Minutes of Buckland Brewer Parish Council, 13th April 2016

BBPC Minutes 130416_draft




Members Present:             Mrs Barbara Babb, Miss Rosie Beer, Mrs Maris Douglas, Mr Andrew Hewitt, Mr George Heywood, Mr Jim Lowe, Mr Trevor Mills and Mr David Watson.

Also in attendance             ­­6 members of the public and Cllr Robin Julian

Parish Clerk:                    Patrick Blosse

  1. Apologies for Absence Shirley Tilley, Cllr Alison Boyle and PCSO Liz Rendle
  1. Minutes of the Meetings of the Parish Council held on 23rd March 2016: The minutes of the meeting held on 23rd March 2016 were confirmed and signed.
  1. Declarations of Interest None
  1. Public Participation None

246.  Report by Lyn Layton on Queen’s Birthday event arrangements Lyn invited Trevor Mills to open the event on 21st April 2016 to which he agreed. Arrangements are progressing quite well and Lyn thanked everyone for the enormous help and support she had received. Everyone approached has agreed to help: a real community effort. The main focus will be the lighting of the beacon at the end of the evening. Andrew Hewitt has refurbished the beacon. The is linked in to the national celebrations. The Queen will be lighting the first official beacon at 8:30, but ours will be lit at about 8:15. A message of support from the Prince of Wales had been received. Lyn is funding the expenses and will seek reimbursement later – plus about £80 for Jane Lowe for the cost of fireworks, for which members approved the payment. The event will start 5:30 and the evening will include a barbecue, licenced bar, children’s activities, and a ‘Royal Bake Off’, which Lyn hoped would attact entries from some children. The firework display will be shortly before the beacon is lit.

Jim Lowe said that the road closure notice for the June street party has been done.

  1. Clerk’s Report:
    1. Correspondence: The Clerk had distributed 25 items of correspondence by email since the last meeting. These included a letter of thanks from the Playing Field Association for their grant award, and a DALC newsletter reporting that the S.137 limit for 2016/17 had been set at £7.42 per elector, which is equivalent to £4,845.26 per year. Jim Lowe said that the  Countryside Awareness session had not included a time for the event. He also said that he was disappointed that the NEW Devon CCG events were always held during the day and therefore excluded everyone who works at that time.
  1. Formal Complaint by Cllr Robin Julian: A formal complaint had been received from Cllr Robin Julian following some remarks made by one of the councillors at the last parish council meeting. It had been referred to the Chairman who had written a letter saying that the Parish Council had not acted in accordance with its Code of Conduct. George Heywood, Jim Lowe and Barbara Babb felt that an apology was unnecessary.
  1. Audit Arrangements: A date had been set for this year’s internal audit, which will take place on 7th June 2016. The annual return must be submitted to the external auditor by 10th June and the council will be meeting on 8th The Clerk will prepare a draft set of annual accounts for the May meeting with a view to getting the audited return signed by the Chair on 8th June so that it can be posted on 9th June 2016.
  1. North Devon Record Office: Members noted that Barnstaple Town Council had secured funding to keep the Record Office running for the next 3 years. George Heywood felt that Buckland Brewer’s contribution of £200 per year was more than most other parishes. David Watson pointed out that there is a number of organisations in the parish that have records lodged there.
  1. CPRE ‘Our Outdoors’ Competition 2016 (previously ‘Best Kept Village’): An invitation had been received to take part in the CPRE’s new competition, which is replacing the old ‘Best Kept Village’ competition. ‘Our Outdoors’ has a slightly wider remit than the previous competition. Members agreed unanimously not to take part in the competition.
  2. Review of Parish Plan/Emergency Plan:
    1. Progress report from Working Group Jim Lowe will be publishing an updated list of contacts in Village Scene. A more comprehensive revision of the plan will take place later and will include the Settlement Plan.
  1. Grant applications for flood and community resilience schemes No response yet
  1. Community Helipad/DAAT Toby Russell had surveyed two sites, the playing field and the new amenity field. They would prefer the amenity field as it is more central and has a clearer landing area. It would cost £5,000 or more for the lighting etc. Work would not be starting before September 2016. A community meeting in the village hall will take place on 15th June at 7:30pm. The scheme will only get off the ground If the community is interested in organising fundraising. The WI has already expressed an interested in taking a part in the scheme and indications are that there is a lot of interest locally. Jim Lowe will probably facilitate the meeting. One parishioner had to use the service recently when he had a heart attack.
  • Fields and Allotments:
    1. Blackhorse Fields: Invitations to Tender The Clerk reported that he had issued tender documents to seven applicants on 20th Tenderers had been asked to submit their bid, together with and explanation of what they intended to do with the field and how they would mitigate any risks by noon on 12th April 2016. Four tenders had been received and these will be discussed as a Part II item at the end of the meeting.


