Members Present:

Mrs Barbara Babb, Mr Andrew Hewitt, Mr David Lloyd, Mr Jim Lowe, Mr Trevor Mills, Mrs Kate Slocombe Mrs Shirley Tilley. Also in attendance 3 members of the public and Parish Clerk, Patrick Blosse

959 Apologies for Absence

Mr George Heywood and Mr David Watson

960 Minutes of the Meeting of 12h June 2013

The minutes of the meeting held on 12th June 2013 were confirmed and signed.

961 Declarations of Interest

Barbara Babb in relation to item 967, the new housing development.

962 Public Participation

Alison Boyle reported that, although she was no longer a county councillor, she had been co-opted to the Atlantic Array Committee and could now devote more of her time to it. The planning inspectorate will announce that the scheme has been accepted for examination on 12th July and that there will be a 14 day consultation period. She urged members to make specific and relevant responses and offered to send links to the online consultation process via the clerk. Central government had contributed £74million to the scheme in 2012 but the subsidy was being reduced from 25% to 15%. She believed that there were so many windfarm developments being approved that it was likely that this one would also go ahead and would be the biggest in the world. Wind power currently contributes about 7% of the country’s energy needs and its maximum contribution would be about 20%. There was some discussion about the relative merits of alternative energy sources and members were generally agreed that harnessing tidal energy would be preferable. Members were concerned about the impact on the countryside of the cable access to the scheme, especially in relation to Littleham and Moorhead. David Lloyd believed that the plans would entail crossing an international conservation area.

Alison is also involved with the Fishing Liaison Action Group (FLAG) and is a governor of Bideford College

963 Clerk’s Report

Insurances There was a discussion about the level and types of cover provided by the parish council’s current insurance policy. It was believed that there could be some significant omissions in relation to parish owned land (including the allotments) and street furniture. The clerk was asked to investigate the legal requirements and recommended standards and to obtain relevant quotations.

Review of Standing Order. On the recommendation of the Clerk, it was unanimously agreed that item 5.a.xvii would be amended to read “To authorise the payment of monies of any amount.” (Proposed by David Lloyd, Seconded by Trevor Mills)

Correspondence. A summary of various items of general correspondence was supplied to each member. The following items were specifically drawn to the Council’s attention:

2: Torridge DC apologised that the re-issued Council Tax bills also contained errors. This time only relating the percentages of parish precepts and not the amounts levied. Legal advice was that it was not necessary to produce a third set of bills and the issue was being taken up with Capita, the company responsible for producing the bills.

3: The next meeting of the Torrington Area Advisory Group will be held on Tuesday 16th July at 7:00pm in the Methodist Church, Mill Street, Torrington

4: PCSO John McGovern sent apologies that he will not be able to attend the fete on Saturday

8: Torridge DC had confirmed that the 2013/14 TAP Fund grants were now available and that the unclaimed grants from 2012/13 were being rolled over. It will now be possible to pursue an application for additional lengthsman duties with Parkham and Alwington Parish Councils.

12: Woodland Vale Care Home had been designated a centre of excellence for dementia care and development works would be starting soon.

13: DALC Training Courses. It was agreed that Jim Lowe would attend the Budget and Precepts Seminar in Exeter in 22nd October (£25) and that the clerk would attend the CiLCA 1 day intensive course in Exeter on 20th November 2013 (£120 – clerk to seek to share the costs with Frithelstock Parish Council)

DALC Training. Andrew has been booked to attend the Planning Training on 16th October at Okehampton.

964 Localism Act Nothing to report

965 Thornhillhead Moor

An update had been received from Clair McIntosh:

“Natural England have allowed us to now go in with a machine to do the scrub cutting for the remaining fencing, this will be far more efficient. It is however subject to a bird nesting survey which I am in the process of organising with Becky Aston from Devon Wildlife Trust.

Cattle are back out in the moor now, and signs were put up prior to them going out as requested. I am waiting to hear back from Becky before I speak to Mark Walter about the fencing so I will query him about the latches at that point.”

966 Thornhillhead Communications Mast

The Clerk read a letter received from Arqiva dated 13th June 2013 offering a one-off payment, “without prejudice”, of £1,000. Various possible responses were discussed. Jim Lowe explained that the rateable value of the mast and building were in excess of £10,000 and the council tax payable each year was over £5,000. It was generally believed that Arqiva’s offer was not a very generous offer and that further advice should be sought from Geoffrey Cox, MP. The clerk will write to Arqiva and seek a meeting with the MP.

967 New Housing Development: Purchase of Land Request

The Chair reported that an owner of a house next to the new development wanted to extend his garden into land which will potentially come into the Parish Council’s ownership. The meeting agreed with the chair that no decisions could be made until the land was actually owned by the Parish Council and even then it is questionable whether such an action could be taken under the terms of S106 agreement.

Rachel Webdell, Strategic Development Officer for Torridge, will write an article for the Village Scene outlining the procedures for applying for eight affordable houses.

Kate Slocombe reported that the contractors had been very good at liaising with the school and that children will be permitted to visit the site roughly every month throughout the development.

A meeting had been held with Bob Hicks, the Council’s land agent, to discuss the terms of the S.106 agreement and the Council’s proposals in relation to the Village Hall Trustees. Mr. Hicks had clarified an issue about which Council (DCC) needed to be consulted about access issues. His opinion was that he wondered if the initial parking provision was big enough for the community hall. He also advised that the Council should ensure that it does not release any land for any purpose other than the community hall development until those works are completed. His major concern was that all the developer’s profit was in the first 19 houses, after which it has to release the S.106 financial contribution and provide the affordable housing units but that the Parish Council has no control over how that development will progress.

968 Tuckers Park: Tarka Housing

Clerk had written to Tarka Housing asking if there had been a change in residents policy. The query has been forwarded on to Christian Blackbear but there had been no reply so far.

969 Allotments

The clerk reported that he had spoken to Mr Harvey, the lessee of plot 15. Notice had been given on plots 14 and 15 and these should be cleared, with the help of Mr Harvey’s relatives, over the school summer holidays. Mr Harvey had also confirmed that he had given notice on plot 13 last year and that this one was now available for re-letting. The hedge that had been knocked over onto plot 15 will be discussed with David Heywood by Trevor Mills. Kate Slocombe recommended that an allotment inspection should take place in the Autumn.

970 Torrington Hospital Andrew Hewitt had nothing to report.

971 Members’ Reports

Barbara Babb reported that the tree at the end of the path in Orleigh Close needed to be removed. Jim Lowe to report to DCC.

Andrew Hewitt reported that the tree on the village green also needs replacing. It was suggested that another flowering cherry would be suitable and Andrew will find out the cost. He also reported work suitable for the lengthsman: the ditch near Orleigh Lodge needs cleaning and the drain three-quarters of the way up Orleigh Hill needs clearing. Clerk to report to DCC.

Jim Lowe had visited the owner of the car, parking in a way that was forcing vehicles onto the pavement outside the old shop premises as the Parish Council was looking to repair the pavement sometime in the future. He was given an assurance that the cars position would be changed.

He reminded the Council that it had agreed that a contribution of £250 would be made to the PCC for path maintenance and that this could now be paid.

Peter McClymont had advised that the Parish Council website should be refreshed as it was “looking tired” and it was agreed that the Council would meet the expense subject to advice at the next meeting from George Schofield about the likely cost.

Jim reported positive feedback he had about Buckland Brewer’s contribution to the Rural Settlement Plan. It was apparently “one of the best produced”. It had identified more potential development than that maximum recommended by Torridge but nevertheless the plans were supported by Councillor Hicks and would enable Buckland Brewer to act as a hub for developing the rural areas. Jim supplied an A4 version of the settlement boundary which the clerk will copy and distribute.

Trevor Mills reported that no verges were being cut at dangerous corners. Jim Lowe will approach DCC Highways.

Kate Slocombe reported that the planned admission numbers for the school were currently 7 per year but she had requested that this should be increased to at least 10.

