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Buckland Brewer development: the draft Local Plan

North Devon and Torridge District Councis have published the draft Local Plan which covers proposed development in northern Devon up to 2031. Public consultation on the plan ends on 8 August 2014.

For full details see:

This map of Buckland Brewer village shows how the village is expected to change over the next 15 to 20 years.

Buckland Brewer Policies Map

For convenience of people living in the parish, we’ve reproduced the parts of the plan relevant to Buckland Brewer. You should read this in light of the contents of the whole draft plan.

Buckland Brewer Spatial Strategy

The community’s spatial vision for the Local Centre is that it should support a range of facilities and amenities to meet the needs of residents and that it should have a more balanced age profile than at present. The community accepts that significant growth in population, particularly in the younger age groups, is likely to be necessary to help achieve this.

The vision will be delivered through:

(a) provision of approximately 103 dwellings including affordable homes, to meet a range of housing needs in the community with an emphasis on smaller properties for families and single people. The supply of housing will be delivered through extant planning consents and two site allocations with a capacity for approximately 45 dwellings;

(b) two additional housing sites within the development boundary, together with smaller infill plots;

(c) seeking to retain and expand existing services and facilities in the village;

(d) retention of existing sports and recreation facilities, and

(e) supporting appropriate employment provision, including live-work units subject to market demand.

The Development Proposals


The spatial strategy for the village will be supported in a range of ways including the site specific policies below.


A development boundary for Buckland Brewer is defined on Policies Map 12 outside of which the principle of residential development is only supported on an exceptional basis. The development boundary includes opportunities for additional development in addition to the sites subject to specific policies.



Employment in Buckland Brewer is related primarily to service activities.

for Policy BBR01: Land Adjoining Football Pitch

(1) Land to the north of Buckland Brewer, as shown on Policies Map 12, is allocated for economic development to include a mix of unit sizes focused on meeting local business needs.

(2) The site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific development principles:

(a) a focus on economic uses within the B1 Use Class;

(b) a very high standard of unified design and appearance in view of the location of the site in the countryside; and

(c) appropriate screening on all boundaries to integrate the development into its countryside setting.


During the life of the Local Plan there may be a requirement for additional land or premises to accommodate businesses able to provide a service to, or employment for local people. A small site is allocated to accommodate this demand to the north of the village.


The allocated site of about 0.22 hectares can accommodate premises for light industrial or other B1 uses to help provide a range of employment opportunities in Buckland Brewer.  Its location will ensure minimal impact on existing residential property and on traffic in the village.


The site is in a very prominent position, visible from all directions, and its development needs to reflect this. A very high standard of design of buildings will be required to ensure visual impact is minimised.  Boundary planting will need to be substantial to help integrate new development into the countryside.


If required, the opportunity could be taken to integrate access arrangements for this site, the football pitch and the adjoining allotments.



There is a substantial existing commitment1 to additional housing in the village with permitted sites at Gorwood Road and to the south east of Buckland Brewer in association with a new village hall. Further sites are additionally allocated to meet the spatial strategy for Buckland Brewer over the plan period.


The identified sites are considered to be deliverable. They will be released to ensure a steady pace of development over the plan period and in accordance with the spatial strategy. The order of presentation does not reflect any priority for release of the sites.


Existing commitments include a number of affordable dwellings. During the plan period additional affordable homes may be needed to meet local needs. All sites will be required to meet a range of housing needs in accordance with the spatial strategy and general plan policies. If a more significant need for affordable property is identified land to the south of the settlement, known locally as ‘Cock Pheasant’, between the roads to Great Torrington and Thornhillhead, is considered suitable. This site is outside the development boundary and will be released only in accordance with Policy ST19: Affordable Housing on Exceptions Sites.

Policy BBR02: Land at Orleigh Close

(1) Land north east of Orleigh Close, as shown on Policies Map 12, is allocated for residential development that includes

(a) approximately 20 dwellings with an emphasis on providing a mix of housing types and sizes to reflect local need, including affordable homes; and

(b) adequate replacement for any parking spaces lost to obtain satisfactory access to the principal village road through Orleigh Close.

(2) The site should be developed in accordance with the following specific development principles:

(a) provide vehicular access only from Orleigh Close;

(b) a design and layout that provides an acceptable impact on existing properties;

(c) provision of a substantial tree and hedge screen on all boundaries with open countryside; and

(d) a pedestrian link to land proposed for development to the south east.


A site to the north east of Orleigh Close on the eastern side of the village is allocated for housing. The site is relatively level and can accommodate a range of dwellings to meet local needs. It is well related to the highway network and village facilities and with appropriate landscaping, will not harm the landscape setting of the village.


This site of approximately 1.1 hectares can make a significant contribution to enabling continuing growth in the village over the plan period without harming the setting of the village. To ensure this is achieved, development will be expected to follow the substantial completion of the existing commitment in association with the village hall. The site is not expected to be released at the same time as BBR03.