  1. Fencing Works: In relation to Blackhorse Fields, this was deferred pending a decision about the tenders received. Fencing of the amenity and school playing fields ar dependent upon the Parish Council acquiring ownership.

 Thornhillhead Mast: There had been no progress yet. The Clerk had referred the matter to Hicks and Co. some weeks ago but they had not yet taken any action despite a number of emails from Arqiva. George Heywood will contact Bob Hicks in person and will also remind him that the Clerk is waiting for an updated graziers list.

  1. School Field: Buckland Brewer School had proposed a meeting at 10:00am on 27th April 2016 to discuss their use of the school field and had invited representatives from the Parish Council and the Village Hall. Trevor Mills felt that the Village Hall did not need to get involved. Jim Lowe said that the Council should not be taking part in any consultation before it owned the land. The Clerk will try to attend the meeting in order to provide feedback
  1. S106 Agreement: The Clerk had attempted to organise a meeting with Torridge Planners and other interested parties to get the S106 agreement signed off but despite involving Councillors Whitaker and Morrish, there had been no response so far. Trevor Mills was asked to arrange a meeting with Planning.
  1. Members’ Reports

Barbara Babb: Post office van: The Clerk had not yet been able to contact the right person at the Post Office about moving the van. It seems that the cable is not long enough to reach the power supply at present.  The Clerk will write to the Post Office to say that it is a hazard.

Barbara also presented the Council with £63 on behalf of the Commmunity Shop. It represented the profits from the Easter Draw, which the Shop wished to be used for the maintenance of the defibrillator. It had been suggested that another defibrillator training session should be held and the Clerk will contact Julia Landolfi to see if she is available.

Marie Douglas: Road Past Bromells Farm:  Marie said that 1/3 of the width of road and so badly damaged that vehicles have to avoid it She has reported it on the DCC website and will try again with photos.

Andrew Hewitt

  1. County Committee meeting on Devolution: DALC want to know what the Parishes want.
  2. Highways Conference: DCC has changed the way of looking at the Road Warden Scheme. Victor Gough is looking at it. They are altering the way Chapter 8 training is to be done, with no limitations on how much or little anyone can do. No potholes at have been filled yet. Andrew distributed papers. (send a copy to George Schofield)
  • Complaint about a parish field: Andrew said that there had been a lack of maintenance of hedges in one of the fields leased to a tenant and stock had broken out. Andrew provided photographs. Trevor Mills will write a letter to the tenant, Terry Nicholls.

George Heywood

  1. Bus times: George asked if all bus times could be advertised in Village Scene
  2. Craneham Hill potholes and Monklegh Mill Lane flooding: The Clerk will report these.
  • Snow clearance for coming year. To be added to next agenda

Jim Lowe

  1. No bus Easter Monday: Jim had asked about future bank holiday bus services and was told there not be any so there will only be one bus during those weeks. He felt this was not satisfactory and asked Cllr. Julian if there was anything he could do about it. Cllr Julian said Devon County had cut the funding and are only providing buses on profitable routes. He suggested talking to Torridge Voluntary Cars which he will do. They charge £8.00 per car into Bideford. Jim Lowe will ask again and if the funding can be diverted.
  2. The minutes not on the notice board: Jim asked if the minutes were being displayed on the notice boards. Andrew Hewitt said that they were too long and there was not enough space for them together with other meeting and road closure notices.

 Charitable Trust

George Heywood said that setting up a charitable trust had proved more complex than he thought and that it would meet his original intention if £15,000 were to be donated directly to the Playing Field Association. He would like the remaining £5,000 to be earmarked for the new amenity field to bring it up to the standard necessary for it to be used by the community for recreation. These suggestions were put forward as a proposal by Andrew Hewitt, seconded by Dave Watson and agreed unanimously.