Shirley Tilley reported that the corner of Northwood Lane had been damaged by farm vehicles. The Council had previously supported an application for a dog waste bin by the Playing Fields Association. This would cost £115.00 + VAT and the association was concerned that, if the Parish Council paid for the bin, it would not also support an application for a donation towards other maintenance costs. Shirley is aware of cheaper bins and will negotiate with Andrew Fenge at Torridge DC to get the best deal.

972 Planning

Opinions sought:

(i) 1/0223/2013/FUL – Hembury Orchard, Creation of Wildlife Pond (Retrospective) No comment

(ii) 1/0528/2013/FUL – The Beeches. Erection of single storey agricultural workshop etc. No objection

Also a late application had been received 1/0589/2013/FUL – Change of use of former shop and post office to a residential dwelling. As no papers were yet available for inspection a decision was deferred to the next meeting.


1/0384/2013/FUL – No 1 Orleigh Court. Repair of existing chimneys. Application Granted. Noted

973 Accounts

Bank balances:

Parish Council Current Account was £2,637.86 as at 28th June 2013

Thornehillhead Moor Account £14,794.04 as at 19th June 2013

Receipts since the last meeting include:

£182.50 field and allotment rents (including £137.50 credited to the account after 30th June), £4,436.61 for the 6-monthly capital payment in respect of Environmental Stewardship of Thornhillhead Moor and £571.34 for the final claim in respect of Year 2 of the agreement (mainly work carried out by Coles).

We are still awaiting confirmation of the transfer of £100 and any accumulated interest from the national Savings certificate to the Council’s current account.

Payments due (£640.09 + VAT):

Parish Clerk’s salary, expenses and associated PAYE to 30th June 2013 (£140.09)

John Coles Contractors re trough for Thornehillhead Moor (£85.00 + VAT)

Fishleigh’s of Galsworthy re salt spreading 17th and 22nd January 2013 (£400.00 + VAT)

DALC, Affordable Housing Training Course (D Watson) (£15.00 + VAT)

The meeting closed at 9.40 pm

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 14th August 2013 (8:00pm School Hall)

Chairman: ………………………………………………………………………. Date: …………………………………

Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee: minutes of the meeting on 27th February 2013

Buckland Brewer Village Hall Committee: minutes of the meeting on 27th February 2013 at 8.00 p.m.

Present: Trevor Mills (Chair), George and Shirley Tilley, David and Frank Watson, Dawn Dziurzynski, Steve Harding, Alan Sutton, Jim Lowe, John Bridge, Derrick Ellis, Tom Lloyd, Margaret and David Lloyd, Kevin Lobb and Andrea Powell who deputised for Jo Birch.

1) Apologies: Jo Birch and Jane Lowe

2) Minutes of the Last Meeting 16th January 2013: Agreed and signed off for the website.

3) Matters Arising: Report from secretary re trust deed clause and possible action. It was agreed to seek clarification from the solicitors. Frank, key list, he confirmed this would be complete by the next meeting. The need to amend accounts in respect of showing capital expenditure, this was agreed.

4) Correspondence: The Young Farmers were asked to sort out their correspondence address, this they agreed to do. Communication had been received from Lynn Brooks (CDM, GATES) Copy of F10 notification-intent to build with ‘ballpark figure’ dates sent to TDC as required by law and discussed at the meeting on 7th January meeting. Copy of their Health and Safety competencies (Data on Disc) as required by law. All Trustees to make a note of this as any contact received from H&S Executive should be answered direct as all trustees are equally liable. A copy of a letter and response (Also on Disc) from RGP architects requiring their competencies with Health and Safety Law. Community Hall insurance, to be annually reviewed by the Trustees. It was agreed the Treasurer would contact the Secretary. Mail from Beaford Arts re their Autumn promotions evening on May 1st. Dawn and Jim agreed to attend. A print of an ancient map of the parish has been donated by Jill and Mike Price. It was agreed to thank them, reimburse any costs and to get the print framed and hung in the hall. A letter has been received from Lloyds TSB re matched Funding re their staff working for a designated charity. The treasurer reported that the bank would match the cost/hours that he put in over a 12 month period which would amount to a £384.00 donation towards the new community hall.

5) Treasurers Report: The current balance was £44,814.63.. Bills paid included £30 to Kivalls for evaluating the hall. It was reported that there had been a significant increase in income due to the Zumbia evenings and the hire of the hall for the boot camp. A cheque of £250 to be sent to Devon Air Ambulance in respect of money raised at the Christmas Market. Income for the new community hall included interest from the principality account of £454.99 and £458.57 profit from the Jazz Night. The meeting registered its thanks to Dawn and her team for organising the event. The Treasurer also reported he had requested a pack from HMRC re gift aid.

6) New Community Hall: Jim reported that the 106 agreement was on course but had been delayed slightly by the half term holidays. The developers said that they hoped to be on site by May. It was reported that the submission for a grant from the Community Council of Devon had been deferred to July. Kevin Binmore who was overseeing the managing and build (technically named Design & Build) of the new hall has confirmed he has received a list of local craftsmen who may benefit from the tendering process. Only when the three tenders are acquired and the 106 agreement completed can we make an application to the big lottery. The meeting on the 7th January with Lynn Brooks went well. She has visited the site and suggested a number of actions including a list of local craftsmen to be included in the tendering process.. Whilst the trustees are jointly liable for all matters Health and Safety she lifts the burden by ensuring that these matters will be put in place, e.g. all those invited to tender must carry out a H&S competency questionnaire and satisfy a number of legal requirements before they are permitted to progress; as the building progresses she will probably do a couple of spot checks to ensure there are no bre3aches.. The meeting was reminded that it would aid the selling of the current village hall if it was sold/auctioned with planning permission. It was agreed to follow this up and report back at a further date.

7) Cleaners Contract and Job Description: The Chair agreed to progress matters by drawing up the necessary documents in liaison with the secretary.

8) Future Fund Raising: Two Quizzes in one evening Saturday 24th March.. Jane requested three people to help on the night, George and Shirley put their names forward. Committee members were also asked to donate a draw prize. Tickets to cost £5.00 with up to six in a team. Jane asked that interested players should contact her asap. Christmas Market 7th December.- Jim made a request for more bodies to help on the day. A problem regarding a double booking on the day had been resolved. The chair reported that he had a couple of possible dates re Rosemoor this summer and that their first choice of artists were unable to make it. They are now making enquiries re the booking of Emily Wright and the Royals. Plant Sale and Safari lunch- the chair asked for volunteers.

9) Taking the Minutes: Dawn had kindly agreed to take the minutes of the meetings once Jane was perusing the big lottery grant for the new hall.

10) AOB: Shirley asked about the insurance on the old stage. It was confirmed this had been paid.

DATES OF NEXT MEETING –27th March.  Future meetings scheduled for 24th April; 15th May, all at 8.00 p.m.

The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.

Signed…………………………………………… Date………………………..



Members Present: Mrs Barbara Babb, Mr Andrew Hewitt, Mr George Heywood, Mr David Lloyd, Mr Jim Lowe, Mr Trevor Mills, Mrs Kate Slocombe Mrs Shirley Tilley, Mr D Watson,

Also in attendance: Alan Grove (Bideford Foodbank), Alison Boyle (Devon County Councillor), PCSO John Mc Govern and 10 members of the public.

Parish Clerk: Patrick Blosse

909 Apologies for Absence:


910 Minutes of the Meetings of 13th March and 2nd April 2013

The minutes of the meeting held on 13th March 2013 and the special meeting to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan on 2nd April 2013 were confirmed and signed.