The site borders the front of properties in Orleigh Close. Detailed design and layout that avoids overlooking between existing and new properties is essential. Access through the site to Meadow Park will need to be provided.


Substantial planting on the eastern, currently undefined, boundary is required to minimise the impact on the countryside setting. Existing hedge boundaries will also be reinforced with native planting to create more biodiverse features capable of screening the site

Policy BBR03: Land to the North East of Orleigh Close

(1) Land to the north east of Orleigh Close, as shown on Policies Map 12, is allocated for residential development that includes approximately 25 dwellings with an emphasis on providing a mix of housing types and sizes to reflect local need, including affordable homes.

(2) The site should be developed in accordance with the following specific principles:

(a) vehicular and pedestrian access from the development adjoining the new village hall;

(b) a pedestrian link to the development of site BBR02;

(c) a design and layout that provides an acceptable impact on existing properties and future development; and

(d) provision of a substantial tree and hedge screen on all boundaries with open countryside.


A site to the north east or Orleigh Close, adjacent to BBR02 and to the rear of development associated with the new village hall, is proposed for residential development. Vehicular access to this site will be from development associated with the new village hall only.


This site of approximately 1 hectare can make a significant contribution to enabling continuing growth in the village over the plan period without harming the setting of the village. The site will not be developed before the substantial completion of the existing commitment in association with the village hall. The site is not expected to be released at the same time as BBR02.


Existing hedges should be reinforced and a substantial new boundary created on the northern edge to help integrate the development into the countryside.

Community Facilities


Buckland Brewer has a range of recreation provision, mainly located to the north of the village. The Local Plan safeguards use of the football pitch, playing field and allotment areas from other uses and the sites remain outside the development boundary to further discourage development pressure.


Also safeguarded is the area of amenity land adjoining the new village hall to be transferred to Parish Council as the adjacent development progresses. A play area for use by the primary school and amenity land for general use are part of the development which includes a new village hall.

Police warn – don’t fall for this scam

Devon and Cornwall Police has sent this urgent warning to the Parish Clerk

Date: Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 11:27 AM
Subject: Op Fardel – Phone scam: Police urgent warning

Devon and Cornwall Police have received many reports relating to a professionally run national scam. This has led to many vulnerable people, who are often elderly, being ruthlessly defrauded out of thousands of pounds. There have been a considerable number of victims nationwide, including many locally in the Devon and Cornwall area. The average age of victim appears to be 70 years old, with losses ranging between £4000 -  £100,000+.

The offender(s) call unsuspecting victims purporting to be an official body, such as the police or bank. At present the common theme is for the caller to claim to be a Metropolitan police detective. The offender(s) then convince the victim that there has been some form of fraudulent activity with their bank account. They sometimes claim to have someone in police custody who was found with the victims bank details, or that their account has, or is being used, to withdraw substantial sums of money. The caller requests bank account details, PIN numbers and other details as a matter of urgency to prevent further substantial losses.

The caller often invites the victim to hang up the phone and call their bank or local police to confirm events. What the victim is unaware of is that the caller has maintained an open phone line, so on re-dialling the victim is actually connected to and conversing with the same offender(s) throughout the whole process. Once having attained all bank details the caller eventually tries to convince the victim to package their bank cards, seal them in an envelope and wait for a courier to arrive and collect. On occasion the caller also convinces the victim to visit their bank and withdraw substantial sums of cash from their accounts and await further instructions; usually involving a courier as described. The offender(s) sound professional, use decoding electronic devices as part of the process and even have automated messages and background music if on hold; it is a sophisticated and well planned operation which gives the impression of being genuine.

Please can staff be made aware of the scam so that the most suitable advice can be offered to potential victims from the earliest stage.

For further information and advice, please contact:

Donna Woolway, Devon and Cornwall Police Force Crime Prevention Team, Barnstaple Police Station. 01271 318559

Calling Buckland Brewer’s enterprising women

Networking, Peer Support and Business Development Advice for Enterprising Women

This new support programme is for women who are based in rural Devon (outside of Exeter, Torbay and Plymouth).

Eligible businesses must be more than 50% owned or managed by women, the business may be run as a social enterprise, a private business or sole trader status.

This initiative offers FREE support, networking and events which are delivered in a variety of ways to give women a choice and options as to how they wish to be involved.

There is an event at 6pm on Monday 18 August at the Bluecoat Centre in Great Torrington.

For more information see Women Led Enterprise Programme

The programme is run by the Community Council of Devon

Telephone: 01392 248919

Parish Council minutes 9 July 2014

Draft minutes

Meeting held at the Buckland Brewer School, Wednesday 9 July 2014

Members Present:  Mrs Barbara Babb, Mr George Heywood, Mr Jim Lowe, Mr Trevor Mills, Mrs Kate Slocombe, Mrs Shirley Tilley and Mr David Watson.

