Martin as trustee/representative for Young Farmers, having been issued by the secretary in advance with a copy of the trust deed and advised of his responsibilities.

All other organisations were agreed en bloc by all those present, proposed Jane Lowe, seconded Margaret Lloyd as follows:-.

a)                  Representatives of Village Organisations:-

Bowls – George Tilley                          Young Farmers – Tom Lloyd

Parish Council – David Lloyd            Skittles – Frank Watson

WI – Margaret Lloyd                          Football Club – not to be represented

Church – Margaret Lloyd                   School – t.b.c.

Chapel – David Watson                      Playing Field – t.b.c.

Pre-school – Jo Birch                          Gardening Club – Steve Harding


b)                  Jane advised that with Lyn’s resignation a co-opted place became free. Jim wished to affirm a place as trustee in his own right in order to serve regards the new hall, rather than at the behest of an affiliate. Assurance given that Playing Field Assn has an AGM forthcoming within the next week when they could seek to replace Jim very quickly should they choose. Agreed to appoint Jim as follows –proposed Trevor, seconded David (Lloyd).

Remaining Elected Members – proposed David Watson, seconded Jo Birch

John Bridge                                                     Alan Sutton

Dawn Dziurzynski                                          Shirley Tilley

Derrick Ellis                                                    Trevor Mills

Jane Lowe

Jim Lowe

Kevin Lobb


In accordance with trust deed requirements, all present signed to confirm their agreement to responsibilities & duties.

c)                   Officers would be elected at the Management Committee meeting to follow


Trevor asked if there were any comments prior to closing the meeting (there is no set agenda item AOB).John (Br) asked for it to be placed on record that there remained concern that the Football Club was not represented. No other comments.


The AGM closed at 8.00 p.m.




Signed……………………………………………………………  Date……………………………………….


Village hall committee minutes 17 July 2013


Minutes of the Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee Meeting Held on 17th July 2013 at 8.00 p.m.

Present: Trevor Mills (Chair), Jane & Jim Lowe, David Watson, Dawn Dziurzynski, Steve Harding, Margaret and David Lloyd, Kevin Lobb, Jo Birch

1) Apologies: George Tilley, Shirley Tilley, Frank Watson, John Bridge, Alan Sutton

2) Minutes of the Last Meeting 26th June 2013: Agreed and signed off, also for the website.

3) Matters Arising: Trevor – inventory of VH stock held at Bearah remains outstanding; OUTSTANDING ACTION to be addressed urgently for insurance & inventory purposes

Jane – all actions listed have been completed;

David L – there is now a gas safety certificate which must be renewed annually and all outstanding gas supply-related problems have been resolved e.g. new flexible, regulator, change-over valve; David has agreed to continue to monitor gas supply weekly. ACTION David L will write an “idiot guide” for use by others. Key will be kept in the electric box in the kitchen, ACTION David Blight (Gus) to provide a duplicate. Cost £240.ACTION Jane/secretary to retain certificate for scanning & then display.

Young Farmers have not yet returned tea-towels (retained after their event last month) – ACTION Jane to text Tom and ask him to get these returned.

It was not possible to start new hall building bricks at the fete as there was a blanket instruction to all associations not to sell to promote their enterprise.

Jim asked again about a possible donation from fete committee to help with Playing Fields essential running costs (appx £1500 p.a. for essentials, grass & mandatory hedge cutting, insurance for the public to use) – David advised he would ensure this was discussed at the fete committee/WIP.

Margaret has made new tablecloths (thanks to Margaret) – Treasurer will reimburse costs.

4) Correspondence:

i) Payment of £49 mailed to secretary from YFC – passed to Treasurer

ii) Letter from Gates CDM/Lynn Brooks with invoice £909.60 – passed to Treasurer

iii) E-Mail – hard copy from Gates re tender – who and deadline date of 30th August (originally 17th but Pearce advised this was not realistic).ACTION – Jane to check “next steps” with Gates

iv) Letter from Community Council of Devon advising of annual conference Thursday 12th Sept. Jane asked whether anyone was keen to attend .Headline contents shared – agreed that this was not a priority this time although Jane will send details if anyone feels they would like to go – £40 per head for members.

