Changes to 372 bus service from 21 September

Reduced village bus service

From Monday 21 September, the 372 bus (Bradworthy – Buckland Brewer – Bideford -Barnstaple) will run on Mondays and Fridays only.


This decision was confirmed following Devon County Council’s cabinet review of supported bus service commitments.


The timetable will be included in a new edition of the area timetable books being published shortly and Journey Devon.

If in the meantime for further details, please contact:

Devon CC transport

John Richardson-Dawes,  Principal Transport Co-ordinating Officer,  Transport Co-ordination Service,  Devon County Council,  County Hall, Exeter, Devon, EX2 4QD.

Devon CC bus information

Other public transport information

Concessionary bus travel



Temporary traffic restriction: road past Bilsford Farm

The road past Bilsford Farm will be closed for a maximum of 5 days, from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th August 2015.   During this time no person shall cause, or permit, any vehicle to proceed or wait on the sections of road affected, except for access to land or premises on or adjacent to those length of roads.  The alternative, signed, route for vehicles will be via – BILSFORD CULVERT, BRENDON CROSS, BILSFORD CROSS AND VICE VERSA.

For further details and map, please click on the link. 

150729 TTRO1511781 On Site Notice

Dog attacks on livestock

From the Beat: Police news and advice

Dog related incidents

Your Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team want to bring to the attention of our communities a matter of concern involving DOG RELATED INCIDENTS.

An incident occurred in our parish, Buckland Brewer, between Sunday 14/06/15 and Saturday 27/06/15.  The incident was an attack by dogs on livestock, in which it appears an animal was attacked and killed.  It occurred in the area of Bilford water, Buda and Braddon farms.   It has been given the Crime Reference Number CR /044807/15

At this stage, your Neighbourhood Team officers have been in discussing with Torridge District Council and the Animal Welfare Officer with a view to taking further action.

In the meantime we have begun to collate and gather evidence as it becomes available by way of witness statements or simply while on patrol speaking with farmers and local residents.

The dogs are described as a Rottweiler possible cross with colour to its chest and a brown and white Jack Russell.  They have been seen roaming land unsupervised.

All members of the community, whether dog owners, non–dog owners, landowners or livestock keepers, are asked to assist in this matter.
If you are out and about in the village area and observe any dogs straying unsupervised contact the Animal Welfare Officer on 01237 428810.
If the dogs are in the road and causing a danger to traffic please call the Police on 101.
Should you see dogs chasing or attacking livestock please phone the incident in as soon as you can on 999.

In all circumstances please note the colour, pattern, breed and description of any dogs involved and if possible obtain pictures or video of the dogs. Please ensure that if you do have dogs that their security is checked so that they cannot roam onto roads or farmland.

Should you require any further advice regarding straying or dangerous dogs, or have information that may be relevant to our investigation, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Neighbourhood Beat Office by calling 101 or E-mail

Bideford Police Rural Neighbourhood Beat Team

  • PCSO 30336 John McGovern
  • PCSO 30674 Liz Rendle
  • PC 3569 Dick Rowlands


Please help prevent dog attacks on sheep

There has been yet another attack on a sheep flock in Buckland Brewer.

It occurred at 9.30 pm on the evening of Saturday 27 June 2015.  The flock was grazing in the Lydeland Water valley area when it was attacked.

The attack was seen.  It involved two dogs.  One was described as a large Rottweiler-type, and the other as a Jack Russell terrier with a long black tail.

These attacks are disgusting.  They cause sheep intense pain and terror.  They are totally preventable.  They can and must be stopped.  Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs, especially when they are out of sight.

If you can identify the dogs and their owner, could you please contact the Clerk to Buckland Brewer Parish at the address below.  This is the first step.  You can write in confidence.  The information will enable subsequent steps to be taken to prevent a recurrence.

Thank you.

Patrick Blosse, Clerk to Buckland Brewer Parish Council
Catsborough Cottage, Catsborough Cross
Monkleigh, Devon, EX39 5LE
Telephone: 01805 624832

Parish Council vacancy

There were 8 candidates in the recent Parish Council elections so the following were elected unopposed:

Barbara Babb, Andrew Hewitt, George Heywood, Jim Lowe, Trevor Mills, Sally Nichols, Shirley Tilley and David Watson

There is one place still unfilled and the council would like to “co-opt” another member at the next meeting, which will take place at Buckland Brewer School at 8:00pm on 10 June 2015.

If you are interested in becoming a parish councillor please contact the Parish Clerk, Patrick Blosse, on 01805 624832 or email, or just speak to any of the councillors named above.

Being a parish councillor is a worthwhile and rewarding role and gives you the opportunity to make a very positive contribution to your community. The position is open to all registered electors of Buckland Brewer over 18 or, if you are not a registered elector, you occupied as owner or tenant any land or other premises in the parish during the whole of the last 12 months, or Buckland Brewer was your main or only place of work during the last 12 months, or you lived in Buckland Brewer during the whole of the last 12 months

District council election result 7 May 2015

The result of the 7 May election for the Waldon ward, including Buckland Brewer parish, was as follows:

  • HICKS, Robert Henry Independent: 572
  • LOWE, James William Independent: 427

The number of ballot papers rejected: 60

Electorate: 1398

Ballot papers issued: 1060

Turnout: 75.82%

Robert Henry Hicks is duly elected.

District Councillor elections 2015: candidate statements

The election for district councillor in the Waldon ward, covering Buckland Brewer parish, takes place on Thursday 7 May 2015.

There are two candidates:

  • Robert Hicks
  • Jim Lowe

Both candidates have been given the opportunity to post election statements on the community website listed, in alphabetical order.

Robert Hicks

Buckland Brewer has nearly half of the electorate of the Waldon Ward which runs from Orleigh Mill to Holsworthy Beacon. This large rural ward has very few services provided by Torridge District Council. Rubbish collection, Recycling and Town and Country Planning are the main services that affect the ward. I will fight hard:

– to retain weekly collections

– to ensure that the Planners treat Buckland village fairly, permitting a reasonable balance of house types, sizes, price and ownership

– In the rural areas I will do my best to ensure sensible development whilst preserving our unique rural environment

Jim Lowe

As Chairman of the Parish Council, I have viewed with alarm the indifferent attitude of the Westminster parties towards the wellbeing of rural communities. In recent years the financial cuts imposed by County and District Councils have meant moving their cost centres on to ours or cutting services completely. Parish councils together could fill some of the gaps but they need help to do it.

I want to challenge the financial and social discrimination against rural communities, bring freshness and vision to the role of district councillor, look to the future not the past, and serve your interests only.

For further information about the elections, please see Torridge DC election page.

George Schofield