  1. i) Bank balances:
  • Parish Council Current Account was £4,109.48 as at 31st March 2016
  • Thornhillhead Moor Account was £12,137.25 as at 29th February 2016
  • Savings Account was £33,004.37 as at 29th February 2016
  1. ii) Payments due (£1,132.49 + VAT)
  • Parish Clerk’s salary, expenses and associated PAYE (February and March): £808.78 includes reimbursement of expenses of £183.72 for defibrillator pads, cables and adapters for the laptop and postage for tender, allotment rent and field rent letters)
  • TTVS, annual subscription: £25.00
  • Jane Lowe: Fireworks for Queen’s Birthday Beacon Event – £79.94
  • DALC: Annual subscription – £156.77 + VAT
  • DALC: Highways Conference Fee – £45.00 + VAT
  • Buckland Brewer Village Hall, Hall Hire – £17.00

iii)           Receipts (£1,645.00)

  • Field Rents: £1,105.00
  • Allotment Rents: £115.00
  • Allotment Deposits: £425.00


  Date of Next Meeting:

Parish Council: Wednesday 11th May 2016 (Buckland Brewer School, 8:00pm)

Annual Parish Meeting: Wednesday 18th May 2016 (Buckland Brewer Village Hall, 8:00pm)


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Minutes of Buckland Brewer Parish Council, 9th March 2016



Members Present:             Mrs Barbara Babb, Miss Rosie Beer, Mrs Maris Douglas, Mr Andrew Hewitt, Mr George Heywood, Mr Jim Lowe, Mr Trevor Mills, Mrs Shirley Tilley and Mr David Watson.

Also in attendance             ­­3 members of the public and PCSO Liz Rendle

Parish Clerk:                        Not present (minutes were taken by Cllr Barbara Babb)


  1. Apologies for Absence Clerk, Patrick Blosse and Cllr Alison Boyle
  1. Minutes of the Meetings of the Parish Council held on 10th and 24th February 2016: The minutes of the meetings held on 10th and 24th February 2016 were confirmed and signed.
  1. Declarations of Interest None
  1. Public Participation                PCSO Liz Rendle gave a brief crime report. Here had been one crime reported recently involving the slashing of car tyres. Liz also recommended that parishioners should be extra vigilant about sheds and outhouses as thee had been an increase in break-ins of this type recently. Shirley Tilley had reported a van that had been parked in Gorwood Road for 4 days but the police had not responded when she called 101. Liz provided Shirley with an alternative email address that was connected to 101.
  1. Parish Council Representation on the Village Hall Committee Marie Douglas agreed to continue as the Parish Council representative on the Village Hall Committee and understood that this involved becoming a trustee of the Village Hall Charity.

 Clerk’s Report:

    1. Correspondence: The Clerk was not present. Jim Lowe suggested that the consultation paper that had been distributed concerning the Draft Local Plan should be deferred to a special meeting on 23rd March 2016 but also suggested that Buckland Brewer’s Wind Turbine policy should remain unchanged.
    2. Renewal of TTVS Subscription: It was agreed unanimously to renew the subscription to TTVS. (Increased from £10 to £25 per year)

229.  Funding for the North Devon Record Office: An outline management plan had been received from Barnstaple Town Council setting out how the North Devon Record Office would be administered and funded in future. The Clerk had already responded to say that the Parish Council had established an annual budget of £200 as its contribution to the running costs. Approval was proposed by Andrew Hewitt, seconded by Jim Lowe and agreed unanimously.

  1. Queen’s Birthday Celebrations: Temporary Events Notices: Jane Lowe had written to the Parish Council asking for recognition that she is the approved representative of the Parish Council in respect of the Temporary Event Notice for the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations and that the event would be covered by the Council’s public liability insurance. This had been confirmed by the Clerk prior to the meeting. It was proposed by George Heywood, seconded by David Watson and approved unanimously that Jane’s role for this event was recognised.
  2. Review of Parish Plan/Emergency Plan:
    1. Progress report from Working Group Jim Lowe has nearly completed a revised contacts list. No further work will be done once this is completed as a full review of the plan will be done in 2017.
    2. Grant applications for flood and community resilience schemes Barbara Babb had not heard any news about the grant application and will ask the Clerk to chase it up.
    3. Community Helipad/DAAT Nothing to report

232. Fields and Allotments:

  1. Blackhorse Fields: Invitations to Tender Deferred in the Clerk’s absence
  2. Thornhillhead Moor Mast: Following the request from Arqiva for permission to install new equipment on the mast, they had now made an offer of a one-off payment of £1,000. Members felt that this was not sufficient and therefore refused their permission at this stage and asked for the matter to be referred for the Council’s land agent, Robert Hicks & Co. Members noted that Arqiva had offered to meet any legal and professional fees.
  1. Members’ Reports

Andrew Hewitt (i) talked about government policy in relation to Social housing/ housing Association houses re the decision to allow tenants to buy them after 5 years. ii) He said that a review of District Council ward boundaries was planned and that, as many parish council seats are difficult to fill, it could result in the amalgamation of some parishes. (iii) Reminded members of the forthcoming DALC Highways Event that he will be attending.