Also in attendance  2 members of the public, Claire McIntosh (Hicks & Co.), PCSO John McGovern

Parish Clerk: Patrick Blosse

The Chairman opened the meeting with the sad announcement of the death on Wednesday 2nd June of Councillor David Lloyd who had offered many years of excellent service to the parish council including a period as Chairman. All assembled stood in silence in his memory for one minute. His funeral will be at 3:00pm on 17th July 2014, meeting afterwards in Buckland Brewer Village Hall.

1224 Apologies for Absence:  Andrew Hewitt and Cllr. Robin Julian (DCC)

1225 Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council on 20th June 2014:  The minutes of the meeting held on 20th June 2014 were confirmed and signed.

1226 Declarations of Interest: Trevor Mills regarding item 1242 (a)(i) – Cleave planning application.

1227 Public Participation: None

1228 Crime Report:  PCSO John McGovern reported that there had been no crimes reported in the last 3 months. The team had been busy attending fetes and fairs etc. and would be attending the Buckland Brewer Fete on 12th July. He said that a new newsletter was being published for the whole of Torridge District and that he would ensure that this was sent to the clerk. Jim Lowe asked whether any of the equipment stolen earlier in the year had been recovered. John said that the equipment stolen from the van had not been found but the equipment from the locked storeroom on the building site, which he thought had been deliberately targeted, had been discarded not far from the scene. John had put an article in Village Scene recently.

1229 Clerk’s Report

Correspondence: A summary of various items of general correspondence was supplied to each member. The following item was specifically drawn to the Council’s attention:
Rural Services Network: Parish views sought on rural housing
SLCC Newsletter – Practitioners’ Guide
TTVS: Snippets, Issue 66
TDC: Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule: Consultation notification
TDC: North Devon and Torridge Local Plan: Sustainability Appraisal, Consultation notification
TDC: Statement of Community Involvement, Consultation notification
Rural Services Network (RSN), Seminar, Localism In Practice
DCC:  Devon Remembers – Website Link
DCC: Day Services – Message from Councillor Stuart Barker
DCC: Residential Care Services Review
DALC: Newsletter, July 2014
Go North Devon: New Free Service for Cancer Patients
Rural Services Network: Weekly Email News Digest – Monday, 7 July, 2014
Torridge Area meeting – REMINDER – Langtree Village Hall, Wednesday 10th September, 6:00pm
RSN: Rural Vulnerability Service, RURAL BROADBAND – JULY 2014
Clerks & Councils Direct, July 2014
J Parker’s Wholesale Catalogue
Plantlife: Events Calendar

1230 Football Pitch Club House:  Jim Lowe explained that Andrew Hewitt was going to obtain shuttering to secure the doors but this had not yet been done. A ‘keep out’ notice had been supplied by Phil Slocombe and this had been put in place. Councillor Robin Julian had offered to support the dismantling of the club house with a grant of £1,500 from the DCC capital grant scheme and had supplied the clerk with an application form. It was agreed unanimously to pursue the grant application and the form was signed by the Chairman. The clerk had not yet written to the FA for additional funding but undertook to do this in the near future.

1231 Thornhillhead Moor: Claire McIntosh reported that scrub clearing had been completed. The RPA had withheld £1,000 of the payment for these works because some stumps had not been treated and this sum had been held back from the payments to the contractors. A resident at Nattamoor could not get her pony and trap out of her property so it had been necessary to move some of the fencing. A claim had been submitted to RPA for the fencing works. This was not expected to be paid for another 4 weeks. An extra gate has been installed at one of the tenant’s expense. Flailing needs to be done before the end of July. All the ‘cattle grazing’ signs are now up. Natural England have posted a sign about their involvement in the scheme. The British Horse Society had complained that horses were cutting themselves on barbed wire by the gates. It was planned to resolve this by covering short stretched of wire by the gates in a protective sleeve. Fly tipping was still going on and Claire felt that there was nothing that could be done about it. PCSO John McGovern explained that this was a crime and should be reported to the police whenever anyone is seen doing it. Evidence can sometimes be obtained from the rubbish tipped if examined soon enough. Claire also reported that Japanese Knotweed was becoming a problem and would need to be dealt with.  An attempt had been made to call a Commoners’ Meeting but there had been little interest shown. She suggested that discussions about payments to the graziers should be held once the payment for the fencing had been received. Shirley Tilley asked what would happen to the moor after the 10-year scheme was finished. Claire did not know but it was thought that the moor would probably revert to its previous state. The clerk reported that one of the contractors had asked for a cheque that had been made out to his company to be re-issued in his name and had supplied a new invoice. This was agreed and a new cheque was issued. Claire McIntosh returned the original cheque.

1232 Broadband: Jim Lowe reported that the PCC had agreed to the installation of an aerial on the church tower at a rent of £300 per year and that it was planned to install this by the 23rd July. The company had agreed to tie in a session to explain their services to potential new customers when they were in the area installing some of the systems that had already been ordered.