911 Public Speakers

1. Kay Bromhead told the Council that she had walked over Thornhillhead Moor with her dog and 14 year old daughter earlier in the day and had been alarmed to find cattle grazing. (Kay had posted a comment on the website which was included in the correspondence for distribution.) There was a brief discussion about the rights of the graziers and the use of common land. George Heywood said that it was important to identify who was liable. Jim Lowe reminded the Council that notices that had been erected earlier had been vandalized. Andrew Hewitt drew to the Council’s attention the new Torridge Council dog control orders, particularly in relation to dogs fouling in public places, which would include common land. Shirley Tilley pointed out that in certain circumstances cows will chase dogs. Andrew Hewitt undertook to investigate The Commons Act. Jim Lowe said that he would seek advice from the agents for the moor and would report back to Mrs Bromhead.

2. PC John McGovern explained that he and Dick Rowlands had now taken over Appledore and Northam as well as their existing patch so were now covering the whole area of Torridge north of the A39. He explained that there had been media reports that morning about reductions in the number of PCSOs but this was not entirely true. There was to be some changes in recruitment levels and the use of PCSOs but their numbers were to be maintained. There had been an article in a local paper about blue tape being pinned to peoples gates as an indicator that certain dogs were present and that people claiming to be from Battersea Dogs Home were calling at these properties in an attempt to abduct the dogs. Members and the public were asked to report any incidents. There had been two incidents of damage to vehicles in Buckland Brewer and one drink/drive offence. This compared to 9 incidents that had been reported in the same period last year.

912 Bideford Foodbank – Presentation by Alan Grove

Alan Grove gave a short presentation on the work of the Bideford Foodbank, which is run by the community under a network of churches, for people on welfare benefits, those in debt, people who are victims of domestic violence or who experience similar difficulties. There were 641 recipients last year. Donations of food are collected at supermarkets with additional donations of cash and food from organisations and individuals. Fifty distributors (including agencies like CAB) give vouchers which provide food parcels for 3 days provisions suitable for the particular family size. Each recipient is limited to three vouchers after which they are expected to have found an alternative resolution. The Foodbank also offers advice. It has no specific funding and is run by a small number of volunteers. Overheads amount to about £7,000 per year. Alan asked the Council to offer whatever support it could, whether that was funding, advertising opportunities, providing a distributor or food collection point in the village. Jim Lowe suggested that the Foodbank might like to include an article in the Village Scene (Clerk to provide email address.) Andrew Hewitt suggested they might want a table at the village fete. David Watson undertook to investigate the possibility of a local collection point.

913 Declarations of Interest

George Heywood and Barbara Babb re Item 920 Village Hall

914 Clerk’s Report

• Annual Audit. The clerk reported that the annual audit returns had been received. The date of announcement was set as 11th April – notice to be put on the notice board. The inspection period will be from 28th April to 17th May, during which time parishioners can make an appointment to view the accounts. Submission date is 8th June.

• The Society of Council Clerks The clerk had been contacted by this society, which provides a forum and training for parish clerks. The clerk felt that he would benefit from the training and networking with other clerks and asked if the Council would support his membership. The first year’s membership would be £68 (currently £63 in subsequent years) and training costs would amount to £150 to £250 over two years. The Council approved of the application.

• Correspondence. Various items of general correspondence were distributed including the following that were drawn to the Council’s attention:

o 4 – Email from Torridge District Council re incorrectly calculated council tax bills

o 6 – South Western Ambulance Services Right Care Initiative letter and accompanying DVD

o 9 – The Zurich Insurance premium was due in the sum of £144.59

o 10 – The next meeting of the Torrington Area Advisory Group will be held on 16th April 2013

915 Localism Act

Nothing to report

916 Neighbourhood Plan

This item to be discussed more fully at the next meeting. Jim Lowe reminded members that a drop-in session was being run at Holsworthy Memorial Hall between 5:30 and 7:00pm on Monday 29th April. It was agreed that Jim Lowe, David Lloyd, Andrew Hewitt, George Heywood, Barbara Babb and Pat Blosse would attend.

917 TAP Fund

The clerk explained that he had not yet submitted an application. It had been made clear that a detailed project plan was required and, since it had transpired that funding was being rolled over into 2013/14, he had taken the view that proper plan supported by quotations from interested contractors would receive far greater support than a hastily put together claim. This had already been discussed and agreed with Parkham Parish Council at their meeting on 27th March, which the clerk had attended. The clerk will obtain detailed maps of Buckland Brewer, Parkham and Alwington and will arrange a meeting between the chairmen and clerks to agree a robust scheme. The clerk will contact DCC Highways Department to confirm the works that they expect to do so that there is no duplication of work and will liaise with members to identify the works required.

918 Thornhillhead Moor

The latest claim for repayment from Natural England had been ‘approved for payment’ today and it was expected to be received shortly. The poor workmanship of the cattle grid outside Cole’s yard had been reported but Simon Hill at DCC thought it was immaterial and did not propose to take any action. Andrew Hewitt will apply some protective covering over the barbed wire close to the gates to avoid any harm to horses. George Heywood asked about the 1400m of fencing yet to be done which will require substantial clearance works. Clerk to check progress with Claire McIntosh.

919 Thornhillhead Moor – Communication Mast

The chairman had sent a letter to Arqiva but no reply had yet been received.

920 Village Hall

Jim Lowe report that the S.106 agreement is very nearly agreed and workshops are starting to go up. Kate asked if the developers would pay a visit to the school.

921 Football Club Lease

The clubs lease was originally for 3 years expiring in 2006 and has been rolled over annually ever since in accordance with the terms of the lease. The club would need a longer lease to obtain external funding. The Secretary, Maurice Knuckley, has expressed a wish to start another team and to consider a youth team. Andrew Hewitt expressed his concern about what could happen if they were given a longer lease but then the club were to fail. Mr Knuckley will be asked to come to a future meeting to explain the club’s plans..

922 Tarka Homes

The chairman had sent an e-mail to Councillor David Brenton, Torridge Council’s representative on the Tarka Homes Board, but no reply had yet been received.

923 Summer Bus

No progress had been made on this issue because the clerk had not yet contacted the other Parish Councils.

924 Torrington Cottage Hospital

Following a brief discussion, during which Shirley Tilley expressed her support for the hospital, it was agreed that Andrew Hewitt would put something in the next copy of Village Scene.

925 Footpath Across Churchyard

George Heywood pointed out that there were potholes in the access to the playing field. Jim Lowe said that the PCC did not support any work being done because the Kissing Gate was listed and they did not want to disturb people visiting graves. Shirley Tilley said that scalpings had been provided and it was up to residents to use them to fill-in the potholes themselves. George Heywood wanted to approach the PCC again. Kate Slocombe suggested a working party. Barbara Babb suggested that the Playing Field Committee should undertake the work. Jim Lowe said that he would do this.

926 Members’ Reports

Barbara Babb highlighted the problem with potholes.

Shirley Tilley said that the kerb at Orleigh Close needs repairing.

George Heywood reminded the Council that the new dog control orders related to all spaces that were open to the public including any structures that were open on at least one side. He felt that a good job had been done on those potholes that had been repaired.

David Watson also expressed his concern about the number of potholes.

927 Planning

• 1/0678/95/14/007 Removal of condition 2 of planning permission to allow occupation of existing dwelling as supervisory dwelling, Mambury House

• 1/1110/2000/FUL Removal of condition 1 of planning permission to allow occupation of Mambury House as an unrestricted dwelling. (AMENDED PROPOSAL).

These items had been deferred from the previous meeting pending clearer information. The clerk read a response from the Torridge planning department and Kate Slocombe had been contacted by the owner, Charlie Nicholls. The clerk had received notification today that the application had been granted permission.

928 Accounts

Bank balances:

Parish Council Account £3,797.98 as at 28/03/13

Thornehillhead Moor Account £66,424.44 as at 19/03/13

Receipts since the last meeting include:

• Various field and allotment rents amounting to £693.50and a VAT reclaim for £2,610.23 (of which £2,569.23 will be transferred to the Thornhillhead Moor Account)

Other payments due totalling £495.86:

• Parish Clerk’s salary and associated PAYE to 31st March including 4 extra hours relating to the additional meeting

• Buckland Brewer Methodist Church re hall hire, 8th August 2012

• Annual public and employer’s liability insurance

• DALC Annual Affiliation Fee

The meeting closed at 9:25 pm


Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 8th May 2013 (8:00pm Buckland Brewer School Hall)


Chairman: ………………………………………………………. Date: …………………………………….