David Watson said that the defibrillator training events had taken place but that they were not very well attended.

Barbara Babb suggested that further training could be organised through the WI in September and she will contact Julia Landolfi.

Jim Lowe (i) asked about the devolution plans for Devon and Somerset. Andrew Hewitt felt that the business plan being put forward at the moment had been too hastily put together and, at this stage, were at too high a level to be relevant to the parish council. (ii) Alex Dziurzynski, one of the village hall trustees, had telephoned him earlier in the week, and asked if he(Cllr Lowe) could speak to TDC Planning Department about the ongoing problems relating to the ‘Discharge of Conditions’ on the ‘S106 agreement’ which was being handled by RGP Architects to help move the project along. Cllr. Lowe questioned RGP’s involvement in the process. Cllr Lowe then contacted the Planning Officer, Sarah May, who asked if the Parish Council could e-mail her and let her have the details of the PC’s plans and proposals re the enclosing/fencing of both the amenity/sports field and the multi-use/school play area. (iii) He asked whether work could be started on the fence for the ‘school field’. Trevor said that work would start as soon as the weather improved.

George Heywood pointed out that it was lambing season and asked for parishioners to ensure that dogs were kept on leads and to be wormed and inoculated.  He also reported a blocked manhole in Thorne Lane.

Shirley Tilley said that the Post Office van now parks in an inconvenient place and asked if it could be moved further back down the road and away from the point where the road narrows to one lane. The Clerk will follow make enquiries. Andrew Hewitt suggested that a box should be painted on the road where we would like the van to park.

Maria Douglas said that she thought that the Goutisland Barn planning application that had been supported at the last parish council meeting was the same barn that the council had objected to at the meeting on 27th January 2016. The Clerk was asked to check the applications.

234. Planning

  1. Application: 1/0125/2016/AGMB: Woodwall, Frithelstock, Prior notification for the change of use of agricultural building to No1 dwelling under Class Q (a) It was proposed by Andrew Hewitt, seconded by David Watson and agreed unanimously to support the application

235. Charitable Trust Deferred to next meeting

236. Accounts: Deferred in the absence of the Clerk

Date of Next Meeting:

Parish Council: Wednesday 23rd March 2016 (Buckland Brewer School, 7:00pm)

Parish Council: Wednesday 13th April 2016 (Buckland Brewer School, 7:30pm)

BBPC Minutes 090316_draft

Defibrillator Installed

With the help of a generous donation from a local resident, fund raising by the Community Shop and a welcome grant from Devon County Councillor, Robin Julian, it has been possible to acquire and install a community defibrillator for the parish. It is located in the bus shelter next to the community shop and is available for anybody to use at any time of the day or night. It has been registered with South West Ambulance’s Accreditation Scheme and Cllr. David Watson has kindly volunteered to carry out a safety check every week. Training sessions in CPR and demonstrations of how the machine works were completed at the end of February in the village hall .The chapel is meeting the costs of electricity so this has been a very successful demonstration of a community coming together to provide a service. Thank you to all those who contributed their time and money to the scheme.

Parish Council by-election 18 February 2016

Two nominations have been received for the councillor vacancy so an election has been called for 18 February 2016. Torridge District Council will send poll cards to parishioners on the electoral register.

Candidates (in alphabetical order)

  • BEER, Rosie
  • BIRD, Teresa Jane

Statement of persons nominated  [PDF 9KB]

Road Closure Barton Road 30 March to 1 April

Road closure details

Barton road closure details


Barton Road, Buckland Brewer


30 March 2016 to 1 April 2016


New water service


Road from Babeleigh Cross to Buckland Brewer – Road from Buckland Brewer Primary School to Brownswell

Official notices

Bideford Medical Centre: car parking

from Bideford Medical Centre…

Notice on the change to parking arrangements at Bideford Medical Centre

From Monday 11 January 2016 Total Parking Solutions (TPS) will be managing all car parking areas related to Bideford Medical Centre. The arrangement is designed to help manage our limited parking resource and is intended to provide parking space for the Patients, Staff & Visitors of the Medical Centre when required. Parking remains free for one hour in our car parks. Should patients and visitors require over an hour parking they can complete a form at reception.