1233 TAP Fund Project:   (i) Footpath restoration, Progress Report: A bill for £1,138.00 had been received from a local contractor for the works completed so far to Northwood Lane and Back Lane. It was agreed unanimously to settle the bill. Trevor Mills had carried out an inspection and explained that Northwood Lane had been re-surfaced up to the playing field and that it now had a ‘pretty good’ surface. One of the landowners had not been happy about loose stones choking his drains. Back Lane had been done along a short stretch around the dog bin and part of the way down the lane. It was agreed that Trevor would use some more of the Council’s scalpings to create a slope to rectify the stretch where water was still pooling. Trevor agreed to get the footpaths inspected by DCC. It was noted that some of the hedges needed trimming. George Heywood will talk to the residents. Barbara Babb reported that Lyn Layton was not satisfied with the footpath. Trevor Maggs had produced photographs for the grant submission and it was agreed that the Council would meet the cost of some Village Hall hires for him as compensation.

(ii) 2014/15 Application: There was a discussion about the possibility of submitting a claim for works to lay tarmac to the east of the village green. It was thought that this might cost in excess of £4,000 but the TAP Fund contribution this year would be less than £750.00. Trevor Mills will obtain a more accurate quotation.

1234 Hopper Saturday Bus: No response had yet been heard from the neighbouring parishes regarding the Hopper Bus Scheme. Jim Lowe had put an article in Village Scene but this had prompted no responses so far.

1235 Village Library: Plans were coming together and the Clerk had agreed with the PCC that shelves would be supplied in both the schoolroom and inside the church so that children in particular had some access to the books at any time.

1236 Babeleigh Barton Road:  There had been no response to Jim Lowe’s letter to Cllr Stuart Hughes at DCC. Kate Slocombe reported that her son had recently sent a strongly worded email to Devon Highways. George Heywood suggested that the clerk should write to John Rouse, the High Sheriff of Devon, who owns property in Parkham. It was agreed that Jim Lowe would send another email to Devon Highways and that a formal complaint would be raised.

1237 School Bus Route: Jim Lowe reported that he had raised a formal complaint procedure on 8th July regarding the school bus route, as agreed at the previous meeting.

1238 Village Hall progress report: Jim Lowe reported that the Village Hall Trustees were making good progress in obtaining Hallmark Accreditation, which was an essential step in securing finance for the new community hall. This needed to be submitted by 21st August. Negotiations were under way with the developer, Pearce Construction, for the building works to be undertaken by them.

1239 War Memorial: Jim Lowe was still waiting for a quote for the pointing works so It was agreed that work should be started on the re-enamelling. Kate Slocombe suggested getting the schoolchildren to put out some small extracts of First World War poetry on the village green and it was agreed, subject to discussion with the PCC, to tie-in a small ceremony with the church service on 3rd August 2014. David Watson and Kate Slocombe would discuss the details outside of the meeting.

1240 Allotment & Field Tenancy Review: To set date for Finance sub-Committee Meeting: It was agreed that this matter would be discussed at a full meeting of the Parish Council on 23rd July 2014 as it would be necessary to call a special meeting to discuss planning applications on that day. The meeting will be in the village hall starting at 8:00pm. Barbara Babb, Kate Slocombe and David Watson offered their apologies in advance.

1241 Members’ Reports

George Heywood said that if a fence was erected between the club house and the allotments it would be possible to use the football pitch for more things, such as letting it out for sheep in the winter months. He undertook to obtain a quotation.

Trevor Mills (i) said that DCC had sent a lengthsman out recently who had undertaken work that he though was unnecessary and a repeat of what had been done before. (ii) He had tried to find details of the Buckland Brewer rural settlement submission in the recently issued website of the draft local plan but had not been able to do so.

Shirley Tilley asked if there had been any response to the request for contributions to the grass cutting in Orleigh Close. The clerk explained that he had not had time to write to them all yet but would do so shortly.

David Watson suggested that a Parish Council meeting should be held at Thornhillhead and it was agreed to hold the September meeting there.

1242 Planning

a) Applications:

(i) 1/0499/2014/AGRPD – Cleave, Prior approval of proposed change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling house – The Council unanimously supported the application but asked the clerk to point out to TDC that the covering letter talked about 1 dwelling house but the plans were to convert 2 agricultural buildings to 2 dwellings.