Members Present: Mrs Barbara Babb, Mr Andrew Hewitt, Mr George Heywood, Mr David Lloyd, Mr Jim Lowe, Mr Trevor Mills, Mrs Kate Slocombe Mrs Shirley Tilley, Mr David Watson,

Parish Clerk: Patrick Blosse

Also in attendance 19 members of the public

903 Apologies for Absence


904 Minutes of the Last Meeting

It was agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on 13th March 2013 will be confirmed and signed at the meeting to be held on 10th April 2013.

905 Public Speakers

Brenda Mills asked that the road surface in Orleigh Close should take priority before any other developments are considered on the grounds of safety for the children and that pavements should be provided for pedestrians.

906 Declarations of Interest

George Heywood, Kate Slocombe and Barbara Babb declared their interests in respect of plots of land that they wished to be included within the parish’s development boundary. It was agreed that they should take an active part in the general discussion but vacate the room whilst their personal submissions were discussed.

907 The Needs of the Village Until 2031 Within the Context of the Neighbourhood Plan Requirements

The Chairman gave an overview of the purpose of this special meeting, explaining that Buckland Brewer was identified as a Local Centre in the North Devon and Torridge Draft Local Plan due to its combination of resources and services and, as such, was expected to contribute 10% growth in housing provision by 2031 (amounting to a minimum of 19 new houses), as well as identifying suitable opportunities for industrial and recreational development within a defined ‘development’ area. He summarized the draft plan’s expectations in respect of ‘rural areas’, including those areas outside defined development areas, which would be regarded as ‘countryside’ with no growth expectations but that this did not mean that no development could take place in these areas.

The Clerk explained that a letter had recently been received from Torridge Council extending the consultation period for the Neighbourhood Plan to 1st June 2013.

The Chairman explained that the District Councils’ Planning Officer had provided a pack to assist the Parish Council to prepare its ‘Neighbourhood Plan’, which included a useful profile and statistics. He drew particular attention to the rise in age profile over the past 10 years and felt that one of the Council’s priorities should be to agree a development plan that was designed to encourage a reduction in the age profile, principally by providing housing suitable for young families.

David Watson stated that affordable housing was wanted, including housing association properties for rent. He also saw a need for car parking, which must be free, or garages. He was also in favour of small industrial units.

Jim Lowe had walked the village with the PCSO and felt that parking problems were “a bit of a myth”. He said that there was a Catch 22 situation whereby yellow lines entailed enforcement and the associated costs. David Lloyd agreed with this view. David Watson reiterated that people must have somewhere to park. Andrew Hewitt agreed but stated that people were not prepared to park outside the village where space was available. Trevor Mills felt we had already “missed the boat” as far as car parking was concerned and the evening’s discussion would not solve it. Kate Slocombe felt that any development plans should include provision for 2 cars per property. Andrew Hewitt felt that discussion about parking should be dropped. Jim Lowe stated that there was no reason why a comment could not be included in the submission.

Barbara Babb felt that it was important to build enough homes for the people who need them and to develop sensibly so that we did not lose the resources and services that we have. She said that the shops need footfall and that she was in favour of small industrial units. She felt that we should consider the young people who cannot afford housing at present. David Watson pointed out that other people were also looking for housing. Barbara Babb said that we should provide the kind of housing that young people can buy. Jim Lowe felt that financing bodies were asking for deposits that were too high.

George Heywood pointed out that Buckland Brewer benefits from better highways access than many other villages, which often have only single-track roads. He agreed that footfall was needed and reminded the Council that the village had already lost one shop and almost lost its school. He wanted to keep young people here and held the view that “jobs follow chimney pots”. He felt that the plan should create a pool of new families to keep the shops and pub running, but that competition from supermarkets will probably get worse. He was disturbed that you can no longer hear the laughter of children in the centre of the village and that clubs in the village need support and numbers to keep going.

Andrew Hewitt wanted to look at the housing stock that we have. We already have a number of bungalows and large 4-5 bed homes. He said we need 2-bed type accommodation. He pointed out that Torridge had the lowest income per head in the country and that money would be tight for years to come. He had seen the small industrial units at High Bickington and had felt they worked well. He stated that the Draft Plan discourages large vehicles and high traffic volumes and this should be considered in terms of any industrial development. He was in favour of social housing.

David Lloyd discussed the potential for housing on the Cock Pheasant field and explained that increasing parking allowances would impact on density but that it should accommodate 20 – 30 properties (say 20 with more parking than the standard allowance). He said that the Parish Council owns land that it could provide for rented housing and/or industrial units without having to make a profit. As a Parish Council we could establish our own schemes and could earmark or allocate the land straight away. He said that the chance of a young couple buying a house in the village was negligible. Jim Lowe explained that we could earmark land under the terms of a Rural Exception Policy Site (on advice received from Torridge Council). Andrew Hewitt said that, as a Parish Council, we could specify that this was for social housing. Jim Lowe reminded the Council that this was only an exercise in earmarking land. Andrew Hewitt advised keeping the number to the target of 19 houses. David Lloyd advised that we should do it straight away.

Kate Slocombe said that there was a desperate need to encourage children to the village. There were 38 children in Buckland Brewer School and 60 in Parkham. She said that we also need green spaces and the current sewerage system is not up to standard. Orleigh Hill is in acceptable condition but the road to Parkham is very poor. She also said that people who want to develop one-off properties should be encouraged but we should identify plots of land for social housing.

Shirley Tilley highlighted the precarious bus service and stated that we need a better, more viable service. She agreed with all the previous speakers and said that people were having to pay £700 a month in rent and consequently could not save for a deposit. She also felt that developers should be obliged to provide parking for 2 cars per household. She said that there were only 12 bungalows in the village and that these were needed not only for older people but also for the disabled. She agreed that industrial units were needed. She said that village life had changed much in the past 20 years. People who had moved in to the village tended not to join in with village life.

George Heywood reiterated that we had the lowest income per head and that we should take care with the provision of social housing as Holsworthy had experienced only 25% take-up of the social housing they had provided. Jim Lowe explained that he was not in favour of shared-ownership schemes because some form of deposit was still required.

Kate Slocombe was concerned to ensure that the developments already in the pipeline actually result in built houses. Andrew Hewitt felt that they would take at least 3 years. He felt that the Orleigh Close development in the 1970s was the last development that had a positive benefit to the village. He felt that any new developments should be for 2-bed houses extendable to 3-beds. Jim Lowe sympathised with Kate’s frustration about the delay in current developments but pointed out that developers were working within their legal rights and Andrew Hewitt agreed that there was nothing we could do about it.

The Chairman summarized the views put forward so far.

There was unanimous agreement on promoting the Cock Pheasant field for a development of 20+ social housing properties

George Heywood stated that he wanted to see local families in them and David Lloyd said that we could establish our own housing corporation.

908 North Devon and Torridge Local Plan: Part Three Neighbourhood Plan

The Chairman explained that we were charged with identifying proposed sites and drawing a development boundary for the village. He reminded the Council that we have allotments and a football pitch to consider. He suggested that a development of small industrial units could be sited where the football pitch is at present. Andrew Hewitt suggested that they should be further outside the village mainly to accommodate traffic issues. Barbara Babb favoured the Bowden Cross site. Trevor Mills pointed out that more houses could mean a requirement for more allotments. David Watson felt that we might have to start from scratch with allotments and Kate Slocombe believed it would be possible to have 2 sites, one at each end of the village.

It was unanimously agreed to include the present football pitch and allotments within the development boundary.