5) Treasurers Report:

Insurances – Kevin has quote to cover £10k + £1k audio equipment outside – ACTION Kevin to update the audio figure to £2k proposed Jim, seconded David L, unanimous.

ACTION Jane – to write to Skittles, Bowls, Pre-School re trophies & equipment to remind their possessions are not insured by Village Hall and that they should ensure they have adequate insurance for these items.-proposed Jim, seconded David L, unanimous.

Existing insurance allows for trustee liability up to £250. Jane suggested that we have to face the reality that defalcation or error at any level could occur (agreed Steve) especially once we have responsibility for significant sums of cash for payment for new hall. We are accountable for all money under the S106 and grant issuers will probably request evidence that their money has been used for purpose specified. ACTION Kevin/Treasurer to increase trustee liability cover to £1M when next insurance is due in 2014. – proposed Jane, seconded Jim, unanimous.

Comments re Young Farmers, now resolved

Nicky’s (cleaner) PAYE discussed – pre-circulated document (details trawled from .Gov website) from Jane suggests that VH should be treating this payment as employee/taxable. ACTION David L to speak to tax office describing (at this stage unnamed non-specific) scenario to ascertain what should be done.

Skittles have paid £155

New Hall – £130 Bonus Ball received.

Final bills will be issued

Balances –

Lloyds TSB

Current a/c – £2,558.46 Deposit a/c £2,907.175 New Village Hall £9,312.65

Principality £30,787.86 Total £45,566.14

6) Update on New Community Hall

Jane advised she had recently had 2 lengthy discussion recently with Gates to finalise details and tenders were now issued – Pearce, Midas, & Devon Contractors (Morgan Sindall, Interserve, & Pollards declined to price).

Deadline to be 30th August. She had corresponded with/reminded Parish Council of need to nominate a solicitor for land transfer to ensure we could get this ball rolling (funding applications would need to confirm we had a right to land and funds under S106).The S106 had taken an inordinate amount of time to be signed off by Torridge – issues re payment for Torridge services & minor details raised by agent for one of the land vendors.

It was agreed by the committee that the time had come to ensure that the parish was as much “in the know” as possible as there now seemed to be something concrete to report. ACTION Jane to compile a report to date and place in public domain areas e.g. Village Scene, notice board, parish website etc.

7) Insurances – see Treasurers report item 5.

8) Fund Raising events

i) Rosemoor – Trevor advised potential concern (raised by little Torrington) about lack of sales to date. Discussed & agreed by all present that cancellation was unthinkable – all hoped for a profit, albeit small, but breaking even or even incurring a loss was always a risk we agreed to accept when we undertook such ventures. Jobs were assigned to individuals. A request for draw prizes from affiliates was requested.

ii) Alex Knight Duo – first meeting had gone ahead. Dawn advised based on the assumption of sale of 50 seats, tickets would be £10.Food to be cottage pie & French bread – makers agreed to be Shirley, Dawn Margaret & Jane (veg option).Brenda will be asked to help with production of ticketing & advertising literature. Jane has produced posters (copy agreed by those who met recently) with a copy having been sent to Alex. Jane will ensure advertising is placed in local mags (e.g. Bideford Buzz, Torrington crier) & ND Journal. School have offered help with production of A3s in colour + lamination – we will offer a donation towards cost nevertheless. ACTION Jane to send copy of black & white posters to Brenda for “bulk” production. Jane has contacted Alex for any “on the night” requirements re staging. Bar on the night to be David(Gus) supported by Trevor & George. Confirmed rate – £300 (+ £50 travel if audience exceeded 50.)Kevin has agreed to do the door. Further meeting scheduled early September, reminder to be circulated, all helpers welcome.