(ii)  1/0593/2014/LBC – Higher Thorne Cottage, Proposed alterations & replacement porch – supported unanimously

b) Decision:1/0386/2014/FUL – Horras Farm: Retrospective change of use of agricultural building to car repair workshop  – Granted permission

c) Ross House: Jim Lowe had drafted a letter to Kate Little, Strategic Head of Planning for North Devon and Torridge and it was agreed unanimously to send the letter as drafted.

d) Old Shop Driveway: Jim Lowe had discussed this issue with the Enforcement Officer at TDC, Andy Fenge, but he could not help.  Jim had been referred to a Tim Jones at Western Power, who had laid the drive as a form of compensation to the house owner not realising that it was no-man’s land. A site meeting had been arranged for 1:30pm on 10th July 2014. David Watson had not yet been able to find a map of the area.

e) Torridge/North Devon Draft Plan Consultation request: It was agreed that members would study the document on the TDC website and that the item would be added to the agenda for 23rd July 2014 for members’ feedback.

1243 Accounts:

i) Bank balances:
Parish Council Current Account was £8,483.39 as at 30th June 2014
Thornhillhead Moor Account was £20,481.81 as at 19th June 2014

ii) Payments due (£5,072.90)
Parish Clerk’s salary, expenses and associated PAYE: £227.90
Tom Lloyd, scrub clearance – £3,600.00 (to replace cheque previously made out to ‘Tom’s Fencing & Woodland Care’
Buckland Brewer Village Hall, Hall Hire 28/5/14 – £7.00
Ray Hoyle, Works to Northwood Lane and Back Lane – £1,138.00 + VAT

iii) Receipts since last meeting (£3,625.25):
Contribution from Frithelstock Parish Council re SLCC Fee – £25.25
Returned cheque, Tom’s Fencing & Woodland Care- £3,600.00
(iv) Standing Order for SLCC Fee: The Clerk requested permission to set up a standing order for the payment of the SLCC Fee and this was agreed unanimously.

Date of Next Meeting:

Wednesday 23rd July 2014 (Village Hall, 8:00pm)

Wednesday 13th August 2014 (School Hall, 8:00pm)

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:45 pm.


Plantlife: events summer 2014

Wild about plant life?

If you are wild about plant life then three events organised by Plantlife this summer, as part of their “Make the small things count” project, will give you an opportunity to indulge yourself.  The events are free.

East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve

11am to 4pm, Wednesday 30 July

Join us for an inspirational walk in the woods and use soil and plant pigments to create printed collages of magical mosses, fabulous ferns and lovely lichens. Prepare to get messy as you get up close and personal with these hidden gems!  Meet at the Woodland Centre which will be signed from near to the entrance to the reserve and has parking. Information on how to get to the reserve can be found on the East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve website.  Please bring suitable clothing and stout footwear as the session may get a bit messy. You may also wish to bring a camera. Remember to bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink.  Booking is essential, see Wild about plants events

Earth’s Studio Arts Workshops: Lynmouth Pavilion

11am to 4pm Thursday 21 August and Saturday 13 September

Join us for an inspirational walk in the woods and use soil and plant pigments to create printed collages of magical mosses, fabulous ferns and lovely lichens. Prepare to get messy as you get up close and personal with these hidden gems!  Please bring suitable clothing and stout footwear as the session may get a bit messy. You may also wish to bring a camera. Remember to bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink.  Meet at the Pavilion.  Booking is essential, see Wild about plants events

The Lowdown on Lichens

11am to 2pm, Tuesday 2 September 2014

Join us for a walk in one of the south west’s special and beautiful Atlantic woodlands and learn about the lichens growing there.  This journey through Badgworthy woods at Malmsmead on Exmoor will open your eyes to a new world.  Walk leaders will help you not only to identify a few iconic species to amaze your friends with, they will share some of the lichens’ secrets including how they can protect you from burning in the sun and how they could help you to find your way if you were lost…

Bring a packed lunch and clothing for all weather.  We will be walking through the woods so stout footwear is advisable.  You might want to bring your camera to take photos and enter our Wonders of the Woodlands competition.  This is a free workshop suitable for absolute lichen beginners and is being run as part of the lottery funded Make the Small Things Count project.  Over 18s only please.  Meet at the car park at Malmsmead close to Lorna Doone Farm SS792478. Booking is essential, see Wild about plants events

Further details about see Plantlife’s Make the Small Things Count project.

The organiser for all the above events is Katie Cameron

Email: Katie.Cameron@plantlife.org.uk

Post: 14 Rollestone St, Salisbury, SP1 1DX

Telephone:  01722 342759

Website: Plantlife

Councillor David Lloyd

At the meeting of Buckland Brewer Parish Council last Wednesday, the Chairman announced with deep sorrow that Councillor David Lloyd had died suddenly on 2 July.  David had been a parish councillor for many years and was a former Chairman of the council.  All those at the meeting stood in silence as a mark of their respect.

David’s funeral and memorial service will be held at Barnstaple Crematorium on at 3pm on Thursday 17 July.

There will be a tea served in Buckland Brewer Village Hall afterwards, to which all are welcome.

No flowers please. There will be a collection.