Signage will be in place at the entrances to both the Patients & Visitors and the Staff, Patients & Visitors car parks advising drivers of the Terms & Conditions attached to using these car parks and that Parking Charge Notices (PCN) may be issued by Total Parking Solutions (our Parking Management Company) to any vehicle not adhering to the Terms & Conditions. The Parking Charge Notice fine is £40, reduced to £20 if payment is made within 14 days.

In addition to the contraventions highlighted on the signage any unauthorised vehicles parked within the car parks in excess of 60 minutes will be liable to receiving a PCN. TPS Attendants will patrol the car parks on a regular basis to ensure all vehicles are adhering to the Terms & Conditions relating to parking at Bideford Medical Centre.

All those persons granted permission by Bideford Medical Centre Management to park will have their vehicle registration number entered on a “white list” maintained by Bideford Medical Centre Management and provided to TPS. This ‘whitelist’ can be managed on a daily basis.
Any person receiving a PCN from TPS can appeal in writing to TPS.

Fire Service Christmas message

What will Christmas cost you?

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service have launched their Christmas Fire Safety campaign – What will Christmas cost you?

We are focusing our campaign on unattended candles, portable heaters and careless discarding of cigarettes.

Christmas Fire safety is important at any time of the year, but with the extra distractions of Christmas it’s especially important to be vigilant. Dry Christmas trees, colourful decorations and wrapped presents are all extra fuel for a potential fire in your home.

To ensure a fire safe and joyful Christmas this year, see our top tips.


Candles and night lights are often used in celebrations for Christmas. It only takes one candle to put your home at risk – always take care when using them:

• Make sure you don’t put candles in, or by, a Christmas tree, plants, flowers or other foliage.

• Be careful that ribbons, greetings cards and other decorations aren’t near any candle flames.

• That the candle is out of draughts and away from curtains, other fabrics or furniture, which could catch fire.

• Never leave a candle unattended.

• Make sure you: put out candles before you leave a room and before you go to bed.

Portable heaters

• Don’t put heaters near ribbons, greetings cards and other decorations.

• Do not place heaters under the Christmas tree or an enclosed area.

• Don’t leave portable heaters switched on and unattended.

• Keep portable heaters away from exit ways, walkways and paths of travel.

• Heaters need to be monitored daily. Heaters with missing guards, control knobs, feet, etc. must not be used and need to be repaired by a competent person.


• With all the Christmas celebrations be extra careful with cigarettes and smoking materials after drinking alcohol or taken prescription drugs – you may get drowsy or lose concentration and fall asleep.

• Never smoke in bed – when a cigarette is finished, put it out, right out!

• Never leave lit cigarettes, cigars or pipes unattended – they can easily overbalance as they burn down.

• Use a proper, heavy ashtray that can’t tip over easily and is made of a material that won’t burn.

Plan your escape route

Make sure your family and visitors staying for the festive period know what to do in an emergency. Make a fire escape plan and check everyone knows it.

Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to accidental fires in the home, so take extra care this season to ensure that your families, loved ones and neighbours are all protected from the extra Christmas fire risks.

Smoke alarms

Ensure you have a working smoke alarm installed on all levels of your home. Test your smoke alarms on a regular basis and never remove batteries to power presents! This Christmas clean your smoke alarms so all your family and friends are safe.

To request free Home Safety advice call free on: now 0800 05 02 999. For any other fire safety advice, contact the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue helpline on: 01392 872288 or visit our website


Keep up to date and follow ‘dsfireupdates’ on Twitter and Facebook

Geoffrey Cox MP surgery dates for 2016

Advice surgery dates 2016

Bideford and Torrington

  • Saturday 16 January
  • Saturday 27 February
  • Saturday 9 April
  • Saturday 21 May
  • Saturday 2 July
  • Saturday 10 September
  • Saturday 22 October
  • Saturday 3 December

Holsworthy and Tavistock

  • Saturday 30 January
  • Saturday 19 March
  • Saturday 7 May
  • Saturday 11 June
  • Saturday 30 July
  • Saturday 1 October
  • Saturday 12 November
  • Saturday 17 December

By appointment only

If you would like to make an appointment to see Geoffrey, please contact his office by post, email, phone or website.

Geoffrey Cox MP for Torridge and West Devon

Constituency Office: 2 Bridge Chambers, Lower Bridge Street, Bideford, Devon, EX39 2BU


Telephone: 01237 459 001


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