iii) Johnny Kingdom – “back burnered” at the moment but no issues identified – will be discussed in detail in September.

iv) Xmas Market – Jim has placed an ad in Village Scene to book tables.He is seeking innovative subscribers e.g. beekeeping and ideas are requested from all trustees.ACTION Trevor to find a beekeeper number from his contacts for Jim.

v) Fiona from Beaford Arts wants to present a one-week creativity workshop within the village with an entertainment at the end, sometime towards the end of November.No date settled, Dawn is principle point of contact – more information to follow.

vi) Jane advised she had written another Virtual Treasure Hunt which would be on offer as a low-cost event for the future. We would possible seek to produce a quiz in spring 2014.

vii) Rosemoor 2014 – Trevor suggested that perhaps Emily Wright could be persuaded to keep her promise to come back as the 2014 act.

viii) Dawn has become aware of a good Country & Western act which we have not had locally for some years – she will pursue & share details

9) AOB:

David W –one of the outside drains is silted up again – he has cleared out a load of dirt from it.ACTION – Jim to contact Ray Hoyles to investigate & report.

Dawn requests that all affiliates let her know when they are not using the hall where it was pre-booked.

A query raised re new hire agreements – are they needed as representatives/trustees change. Not needed – it is the association that is contracted, not the representative/trustee.

A new agreement will be needed for pre-school as they extend facilities.

Jane asked whether Dawn now needed support/back-up especially during her own holidays. Dawn advised that at this stage it was not needed, but as the new hall comes into use with multiple areas & further users e.g. school, this will become possibly a full-time job linked to other responsibilities i.e. a paid manager will be needed.

Dawn asked when Skittles were starting and stopping –ACTION David W to check & advise Dawn.


Provisionally Tuesday 10th September (see Item 4iii), possibly in addition to 25th Sept. at 8.00 p.m. & 16th October. AGM & subsequent meeting already scheduled to be 20th November. The meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.

Signed…………………………………………… Date………………………..











On Saturday 16th November enjoy a night out in the village:


On Saturday 16th November enjoy a night out in the village when:





STARTS 7.30 P.M. – DOORS OPEN 7.00P.M.




On Saturday 21st September, enjoy an evening out in the village.


The MAGIC of the 2 GUITARS OF Alex Knight & Chris Glassfield

Classical, Baroque, Latin, World and Modern music through the romance and magic of two guitars


Advance Booking only please on 01237 451822





 Proceeds towards Buckland Brewer New Community Hall

An Urgent Notice from the Village Hall.

Have you some time to spare, most months, to help your community?

Can you make accurate minutes, keep records and write letters?

Do you have organisational and computer skills?

Do you have a little working knowledge on, or want to learn about, how to run a community premises?

The Village Hall needs you URGENTLY – it will need a new secretary from this year’s AGM which will take place on 20th November.

For MORE INFORMATION and DETAILS of what’s involved, PLEASE contact me on  (01237) 451193.

Thanks, Jane Lowe.






An update on the new community hall: 5th August 2013


Over the last year the committee has battled to ensure that both detailed planning permission and the S106 have been signed off. It may appear nothing has been going on, but we assure you this is not the case.

We are pleased to inform you all that this has now been secured. To remind those who may have forgotten, the S106 is the document whereby the community benefits from a donation of land and funding from developers Pearce under certain circumstances. Once Pearce have sold 20 houses, they are obliged to give the community £325,000 towards the new hall. There is also an offer to the community for sale of a specific area of land for the nominal sum of £1.

The wording of the S106 offers all this to the parish council (not direct to village hall) with the specific intent of ensuring this is enacted. The village hall committee has entered into negotiation and correspondence with the parish council, the end result being that parish council has confirmed in writing to village hall that they will sell on the land to the village hall trustees for the same nominal price, the funds will be transferred direct to the village hall trustees immediately upon receipt by the parish council, and village hall will pay all reasonable legal costs incurred in the sale/transfer of the land. It is important for the community to understand that any unspent portion of the £325,000 must be returned to Pearce after 10 years , so we must get cracking and spend it. You will also see reference to this in the parish council “Gleanings” and on the parish website.