Jim Lowe suggested giving over half the football pitch to more allotments and half to industrial units. A general discussion ensued about the extent of a possible boundary and the desire for industrial units. Jim Lowe pointed out that there would be a second tranche of consultation at a later date but that doing nothing was not an option as any deficiency in Buckland Brewer’s response would be superseded by Torridge District Council and any deficiency in their plan would be superseded by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (Eric Pickles). Jim Lowe pointed out that the Draft Plan predicts a need for 2,200 extra properties, of which 1,100 are in the pipeline. He felt that Buckland Brewer needed an additional 300 people to make the existing services viable and that this would equate to 50 new houses. Kate Slocombe agreed with this assessment but Andrew Hewitt disagreed. David Lloyd said that numbers in the school had shot up after Orleigh Close was built but that infill housing hadn’t had the same effect because it didn’t attract young families. Southwood Meadows and Castle Meadows had attracted mainly older couples. George Heywood was keen to see enough new people to keep the facilities that we have now viable. Another general debate followed about how quickly the developments already approved would be built. Barbara Babb agreed with Jim Lowe’s assessment of a need for 50 properties. Kate Slocombe stated that the Council should be ambitious and warned that if we set the target low we would achieve little. Trevor Mills said that we wouldn’t have control over farmers developing barns, or any other developments outside the boundary, and that these should be taken into account. He felt, therefore, that the Council’s target ought to about 25 within the boundary. David Lloyd held the view that properties outside the boundary would not be occupied by people who would use many of the village facilities. Trevor Mills said that they would probably use the playschool.

George Heywood said that we need people to create enterprise that will create jobs to get the economy working. Shirley Tilley felt we should go for the maximum that we could get, although it was generally agreed that it would be future planners who ultimately decide that. Kate Slocombe, George Heywood and Barbara Babb all agreed that 50 units should be the minimum included in the Neighbourhood plan. Barbara also stated that it was important for existing parishioners to be welcoming to new families. David Watson was not sure about the need for 50 units and agreed with Trevor Mills’ assessment of 25 houses. He wanted to see a plan that would entice people who would make a contribution towards the village but was uneasy about the number of houses proposed by Jim Lowe.

Jim Lowe summarised the views about the number of properties as showing 6 councillors in favour of 50 or more properties and 3 in favour of about 25 properties within the development boundary.

Kate Slocombe, George Heywood and Barbara Babb left the meeting at this point.

The Clerk read out correspondence from a number of parishioners who had asked for some of their land to be included within the development boundary, as follows:

Peter Seward – 3 additional houses within the boundary of Ross Cottage and adjoining land

Mr & Mrs Chappel- land off Orleigh Close that could accommodate a development of 20 properties

Kate Slocombe – a plot of land within their garden suitable for one property

George Heywood – a plot of land south-west of the village suitable for 3 houses.

Jim Lowe identified a further plot of land owned by Mr & Mrs Babb suitable for one property and reminded the Council that they had agreed a boundary change at an earlier meeting to include a plot owned by Mr Leon Dzuirnynsky in Gorwood Road.

It was agreed that it would be possible to include all of these requests within the development boundary with the exception of Kate Slocombe’s property, which lies some distance from the village and it would not be possible to include the intervening area as development land.

It was proposed by the Chairman, and unanimously agreed, that a second meeting should be held specifically for the purpose of discussing the Neighbourhood Plan. This would give Councillors and parishioners more time to consider the proposals discussed at this meeting. Due to time constraints it was agreed that the monthly Parish Council meeting scheduled for 8th May should be cleared of any non-urgent items so that the Neighbourhood Plan could be given due weight. The meeting will be held in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9:35pm.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 10th April 2013 (8:00pm Buckland Brewer School)

Chairman: ……………………………………………………………………….

Date: …………………………………….






Buckland Brewer Parish Council: Notice of Special Meeting at 8pm, Tuesday, 2nd April in Buckland Brewer Village Hall


Buckland Brewer Parish Council: Notice of Special Meeting at 8pm, Tuesday, 2nd April in Buckland Brewer Village Hall.

The meeting is to discuss the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan for Buckland Brewer.  This arises  from The North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, Part 3, Neighbourhood Plan.

All relevant information and material will be displayed at the back of the church from the evening of 28th March 4 until the evening of the 2nd April.

If you wish to produce a written view for the Parish Council to consider please leave it at Babbs prior to the meeting.

Jim Lowe

Chair Parish Council



Members Present: Mrs Barbara Babb, Mr Andrew Hewitt, Mr George Heywood, Mr David Lloyd, Mr Jim Lowe, Mr Trevor Mills, Mrs Kate Slocombe Mrs Shirley Tilley, Mr D Watson,

Also in attendance Clive Burnage (Torridge Area Local Community Partnership Coordinator), Ian Rowland (Senior Planning Policy Officer, Torridge Council), Claire McIntosh (Robert H Hicks & Co.) and 6 members of the public.

Parish Clerk: Patrick Blosse

884 Apologies for Absence:  received from Councillor Alison Boyle (Devon County Council)

885 Minutes of the Last Meeting: The minutes of the meeting held on 13th February 2013 were confirmed and signed. There was one amendment relating to item 882 Planning, 1/10017/2013/FUL (Erection of 500kw wind turbine at Bowden Farm). Voting should have been recorded as 6-1 in favour with 1 abstention.

886 Public Speakers: None

887 Declarations of Interest: George Heywood and Barbara Babb re Item 894 Village hall

888 Clerk’s Report:

HMRC Registration. The clerk reported that the tax rules for Parish Clerks’ remuneration have changed recently and it has been necessary to register Buckland Brewer Parish Council as an employer. The clerk will be paid net of income tax deducted at source in future.

Correspondence. Various items of general correspondence were distributed including the following that were drawn to the Council’s attention:  i. 4 – Torrington Area Advisory Group 16th April 2013, Torrington Town Hall;    ii. 8 – Coat of Arms/Logo request – do we have one?;    iii. 11 – Voluntary Sector Representative County Elections – voting closes 22/3/13;    iv. 12 – Devon County Elections – 5 seats to fill. Prospective candidate briefing 20/3/13.

889 Localism Act: Nothing to report

890 Draft Local Plan

Ian Rowland from Torridge Council’s Planning Department presented the background to the North Devon Plan, currently in consultation stage, concentrating on the requirement to produce Neighbourhood Plans. The plan covers the period to 2031 identifying the development policies required to meet housing needs, industry, the local economy, protecting the countryside and agriculture. The draft plan currently proposes 10% growth in housing for Torridge amounting to 7,600-7,800 additional properties, mainly in Bideford and Northam, followed by Holsworthy and Torrington and then a number of local centres which includes Buckland Brewer. The number of new houses proposed for Buckland Brewer is 19, which does not include any of the properties currently in the pipeline. Consultation responses are wanted particularly on the development boundary and exception sites for affordable housing. Consultation is due to end on 15th March but Ian extended this to 22nd March. Ian provided a set of procedure notes and asked for the Council to check the accuracy of the list of services. The Chairman and Clerk have been invited to a meeting at Barnstaple Civic Centre on Monday 18th March.

It was agreed that the Council would hold a special meeting to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan in more detail. The meeting to be held at 8:00pm on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 in the Village Hall.

891 TAP Fund/ TALCP Coordinator

The clerk explained that plans were proceeding to submit a joint application with Parkham and Alwington Parish Councils for a TAP Fund grant. The original deadline had passed on 28th February but the clerk had secured an extension due to the fact the clerks of both other parishes have been sick and unable to work on the project. Following discussion about the requirements for the project it was agreed to submit an outline project plan for lengthsman duties associated with clearing drains, ditches and culverts. The total application will amount to approximately £1,800, of which Buckland Brewer’s share would be about £722, based on a unit rate of £1.10 per head of population.

Clive Burnage, Coordinator for the Torridge Area Local Community Partnership, explained that the organisation comprised representatives from 28 local parishes and was currently concerned with issues such as NHS reviews, the TAP Fund, Parish Plans and the Localism Act.