Parish council minutes 20 June 2014

Draft minutes

Meeting held at the Buckland Brewer School, Friday 20 June 2014

Members Present: Mrs Barbara Babb, Mr Andrew Hewitt, Mr George Heywood, Mr David Lloyd, Mr Jim Lowe, Mrs Kate Slocombe, Mrs Shirley Tilley and Mr David Watson.

Also in attendance  2 members of the public,

Parish Clerk:  Patrick Blosse

1204 Apologies for Absence Trevor Mills and Cllr. Robin Julian.

1205 Minutes of the Meetings of the Parish Council on 14th and 28th May 2014:The minutes of the meetings held on 14th and 28th May were confirmed and signed.

1206 Declarations of Interest None.

1207 Public Participation  None.

1208 Clerk’s Report

Correspondence: A summary of various items of general correspondence was supplied to each member. The following item was specifically drawn to the Council’s attention:
Rural Services Network: Newsletter 19th May 2014
RSN Seminar: Sustainable Tourism Strategies
Bideford Police Newsletter
Torridge and North Devon LEADER funding for 2015: Survey
TTVS Snippets Issue 64
RSN Online: Rural Vulnerability Service – Broadband
RSN Online; Spotlight on Small Business and Rural Economy
Town and Parish Council meetings
RSN: Update re Rural Sounding Board
Community Infrastructure Levy Seminar
DALC Newsletter, June 2014
Devon Youth Service Review update
Invitation to School Food Event, 26th June 2014 (It was confirmed that there was no limitation on numbers attending)
Village Green – Issue 136, Summer 2014
TTVS: Snippets, 11th June 2014
Environment Agency Conference: Local Resilience 2014: Building Capacity, Planning for Emergencies – Wednesday 25th June 2014, Central London
Torridge Council: Updated Recycling Booklet
DCC: Grass Cutting Programme
DALC Finance Update – Governance and Accountability
DCC: Residential Care Services Review – Proposed variations of service
NIGHT TIME Road closure A386 Weare Giffard Cross to Rakeham Toll House X Monkleigh Mon 23rd June
DCC: Emergency Management Flyer

Flying Start Federation: Meeting Request: The Chair of Governors had invited the Parish Council to meet the Headteacher, Mrs Gina Finch, as she was keen to include the community in everything they do at the school. It was agreed unanimously to meet at the school. Kate Slocombe is to suggest suitable dates during the Autumn Term (September to December).

1209 Report of the Annual Parish Meeting, 28th May 2014                     Jim Lowe gave a brief overview of the Annual Parish meeting. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to Cllr Phil Collins to thank him for attending the meeting and providing answers to a number of tabled questions.

1210 Football Pitch Club House/Allotments   (i) Leon Dzuirnynski had kindly provided some plastic fencing which has been erected around the club house. All doors have been secured but some shuttering is required to make them moreso. It was agreed to erect a ‘Keep Out’ notice to be made by Phil Slocombe. George Heywood suggested that the clerk should write to the FA to ask for a contribution towards the cost of dismantling the club house and this was agreed unanimously.

(ii) A quotation of £150 had been received for clearing allotment plots 13, 14 and 15. It was agreed unanimously to accept the quotation.

1211 Thornhillhead Moor:    Invoices had been received for scrub clearance and for the provision of ‘Cattle Grazing’ signs. It was agreed that these should be paid, withholding £500 from each of the two contractors for some spot spraying that is yet to be done on the advice of Claire McIntosh. Payment had been received from the Rural Protection Agency for these works and the 6-montly Environmental Stewardship. The Clerk was asked to invite Claire to the next meeting to provide an update.

1212 Broadband                  A recent announcement named a number of villages that would be getting fast broadband but Buckland Brewer was not included. The PCC had agreed to the installation of an aerial on the church tower at a rent of £300 per year. The clerk was asked to invite Tim Newman of WildWestNet to hold an event in the village hall to advertise his services. The PCC had said that would be willing to support such an event.

1213 TAP Fund Project:   (i) Footpath restoration, Progress Report:       All work had been completed in Northwood Lane. Trevor Mills is to check whether any more work is needed in Back Lane where it believed an overgrown drain needs to be cleared.

(ii) 2014/15 Application:    Langtree is enthusiastic about entering an application to top up the funds raised from last year’s scheme. Peters Marland have no plans to carry out any further maintenance to their village green at the moment. Frithelstock might like to top up their defibrillator fund but are still considering that and other possible schemes. It was agreed that the east side of the green needs tarmacing. Jim Lowe will investigate the costs. It was also agreed that the green should be made one-way to prevent possible accidents and that signage could be added to the tarmac surface.

1214 Hopper Saturday Bus:  Jim Lowe reported that the Summer Bus Service will now only operate for 7 Fridays instead of 9 due to an administrative problem at Community Transport. It was agreed that an item would be put in Village Scene to gauge opinion about whether parishioners would prefer the Saturday Hopper Bus option throughout the year instead of the Summer Bus service.