During this time the village hall committee has registered as a member of the Community Council of Devon, who advise and counsel all matters village hall, and have engaged essential qualified professionals. One is a Health & Safety expert who will ensure that whichever building contractor is engaged, all legal matters Health and Safety are enforced on site – the village hall trustees are each personally liable in this respect, hence the need. We also now have a qualified Employers Agent, in this case a firm of surveyors, who will interface with the builders in terms of building quality and instructions on behalf of the committee – the committee has appointed a dedicated spokesperson from amongst our numbers who will instruct the Employers Agent.

The Employers Agent is currently requesting tenders from 3 approved builders – once this has been received by the village hall committee, a builder for the new hall can be appointed.

We have been rather confounded in terms of funding applications because of the painfully slow progress of the planning permission & S106 – we need this together with the tenders as a basic minimum to apply for funding. We have many irons in fires but have been hamstrung until now in this respect. We expect to need to raise approximately £350,000 in addition to the S106 funds although this will become clearer once we have the tenders.

We have also started to meet more frequently as things hot up.

Many have looked at our bank balance wondering why perhaps we needed so much money – we can only say at this time the significant bank balance held will cover our professional fees and not much else, so we will be unashamedly continuing to raise funds with the intent of giving this community a hall fit for the 21st century. If anyone at any time wants to offer their services to us, they would be most welcome – just contact me for more information or a chat.

We will keep you posted and hope that you will continue to support us.

Jane Lowe

Secretary, Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee 2nd July 2013

Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee: Minutes of the meeting on 26th June 2013


Minutes of the Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee Meeting held on 26th June 2013 at 8.00 p.m.

Present: Trevor Mills (Chair), Jane & Jim Lowe, George and Shirley Tilley, David Watson, Dawn Dziurzynski, Steve Harding, John Bridge, Margaret and David Lloyd, Kevin Lobb, Jo Birch, Alan Sutton

1) Apologies: Derrick Ellis, Tom Lloyd, Frank Watson

2) Minutes of the Last Meeting 15th May 2013: Agreed and signed off, also for the website.

3) Matters Arising: i)Jane has put up the required checklist; ii) Trevor has purchased paint – Jo informed all this was a job for the holidays; iii) Re Healthwatch seminar, attended for BBVH by Jane & Jim – Jane commented this has appearance of a Quango and she & Jim left at half time along with many other attendees. Jane advised if any member/s of committee wanted more or specific information she would give this but the content was nebulous and certainly of no value to Village Hall; iv)Jane confirmed we are now enrolled in the revised Community Council of Devon (CCD) ;v) Kevin has some insurance figures – see Item 7); vi) Jane has applied for further funds to Bideford Bridge Trust – no response expected before early September; vii) Jane has engaged acts – see Item 8;viii) along with apologies Frank has requested to remind Trevor of the outstanding inventory for insurance purposes – ACTION Trevor to mail Frank with village hall items stored at Bearah

4) Correspondence:

i) E-mail from CCD – see 3iv;

ii) e-mail from TTVS offering a paid course ( £15 per person for 3 hours) on Roles & Responsibilities of Trustees to be run by Avon & Bristol Law Centre – Jane & Jim cannot go, others asked if they would like to. Agreed all that Martin Rich had done a good job in this respect last October so a need was not identified.

iii) Exchanges of correspondence between BBVH & Parish Council – see item 6.

iv) Letter from President of YFC – read out – advising of their support for a new hall but also asking for pricing in the new venue to respect financial limitations of users – agreed all that when costing was discussed and fixed there would be no intent to “outprice” ourselves. ACTION Jane to reply

v) Letter of complaint from secretary of YFC – read out – regarding the failure of committee to provide gas supply for the cooker at a Big Breakfast event. Request was no charge for this event and a number of issues came to light as follows:

• Jim commented that users are to be regarded as customers and the hall should be fit for use on each occasion a user enters – this includes all supplies, not just gas.

