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Many thanks for stopping by and reading the parish website.

At the moment, this website is more or less a one person operation, though I do have a trainee. I’m very happy with the progress of the site. But it is designed for you to share your news, events and to publicise what goes on in the parish.

Got anything that you’d like to share? Any contribution is welcome, warts and all.

There is also a business directory to promote your services. Entries are free. Please support your local businesses.

Email your contributions, suggestions or thoughts to info@bucklandbrewerparish.org.uk or call Pete on 07799 372 600.

Community website update – November 2012

Buckland Brewer’s community website has now had over 500 hits! Thanks for your support.

That’s an encouraging start. However, it’s important to keep that momentum going. The only way to do that is to make sure that the website is kept up to date and has content that attracts visitors.

There’s space for all clubs and societies to add information about your activities and events. Why not add some photos too.

You can also post any news that you think may interest the community. We’re also looking at using the website to give up to date information about roads in the parish once the icy weather takes hold.

The business directory is available to advertise business or services.

If you’d like to contribute, advertise, have any comments or views then please email info@bucklandbrewerparish.org.uk or phone Pete on 451570.


Buckland Brewer parish

The parish of Buckland Brewer lies in the rolling countryside of north Devon. The area is primarily agricultural both livestock and arable. Although lacking coastline, the north part of the parish is only some 3 miles from the sea. It is a perfect place to base your family for a “stay-cation”.

Buckland Brewer village is the main settlement with a number of amenities. The village tops out at over 150 metres (500 feet) above sea level. There are 314 dwellings with a population of 794.

Bideford and Torrington are the closest main towns, both about 10km (6 miles) distant. The market town of  Holsworthy is about 18 km (11 miles) away.