892 Thornehillhead Moor: Claire McIntosh gave a report on work that has been recently carried out on the moor. Flailing and swaling has been completed and Claire extended thanks to those who had volunteered their help. The trough has been installed and work has been completed on the cattle grids. However, Andrew Hewitt reported problems with the steel frames of the cattle grids which need to be resolved. It has also come to light that there are still outstanding issues with some of the fencing work which Claire will ensure is rectified at the contractor’s expense. There has been a delay in reclaiming the final payment towards the cattle grids from the Rural Protection Agency but as soon as this was settled the loan from DCC can be repaid.

893 Thornehillhead Moor – Communication Mast: The chairman and George Heywood had met with Geoffrey Cox (MP). He has advised that, because we have assigned the lease there was probably very little hope of renegotiating the rental. He advised that it might be worthwhile writing to Arqiva again, and if the Council did that, he would follow it up. The Chairman suggested that the Council should also issue a press release and this was unanimously agreed.

894 Village Hall: The Chairman reported that he has spoken to the developer and the district council and that the S.106 agreement is being dealt with by solicitors in Exeter and should be submitted to Torridge Council on Friday 18th March.

895 Football Club Lease: Neither Andrew Hewitt not the Clerk have yet been able to trace a copy of the Football Club lease. The club needs a copy as they are seeking funding, in which case the chairman thought that they would hope that the lease was for at least 25 years. The possibility of the Football Club moving to the plot next to the village hall as part of the Neighbourhood Plan proposals was discussed.

896 Solar Array: Nothing to report

897 Parish Defibrillator: Advice had been sought from St John Ambulance and the Resuscitation Council. There could be problems if the equipment gets wet (e.g. electrocution) so it needed to be housed inside a public building that needs to be open at all times. There have been reports of exploding oxygen bottles and difficulties for people with hairy chests. A suggestion was made that money might be better spent of training in manual resuscitation techniques.

898 Litter Day: The Chairman reported that parishioners had raised the problem of litter in the parish and suggested that an organised ‘litter-picking day’ might be arranged. It was agreed that the Chairman would select a suitable date and advertise it appropriately.

899 Tarka Homes: An email had been received from Tarka Housing informing the Council that a feasibility study will be carried out shortly but a short-term resolution to the parking issues is unlikely to be found. It was agreed that the Chairman would contact the Torridge Council representative on the Tarka Board and Ken Miles, Torridge’s Solicitor.

900 Members’ Reports

i. Andrew Hewitt encouraged members to register their opinions about the future use of Torrington Cottage Hospital which he reported is in danger of closing.

ii. George Heywood reported that Buckland Brewer PCC does not support any work on the footpath across the church and it was agreed to add this item to the next agenda.

iii. Jim Lowe suggested that the Council should ask Parkham, Putford and Bradworthy Parish Councils if they want to support another summer bus service

iv. Jim Lowe announced that the Annual General Meeting has been booked for the Village Hall for Wednesday 22nd May and that he is hoping to arrange for Kate Little, Joint Head of Strategic Planning for Torridge and North Devon Councils to attend as speaker.

v. Kate Slocombe supplied 15 numbered stakes for the allotments. Jim Lowe and Andrew Hewitt offered to help install them.

901 Planning

i. 1/0678/95/14/007 Removal of condition 2 of planning permission to allow occupation of existing dwelling as supervisory dwelling, Mambury House

ii. 1/1110/2000/FUL Removal of condition 1 of planning permission to allow occupation of Mambury House as an unrestricted dwelling. (AMENDED PROPOSAL).

iii. Following some discussion about the two items for Mambury House it was felt that more information was required about the nature of the conditions before an opinion could be given

iv. 1/0875/2012/FUL Proposed conversion of barn to dwelling, Holbrook Farm, Twitchen – application granted permission – noted.

v. 1/0550/2012/FUL Installation of a single-scale wind turbine, Land at Swanton Farm, Horns Cross – no opinion.

vi. Draft Plan Consultation: Jim Lowe provided a map outlining potential development plans for Buckland Brewer and highlighting sites that could be available for housing and industrial development. Members were asked to consider these proposals and research the background papers that had already been provided. A special meeting was arranged for Tuesday 2nd April 2013 in the Village Hall at 8:00pm to discuss the plan and formulate a final response for the consultation process.

902 Accounts

i. S137 spending limit for 2013/14 is £6.98 per head of population – amounting to £4.600. (Increase of 2.6% over 2012/13 based on change in RPI)

ii. Bank balances: Parish Council Account £11,914.51 as at 28/2/13: Thornehillhead Moor Account £55,378.26 as at 05/03/13

iii. Receipts since the last meeting include: VAT reclaim received in the sum of £11,103.18 (£11,046.18 to be transferred to the Thornehillhead Moor account). A further VAT reclaim has been issued in the sum of £2,610.23 (£2,569.23 for Thornehillhead Moor)

iv. Payments due totalling £333.08: Parish Clerk’s salary and expenses to 28th February including agreed extra hours for a handover and attendance at a training course DALC re Clerk’s Training Course; Payment has been made for fencing works completed at Thornehillhead Moor in the sum of £4,737.36 and the final bill for cattle grids of £10,678.

v. The clerk had issued letters to allotment holders reminding them that half-yearly rents are due on 31st March.

The meeting moved to Part II and members of the public were asked to leave.

The meeting closed at 10:10 pm

Date of Next Meeting:

Planning Consultation: Tuesday 2nd April 2013 (8:00pm Village Hall)

Full Council: Wednesday 10th April 2013 (8:00pm Buckland Brewer School)

Chairman: ………………………….                           Date: ……………



BUCKLAND BREWER VILLAGE HALL COMMITTEE: Minutes of the meeting held on 16th January 2013 at 8.00 p.m.


BUCKLAND BREWER VILLAGE HALL COMMITTEE: Minutes of the meeting held on 16th January 2013 at 8.00 p.m.

Present: Trevor Mills (Chair); George & Shirley Tilley; David Watson; Dawn Dziurzynski; Steve Harding; Alan Sutton; Jane Lowe (secretary); Jim Lowe; Frank Watson ; Jo Birch; John Bridge; Tom Lloyd;

1) Apologies: David & Margaret Lloyd; Kevin Lobb (Treasurer);

2) Non-attendee trustees from last time to sign acceptance register: Complete except Margaret Lloyd – injured hand – to be resolved next meeting;

3) Changes to affiliates’ representatives: Alan Sutton now represents Playing Field Association and has relinquished his co-opted status;

4) Minutes of Last Meeting 21st Nov 2012: agreed & signed off for lodgement on website.

5) Matters Arising:

Jane has written & thanked Lyn Layton for her past support as trustee

Hartland Orchestra has been reminded about the outstanding payment – they advised music was more important to them than money and had overlooked it, but will deal -all has been done that can be.

Gift Aid research – apologies received for this meeting from Kevin whose action this is – assumed by all that in view of need to prioritise financials for funders this may not yet have received attention – defer to next time for discussion with Kevin.

Xmas Market 2012 actions – complete but also see section on fund raising

9th Feb actions – see section on fund raising

Actions from Update on New Parish Community Hall – completed except attendance at “Fund it, Build It” workshop. Jane advised that other VH activities (mainly actions & numerous time-consuming commitments towards Christmas Market) had to take priority & there was a limit to people’s capacity. Martin Rich rang Jane & they discussed matters relating specifically to Buckland Brewer – agreed that despite networking having possibly been of help, there was no great loss in non-attendance, more a pity we could not again meet face to face.