1215 Village Library:  The PCC has agreed to host the village library in the church schoolroom. David Lloyd is taking his shelves up to the church in the near future. The shelves offered by Brian and Ann Smith were not now available but Andrew Hewitt has some that he offered.

1216 Grass Cutting:  A quote for £30 had been received to cut the verge in Orleigh Close and Jim Lowe had asked the contractor to cut the grass already. Payment was approved but Kate Slocombe stated that she felt the matter should have been discussed by the Parish Council first. It was agreed that the clerk would write to the residents of Orleigh Close about future grass cutting.

1217 Babeleigh Barton Road:  (i) The Clerk has supplied a covering letter to Parkham Parish Council to accompany the report prepared by Andrew Hewitt and David Lloyd and a subsequent letter of report received from Dr. Layton. Jim Lowe had submitted a letter to the cabinet member for highways at Devon County but had not yet received a response. Kate Slocombe explained that the state of the road was getting worse every day and Jim Lowe reported that the coach company had made complaints about the road condition. It was agreed to leave the matter for 1 more month before taking any further action.

1218 Taxi Licensing Consultation     Jim Lowe undertook to complete the questionnaire and it was agreed that he would add a comment recommending that prospective taxi drivers should be able to demonstrate local ‘knowledge’.

1219 School Bus Route       The issue of the school bus continuing to use the dangerous crossing at Catsborough Cross was discussed. The route had been checked by DCC inspectors who had passed the route as being safe but this was unanimously disputed. Jim Lowe will pursue an official complaint about the matter.

1220 Village Hall:                 (i) Progress Report              Jim Lowe reported that the Buckland Brewer Village Hall Trust had held a referendum which decided by a vote of 94.5% in favour of selling the village hall to contribute towards the cost of a new community hall. A minimum of 75% of those present at the meeting had been required. Andrew Hewitt had received a letter against the proposal but, as the letter was addressed to the Village Hall Trustees, it was not considered to be within the remit of the Parish Council to respond to it.

(ii) S.106 Variation – Proposed payment in kind Jim Lowe explained that a variation to the S.106 Agreement was required to enable the developers to contribute the £325,000 value of the agreement in kind by undertaking the building work themselves. All the landowners had agreed to the proposal. It was proposed by Kate Slocombe and seconded by David Lloyd to agree to the variation order and the motion was passed with 7 in favour and 1 abstention.

1221 Members’ Reports

Andrew Hewitt reported that the hedges alongside the road over Yeo Bridge just beyond the telephone box need to be trimmed.

George Heywood reported that the stretch of road from Moorhead Road to Bowden Green Road was overgrown. He also thanked Jim Lowe for the work he had done in clearing hedges. George pointed out that Eric had cut the football pitch but had left the plastic bales in the field and that these needed to be moved to prevent damage to the field. Related to this, and in relation to the proposed review of field and allotment tenancies, he stated that the Council should be more business-like in future. It was agreed that a meeting of the Finance sub-Committee would be called to review all tenancy agreements and that George Heywood would be asked to attend as well.

Jim Lowe discussed the driveway outside the old shop which had been laid across ‘no-man’s land’, which he felt was wrong and dangerous. He had spoken to Andy Fenge at Torridge District. The driveway had been laid by Western Power and Jim was waiting for a call back from a Mr Jones. Andrew Hewitt suggested putting up plastic bollards. David Watson undertook to provide a map of the area for the next meeting.

Kate Slocombe reported that the poppies had been planted by the school children.

Shirley Tilley asked whether the cars that are often parked outside Tower Cottages could be parked behind the properties. George Heywood said that he would speak to them. It was generally agreed that parking was getting more difficult. It was also agreed that the clerk and chairman would obtain quotations for the additional work proposed for the War Memorial wall.

1222 Planning

a) Decisions:

(i) 1/0194/2014/FUL – Milford Farm: Erection of an Extension to Existing Agricultural Building – Granted permission

(ii)  1/0195/2014/FUL – Milford Farm: Erection of an Extension to Existing Agricultural Building – Granted permission
1/1067/2013/FUL – Watershute Farm, Horns cross, Wind turbine – Refused
1/0302/2014/OUT – Land adj. to Ross House, detached two-storey dwelling and integral garage – Granted Permission. Kate Slocombe stated that this property was apparently part of a development of up to 20 houses. Jim Lowe is to investigate further with Torridge Council.
1/0386/2014/FUL – Horras Farm, retrospective change of use of agricultural building to car repair workshop – Granted permission

b) Torridge District Plan/Parish Rural Settlement Plan: Jim Lowe explained that the next phase of consultation will be distributed on 26th June and that there will be 6 weeks to respond. The final draft is to be submitted to the Secretary of State in January 2015 and should be agreed by Summer 2015.

c) 21-Day Consultation Period: A letter had been received from the Dept. of Communities and Local Government in response to the Chairman’s letter to Eric Pickles, MP of 24th April2014. It pointed out that there was no provision in the order requiring Parish Councils to be informed of planning applications for an extention the time period for consultations. The Clerk reported that a request had been received after the agenda for this meeting was issued that required a response 24 hours before the next meeting. It was agreed that the item would be discussed at the meeting on 9th July in the hope that any comments would be in time to be included. It was agreed that an extra meeting would be held on the 4th Wednesday of each month, in the Village Hall, starting at 7:00pm, to discuss applications that could not be accommodated in the usual cycle of meetings and that these meetings were not expected to last more than one hour.