• Collective responsibility needs to be adopted for the maintenance & “fit for purposeness” of day to day use of the hall – Jane commented there are 17 trustees of equal accountability, not just 3 or 4 who seem to be the same ones usually contacted for emergency/missing items regardless of time of day or night. She suggested a roster duty of responsibility for all trustees– this was rejected by committee.

• There is no current process to replenish gas which is in an unlocked cage – how both canisters came to be empty remains to be seen – a number of solutions presented themselves – but David L offered to take primary responsibility for ensuring a supply was always available. Cage is to be re-locked.This is essential as village hall is back up in the event of a general electrical failure. There is no means of checking how much gas is in canisters apart from guesswork. ACTION David L to contact David Blight & local gas supplier to establish what can be done to ensure supply. Shirley suggested users note when they have used cooker – rejected as this is not reasonable for “outside users” and as part of their contract a user is entitled to use the cooker. Agreed all this responsibility falls to trustees, no one else.

• Hygiene – comment from YFC indicates the cooker was cleaner after they left. Discussion by committee (general hygiene of kitchen, what falls within cleaners responsibilities, value received for money etc) that Nicky should be reminded of her responsibilities in this respect. ACTION Jane tasked to write to Nicky so that this is on permanent record.

• Jane enquired whether there is a complaints procedure and if not, is one needed. Responses no, yes, in that order. Complaints procedure to be carried forward for debate & agreement at another meeting. ACTION Jane to ensure this is placed on an agenda.

• Committee agreed fee for YFC to be waived & ACTION Jane to write to YFC in terms of apology, waiver of fee agreed, thanking for support and requesting their help at next Christmas Market.

• N.B. YFC have paid no fees/subs during 2013 – for minuting but not to be pointed out within body of letter above.

• Gas canister appears to have been found by YFC in the skittles alley – unclear how or why but agreed all under no circumstances should this happen again – fire risk/insurance issues.

Recorded thanks to Dawn & Leon for provision of gas to prevent further loss to village hall (possible compensation claim) – Dawn has advised they do not wish to be paid for gas used.

5) Treasurers Report:

Kevin advised £155 received from Skittles, Nicky has spent £17.03 of her petty cash;£140 now received from TDC,£35 received from Parish Council; finals still awaited on Safari Lunch/plant sale but funds will be distributed equally between VH & new VH accounts.

Kevin had asked whether Nicky’s contract reflected her self employed status as we are not paying her tax/N.I. Jane advised not but the purpose of a contract and the conditions was to carry out an annual review. Steve commented that we may no longer be able to “get away with” not paying her tax – Jane reflected that certainly other employers she knew of were no longer willing to treat regular self employed people outside their taxation schemes. ACTION Jane to investigate BBVH obligations in terms of payments of tax/NI – changes to be advised next time & should be addressed at annual contract review due at end of year.

Kevin has obtained some comparative insurance figures which indicate that we could do better elsewhere. He stated that items held elsewhere were not covered and also “mobile” items used on other premises e.g. p.a. at fete may not be covered. Frank must complete inventory – see Matters Arising- so that greater clarity can be sought – whose responsibility to insure what needs crystallising – Jo affirmed that U-5s “kit” was insured separately. This item will be carried forward to next meeting. Jane passed Kevin details of CCD , who offer significant discounts for members.

Balances –

Lloyds TSB

Current a/c – £2,699.58 Deposit a/c £2,907.05 New Village Hall £9,182.28

Principality £30,787.86

6) Update on New Community Hall

Jane advised that tender details were with our Employers Agents – she had recently requested an update but had not yet heard – no reason to suspect progress not being made, but she would chase.