Regards action to approach Official Custodian, Jane explained the mechanism was via the website only these days and the invitation was to make the amendment rather than enter into discussion about its possibility. On the basis of concensus and minutes of November last, she went ahead and requested the amendment. To revisit, the reasoning is protection for the Parish stands as since the inception of the Trust Deed, Official Custodian has since adopted the Title and Trustees must prove/evidence to Official Custodian that there is an equal or improved substitute premises prior to the sale of the existing hall. Official Custodian will withhold signed consent to sale until such is evidenced. To further ratify:

PROPOSAL to remove Trust Deed Clause 18 “If the Committee decides…inhabitants present and voting at such meeting” – proposed Alan Sutton, seconded Trevor Mills Agreed unanimously.

Trustee Indemnity – Action completed, see Item 10.

Kitchen improvement to accommodate securing of new pans. Jim has spoken to Richard Dorset but Richard is awaiting a hip replacement operation and the matter may not be dealt with immediately – Jim agreed this was fine, when Richard was fully able. Shirley expressed concern about further spend and its necessity, but it was explained that this action was a minuted “done deal” in her absence last time.

Key list- Frank confirmed that this remains Work in Progress – revisit next time for an update although Frank was able to assure all that the mislaid keys from Babbs, as was suspected, had been in the possession of the Zumba lady all the time, and had now been returned.

Nicky’s contract linked to monitoring white board – again apologies from Trevor & Jane but VH workload has been excessive with other priorities and this has proved one task too many – as there is a legal requirement to resolve this it will remain prominent on the “to do” list.

6) Correspondence

Mail from Lynn Brooks asking for a meet – to be dealt with under advice to all committee members ACTION Jane.

Confirmation from Torridge that following re-application, BBVH will continue to receive discount on rates and therefore will receive a £0 rates bill for April 2013 onwards.

A number of letters of support for new hall received from most affiliates although Gardening Club have not yet been able to produce one, delivered to John. Jo advises she and Andrea are producing for U-5s – emphasised to Jo that these are crucial to success and the timescales. Dawn has offered to produce more from interested non-affiliates – accepted all with gratitude – ACTION DAWN

Exchanges between Jane & Geoff Cox’s (MP) office regarding tardiness of TDC re planning application

Letter from Jane to Leader of TDC re failure by TDC to adhere to legal timescales – Barry Parsons (Leader) off sick but his deputy rang to apologise & attempt to justify – there is now an e-mail from TDC Head of Planning guaranteeing that Draft Approval will be released on or before 22nd January.

PRS Statement & receipted invoice passed direct to Kevin.

7) Treasurers Report (delivered by Secretary in absence of Treasurer)

Jane reminded all of apologies received by Kevin – will deliver report and any questions will be fed back for response next time.


Existing Hall

Hall insurance was £578 for last time as opposed to £534 in 2011.

Electric remains a concern, having increased in cost (Sept to Jan year on year) from £385 to £600.

Explained by:

1. Increase in prices

2. Increase in usage, extra 253 kw net (day 320kw, evenings decreased by 67kw)

3. Last years figures are estimates, this years are actuals

4. EON discovered meter set incorrectly and we were paying tariff in reverse, weekdays & weekend rate.

Income has increased from £1889 to £2052 despite no cinema income & lower grant from Bridge Trust by £500.

Electric meter takings have increased from £103 to £202

Pre-school income increased from £483 to £680

Hall repairs are nil this year (last year £1200).

We are currently running at a loss of £585. Last year showed a loss of £5725 of which £3637 was equipment*i

Misc income has increased from £132 to £714 (Zumba, Boot Camp, polling, Private individual Hire 4 to 5).

New Village Hall

PRS £131 paid

Interest on Principality investment to decrease to 0.75% from 1.5% w.e.f. next month *ii

Christmas Market profit £527. After offline discussion with Kevin, PROPOSAL Jim that we should donate £250 of this to DAAT. Seconded Alan, agreed unanimously. ACTION Kevin to send payment to DAAT.

*i- suggestion by some committee members that purchase of chairs should be reflected in accounting terms as CapEx, declared as an asset with depreciation over several years as this will better and more correctly reflect the health of the budget– ACTION Kevin to review & clarify

*ii Accepted philosophically but comment by John that the longer we can hold on to these funds and defer billing (bearing in mind legal constraints where we will be guided by Kevin Binmore) possibly the better we are enabled to obtain matched funding and represent our financial health & status to funders in general.

Balances –

Lloyds TSB

Current a/c – £1511.54 Deposit a/c £2906.44 New Village Hall £8776.80

Principality – £30,332.87

Total balances held £43,527.65

8) Fund raising/events


a)9th Feb – Emily Wright. For clarity it will be Emily Wright & The Royals (band omitted from poster wording) – possible error in Beaford promotional information depending in their contract with Emily Wright. ACTION Dawn to contact Beaford & request they resolve as they own the promotional literature and contract with the artist.

Helpers – set-up, evening/serving/raffle, clear-up afterwards. Exact musical schedule t.b.c. ACTION Dawn

Bar license applied for by Jane who will be licensee – from 7pm-11pm.Ticketing £10 p.h. will be either via Dawn or Beaford who have the ability to process card payments. Everyone to help promote – place posters ACTION ALL.30 will cover costs, ideal attendance 50. Emily will bring her own p.a. but debate about (lack of) ambience and what can be done. If Beaford can supply portable spotlighting this will help ACTION – Dawn to find out & advise Alan who will fetch if this is possible. ACTION Frank will see if he can borrow some black drape adequate to conceal long wall notice boards. ACTION Jo to lend some screening to partially conceal toilet doors. Staging to help visibility may be desirable dependant upon numbers attending – indication by Friday morning – if it can be used Trevor will help fetch.

Teams – set-up Jane & Jim, Shirley & George (all who have said they will be available all day), Dave W (if more tables/chairs needed from chapel), Alan – 4 p.m.

Doors to open 7 p.m. Evening team – Bar – Trevor will ask Gus to organise and Dawn to liaise with him; available hands to deliver hot food to table (no pudding, to be replaced with cheese & biscuits to nibble throughout performance); Alan & Jim to do wine waiters to facilitate drink sales & improve ambience; Shirley to do raffle; prizes by donation (2 with Alan unclaimed from Xmas Market).

Accommodation may be required – not an issue, Alan, Jane & Jim, Dawn can offer.

b) Safari Lunch & Plant Sale – date to be May 12th

c) Fete – agreed as July 13th

d) Rosemoor – date agreed as 23rd August – discussion about acts/artists is Work in Progress

e) Xmas Market 2013(??). Jim advised in 2012 we were down on income because the craft group had nothing to sell and all their takings are donated to New Hall fund. They had advised that if 2013 takes place they will have goods to sell. On balance, 2012 gave a lot of better quality stalls. If it is to go ahead both Jim & Jane believe we need to “refresh the brand” i.e. make some changes so that “same old ,same old” does not deter customers. E.g. possibly a skittle knock out contest with a final on Market day with a large butchers prize, childrens lucky dip rather than Santa. Shirley suggested a child’s sleigh ride – all agreed a good idea but insurance would be prohibitive, however all to try and be creative about some form of childrens amusement/entertainment.

Concensus is that its success for 3 years running meant we really should go ahead in 2013. HOWEVER the lack of active support from the entire committee on the day (people are needed to be there all the time from start to finish, usually 8 a.m.- 4p.m.-ish) meant we would have been met with disaster in 2012 had there not been support from outside the committee – this cannot be allowed to happen again and Trevor asked for ACTION all committee members to give Jim & Jane the support that was needed before and on the day. Resolution Christmas Market 2013 to take place & set for Saturday 7th December

f) – Other ideas. Virtual Treasure Hunt – Jane advised this still had a life of its own – she & Jim were presenting it in Loxhore in exchange for a donation to hall funds. Also BBPFA may want its use (in which case it will need a little re-writing of questions) also in exchange for a donation.

Jane & Jim have also written a quiz for use elsewhere and offer it (as a ready made package, minimal effort involved) to Village Hall. Quiz on basis of central controlled marking, not answer-sheet swapping. Suggest a simple hot one-course supper half-way through and bring your own drink, cost £5 per head. Agreed – date for quiz to be 23rd March, just before Easter.

9) Update on New Parish Community Hall

Jim reminded all that the up to date & changing position remained visible on the website and the Parish Council notice board to ensure the community remained informed. John & Shirley said they had received positive feedback from within the community about the project. Meeting with Kevin Binmore resulted in Kevin being instructed to cost the new hall and go out to tender – this at least will decide who is to be the builder although preferred supplier remains Pearce. The instruction includes an ability to build in stages if lack of immediate funding demands it, top price £750k as dictated by Big Lottery limitations.

DCC have a possible £15k – Alison Boyle is trying to ascertain whether DCC have certain building spec in exchange for this.

John addressed the committee thanking Jane, Dawn & Kevin for specific input. He was concerned he hadn’t heard from Kevin Binmore about cost information ACTION Jane to support by “nudging” Kevin. He commented that if successful with our Outline Application for funding thus going for Stage Two, a bid for 10% Development Funding can be submitted. This could pay for a range of expenses associated with the project including Professional Fees, Project Management, Developing a Business Plan and Capital Project Delivery. This money cannot be claimed retrospectively so fees already paid cannot be included. We must therefore try to defer any future payments of this nature until we have the Development Funding subject to contractual requirements – failure to pay on time will incur large fines.

Upon submission of a full application it can take up to 17 months for Big Lottery to give a decision. Based on draft timings the hall should be started in late summer 2014 and therefore Lottery work must commence now although complexity of such means John needs practical help – suggested that a maximum of 4 in the “application team” would help rather than hinder. Resolution/Next Steps “Lottery Application Team” to be Steve, Jane & Dawn led by John who will invite/arrange the meetings.

10) Recommendation by Community Council of Devon to review insurances & discuss possible need for individual trustee indemnity insurance.

First part deferred until Kevin is able to attend.

Jane has obtained literature from Community Council of Devon (ACRE publication Village Hall Information Sheet 35 if anyone wants to get a copy)– fairly in depth about where risk is incurred & reasons why trustees may want to be insured. Item 1.2. paraphrased indicates the best protection is not to incur liabilities, basically by ensuring that the charity is well managed and good practice is followed. Jane asked whether anyone was concerned. All agreed that in line with Martin Rich’s advice from last October we had ACRE trustee guidelines which we were ensuring we followed and where there was financial & other matters to address in our project we had placed ourselves entirely in the hands of qualified professionals, following their advice, commonsense notwithstanding. We all felt therefore that at this time we did not want to progress any insurance although this remains an option to anyone who wants to put it back on the agenda.

8 ) AOB

John advised that the Bowls notice boards/shelving had not been completed but inadvertently the parish photograph had been put up where they hoped to do this work. He said that the work would still take place and hoped that relocating the photograph would not present an issue – agreed all.

DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS – IT IS NOW IMPERATIVE THAT ALL TRUSTEES ATTEND AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. It was also agreed some time ago that when the need arose we should meet more frequently, John advising that on his funding application he had advised we are meeting monthly. If not required meetings can be cancelled but future dates are:

Wednesdays 27th Feb; 27th March (postponed as John is away on the scheduled date); 24th April; 15th May, all at 8.00 p.m.

The meeting closed at 9.40 p.m.





Signed…………………………………………… Date………………………..



Community shop grand opening

Rev Graham Slingo and shop manager Lorna Seymour at the community shop grand opening

Rev Graham Slingo and shop manager Lorna Seymour at the community shop grand opening

Saturday 2 February saw the grand opening of the Buckland Brewer Community Shop.

There was a fantastic turnout from the village and the shop committee were delighted to welcome a number of special guests who have helped get the shop up and running. Geoffrey Cox MP helped cut the ribbon. Daniel Lobb, who helped inspired the shop logo design, cut the celebratory cake.

The committee also welcomed representatives from the Community Council of Devon, the Plunkett Foundation and the Bideford and Shebbear Methodist Circuit, plus our county district councillors Cllr Alison Boyle and Cllr Robert Hicks.

BBC Spotlight were on hand to film the opening and there was a nice package that went out on the Sunday bulletin.

A big thank you from the shop committee to everyone who helped make the day so special.

There are further photos on the shop website and Facebook page.

Your shop is open 7.30am to 6pm every weekday, 8am to 1pm on Saturdays and 10 to 11am on Sundays for prepaid newspapers.

Photo courtesy of Trevor Maggs

Funding of the new Community Hall: the statement made by Peter Sandon to Buckland Brewer Parish Council on 9th January 2013

Funding of the new Community Hall: the statement made by Peter Sandon to Buckland Brewer Parish  Council on 9th January 2013

I wish to speak of Minute 843 of the council meeting on 12 December 2012, in which it is stated that Mr Lloyd asked that the parish council consider making a donation to the new community hall on the Precept and it was agreed that it would be discussed at the next meeting. That followed the suggestion first put forward by Mr Lloyd at the Finance Sub-committee meeting on 5 December.

When I canvassed in 2011 at the parish council election a lady told me that she had been campaigning for a new village hall for 30 years. It would seem that there has been adequate time for grants to be applied for yet now we have the parish council considering filling the shortfall in funding for the project by means of the precept.

I was present at a Hall Management Committee meeting a couple of years ago and heard a committee member, also a Parish Councillor, crow “We are going to get a new village hall for nothing”, and now we are going to be asked to pay for it. If the draft 106 agreement does not provide enough money to build the new hall then perhaps the developers should be told to improve their offer if they want planning permission.

The present draft agreement provides that the developers will give the council £325,000 when they sell the 20th free market house. That will be towards the estimated cost of £750,000 leaving a shortfall of £425,000.

The developers could easily go bankrupt before then especially if the housing market remains in its present depressed state. But by that time the parishioners of Buckland Brewer will have paid increased council tax for two or three years. What will happen to the money then?

I think it is outrageous that the parish council of a small village could even consider raising a Precept to fund a charity. We are not talking about a few hundred pounds but of two to four hundred thousand pounds.

I ask this council to reject the idea of funding the new village hall by means of the precept.

Buckland Brewer Parish Council: (draft minutes of the Budget Sub-committee meeting, 8.00pm, 5th December 2012

Buckland Brewer Parish Council: (draft minutes of the Budget Sub-committee meeting, 8.00pm, 5th December 2012

Members Present: Mr Jim Lowe (in the Chair), Mr David Lloyd, Mrs Shirley Tilley and Mr Trevor Mills

Apologies: None

The Chairman reported that the precept was to be set in January and the purpose of this meeting was to review the income and expenditure for 2013/2014 with the revised figures, and confirmed that decisions will be made by the Parish Council and not at this meeting.

At the end of March 2014, the surplus would be approx. £1841.15 (excluding precept).

After a discussion by members, it was agreed that the revised figures be proposed.

£1500: Salt Spreading (plus vat, total £1800)

£150: Friday summer Bus Service

£400: Back Lane

£500: Grants

£300: Youth Club (£600.00 further £300 to be granted in April 2014.)

£250: PCC – cobbles beneath Lychgate

These proposals amount to £3100.00.

The committee proposed that the precept should be set at £2500.00 for the forthcoming year.

This would mean a surplus of £4341.15 at March 2014, less the proposed monies of £3100.00, leaving an available balance in the account of £1241.15 as at 31.03.14.

The Chairman proposed an allowance for the new Clerk handover and New Clerks Training, which amounted to £338.00 (2×5 hours handover time and £250.00 training), which has been allocated in 2012/2013.

Mr David Lloyd proposed that the Parish Council precept an amount towards the new Parish Community Hall – the Chairman proposed this be put on the Agenda at the next Parish Council meeting.

The Chairman reported that he hoped to have a quote re the village green repairs for the next Parish Council meeting.

The money allocated to the Youth Club was on the understanding that the Parish Council would need to appoint a Trustee and the Youth Club would need to be seen to be fundraising.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30pm.