Jane advised she had dialogue & e-mail exchange with Martin Rich of CCD regards the imminent re-reading of our funding application. Already £20k was lost as we could not meet timescales from TDC funders on the matched funding. Therefore this application was reduced to £20k. With regret it was agreed that BBVH could not meet the initial criterion of having 80% of its funding secured before applying to CCD – thus the application has been withdrawn permanently as the funding will be gone at the end of this financial year and July was the last hearing. Recommendation is for this shortfall to be added to any Lottery funding application.

Martin advised that CCD have specialist help if and when a Lottery application reaches stage 3 – stages 1 & 2 can be supported “off the side of a desk” within CCD but they too have to fund their own existence and specialists are hired out at £300 per day – suggested a paid package could be agreed if desired nearer the time. This help can be claimed on a Lottery application under “professional fees”. Jane advised that she would obviously carry out the “donkey work” but felt fine-tuning of an application at a later stage was essential so secure the best chance of success. Agreed in principle by this committee, any specifics to be agreed nearer the time. Jane pointed out that the withdrawn application was not a waste of time – good groundwork for future applications.

Jane advised that having had sight of the S106 at the time it was signed by Parish Council, she was a little surprised to find that the immediate beneficiary of both the land and the funds was parish council itself. Whilst there was a clear indication that the land and funds were intended for the new hall, there was no specific instruction to parish council to hand these over to the village hall trustees to be administered by them. Jane advised committee that experience taught that there could be difficulties further down the line, & she felt it incumbent upon her to act now (having consulted with Chair) to establish clarity of action and timescales. It was also essential to be able to prove to any potential funder that the applicant was indeed in possession of both land and funds they claimed to be theirs – current S106 leaves us exposed and unable to apply to funders. Upshot is that there is now a written agreement between the 2 parties (application & negotiated response) that BBVH will purchase from parish council at earliest opportunity for £1 the patch of land intended for new hall & car park, and that parish council will upon receipt of the Pearce £325k remit this for the benefit of village hall trustees for the specific use of new hall construction. Village Hall will pay reasonable legal costs incurred. Village Hall must keep parish council informed of progress & spend. N.B. there are timescales creating financial liabilities for parish council & now village hall trustees – hall must be built and all monies used within 10 years. Jane pointed out that the impact & intent was to redirect the S106 to village hall, as if parish council weren’t involved. Committee agreed that Jane to continue to instruct solicitors as soon as parish council has informed who their legal representatives will be. ACTION Jane to carry on with land acquisition & other developments re new hall.

7) Insurances – see also item 5. Jane asked whether having declined trustee liability insurance twice, committee would reconsider this opinion. Example of what could already happen was given verbally, and Steve & Jane also suggested that with the implications within S106, this left trustees vulnerable/exposed especially with the financial distribution sum & terms. The insurance is not truly understood but Jane suggested that Kevin did a little research and also speak to Martin Rich at Community Council of Devon – ACTION Kevin to bring some specifics about cover & cost to next meeting.

8) Fund Raising events

i) Rosemoor – Trevor advised he had just received a call from Emily Wright – she had a breakthrough opportunity with her band with the BBC on the same night as our event and hoped we may be able to help her with conflict of interests. Agreed all that despite contracts etc, such appearances could not be forced and no one wanted to stand in her way, especially as she had offered to cover lost costs of existing published ticketing etc., an alternative band (Moscow Drug Club) and her services at some later date at a reduced price (50%). L.Torrington (our Rosemoor partner) had already given the same view – all agreed ACTION Trevor to contact Emily & permit her band to stand down on the understanding we would have Moscow Drug Club for the same fee. All agreed she would be welcome at some stage in the future. Jim indicated he felt that asking for a gig to be performed at 50% cost was not reasonable. Shirley reminded all that affiliates were asked to donate raffle prizes ACTION all affiliates.

ii) Fete – all in hand, draw tickets still needing to be sold. Dave W advised that help on the day was still sought after & welcome. Jim commented that whilst he was not asking for any money, he asked this & the fete committees to consider they were welcome to use, and had used, the playing field for no charge, but that the annual cost of keeping the playing field in a fit condition for users (without any developments, improvement etc) was £1500 once liability insurance and grass & mandatory hedge cutting had been paid for, and that all these funds had to be raised on a voluntary basis. He advised that a small donation to reflect this would be most welcome. Noted with surprise by this committee and David W agreed that this would be debated at fete committee.

iii) Alex Knight Duo – secured at previously advised rate – £300 (+ £50 travel if audience exceeded 50) for 21st September. Jane advised this piece of work needed to start now to meet Village Scene timescales.Jane asked who would adopt responsibility for the drinks license (named party must be in attendance for duration of event) – agreed Trevor. ACTION Jane to secure TEN in Trevors name for 21st Sept. Dawn agreed to lead on acts and has agreed to host a “starter” meeting for a sub-committee – likely to be Monday July 8th at 7 p.m.– volunteers include Jane, Alan, Shirley, Brenda Mills – ACTION Dawn to confirm to committee. Slight snag is Dawn is not available on afternoon of 21st but Margaret & Jane confirmed this should be perfectly manageable.

iv) Johnny Kingdom – Jane has secured along lines advised viz £500 cash. Committee informed of risk of no paperwork but accepted by all that failure to appear could have reputational consequences. Securing of relationship can be achieved nearer date of gig. Johnny will need DVD player & screen. Existing DVD player “expired” at Christmas Market. Jane advised that her “missing letter” quiz had raised £26 after payment of the prize and she had used this to replace the DVD player for £24.99 (account presented to Kevin for examination) thus replacement DVD player has not cost village hall.

v) Xmas Market – Jim advised of concerns as manpower all day & possibly night before was needed – we struggled last year as a number of trustees did not support – and we would need to pack up quickly because of a back to back booking for the hall. All able bodies needed – commented by a few trustees that YFC could contribute significantly and Jane instructed to mention this in her letter of apology (Item 4v).All present committed to success again this year and agreed that it should proceed.

vi) Buy a Brick – Dawn asked whether the old scheme, which ceased because there appeared to be no progress, could be reinstated. Agreed all – ACTION George to reinstate. ACTION Jane to give a progress report in August Village Scene.

9) Fitness for Purpose of Hall for contracted users/trustees responsibilities

Dealt with under 4v).

10) AOB:

Dave W suggested heaters needed testing – Trevor advised electrical inspection/PAT testing due soon and they would be covered under this.

Jo informed committee that pre-school are so successful that they have been obliged to extend their hours for 2 days per week to accommodate the demand – anticipated adverse impact from Monkleigh has not happened. Tuesdays are to be kept aside to accommodate bowls matches – implications should be discussed with Keith of Bowls Club. Congratulations from all to Jo for this success.

Jim mentioned that TDC had an open meeting on 4th to discuss a wind turbine planning agreement – this turbine potentially offers the community £70k in lump sums + £2k per year ongoing primarily defined already for the benefit of the new village hall. He proposed attending and speaking in favour, especially with loss of other funding. David W asked whether the landfill could be deemed a substitute – however this is only paid at the end of a project (after the event) and their admin charges are deducted) so benefits are significantly reduced.

Kevin asked for a check on the age of the village hall building as this could affect insurance cost – assessed as circa 1903. If anyone establishes that the building is older than this to advise Kevin as a matter of urgency – ACTION responsibility all

Jane advised she had received comments at the safari lunch about the blue tablecloths which are now irretrievably stained. Margaret has offered to make some new ones to replace.

Jane advised that neither she nor Jim would be able to make committee on 18th September & asked for committee’s preference regards 2 absences or change of date. Agreed all September date put back to 25th.


17th July & 25th September all at 8.00 p.m. The meeting closed at 9.55 p.m.

Signed…………………………………………… Date………………………..