1223 Accounts:

i)  Bank balances:
Parish Council Current Account was £7,002.49 as at 30th May 2014 (+£281 VAT Claim and £201 rents and wayleaves subsequently received = £7,484.49)
Thornhillhead Moor Account was £8,016.03 as at 19th May 2014 (+ £8,029.17 stewardship fee & £4,436.61 6-monthly payment & £1729.60 VAT Claim subsequently received = £22,211.41)

ii)  Payments due (£7,619.33)
Parish Clerk’s salary, expenses and associated PAYE: £342.53
Robert Hicks & Co, Cattle Signs – £46.80 + VAT
Tom’s Fencing, scrub clearance – £3,600.00
R A Metherell, scrub clearance – £3,600.00 + VAT
M F Garden Services, grass cutting – £30.00

iii) Receipts since last meeting (£14,677.38):
Rural Payments Agency, Thornhillhead Moor Stewardship- £12,465.78
VAT claim: £2,010.60 (£1,729.60 to be transferred to THM account)
Wayleaves and allotment rents – £201.00  (Andrew Hewitt asked the clerk to email him details of the wayleaves received as he believed that others might also be due.)

(iv) Annual Accounts and Audits: The Clerk reported that the annual return had been completed and submitted to the external auditor by the due date of 9th June 2014. An income and expenditure statement for 2013/14 was distributed for members’ information.

Date of Next Meeting:  Wednesday 9th July 2014 (School Hall)(8:00pm)

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10:10pm.

Hospital transport for cancer patients

The parish clerk has received the following press release from Sharon Lynch, Manager, Go North Devon Ltd , about a new free hospital transport car service for cancer patients needing to get to North Devon District Hospital.

If you would like any further information about it please contact Sharon Lynch or use the contact phone number.

NDCCCT Car poster 2014

A new door to door trial service for cancer patients who need to get to North Devon District Hospital (NDDH) for oncology or chemotherapy treatment and who would struggle to get there has been launched this week.

The service which is funded by the North Devon Cancer Care Centre Trust (NDCCCT) and co-ordinated by Go North Devon (GND) will collect patients from the Torridge area on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from the North Devon area on Tuesday and Thursday. The service will run twice daily to NDDH arriving at 9am and 1pm; departing at 1.15pm and 5pm. The VW Caravelle can carry five passengers on each run and booking is essential.

NDCCCT and Go have worked together for the past 17 years helping North Devon cancer patients who needed to get to Exeter on a daily basis for Radiotherapy. However an NHS funded service is now in place to help patients with these journeys so the NDCCCT Trustees felt the time was right to investigate new ways to help cancer patients in the area.

There is currently no charge for using the new service which is funded by NDCCCT from donations and fundraising. James Bonetta, Chairman of NDCCCT said “Our charity began with the goals of helping cancer patients attend appointments and offering support to the chemotherapy unit at NDDH. With the new unit opening next year this new service will combine those original aims and, we hope, help many people in the future.”

For more information or to book a seat please telephone 01271 314332 Monday to Friday 09.30 to 4.00pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

Email: Lorraine.Inch@torridge.gov.uk

Buckland Brewer Bus: schedule from 4 July to 3 Sept 2014

Summer Holidays late Friday Afternoon Replacement Bus Service from Bideford Quay to Buckland Brewer and on to Bradworthy

Petroc College term ends on Friday 4th July.  Thereafter and until Wednesday 3rd September there will be no early (8.55am) 372 Beacon bus from  Buckland Brewer to Barnstaple nor late (4.30pm) afternoon bus back from Barnstaple.

As in previous years Bradworthy, Buckland Brewer, Parkham and Putford Parish Councils, with the help of Torridge Community Transport, will be running an replacement service from Bideford Quay to Buckland Brewer and on to Bradworthy to meet the needs of parishioners.

It will run every Friday afternoon, starting on July 19th at 5.05 pm from Bideford Quay (Stop A).  It will continue for Seven Fridays until the new term starts at Petroc College.

Buckland Brewer Parish Council apologises for missing the first two Fridays.  This year there have been difficulties with the traffic commissioners beyond their control.

Please note that the normal 10.25 am Monday to Friday Beacon 372 services from Buckland Brewer that returns from Barnstaple at 1.30pm and 1.55pm from Bideford Quay will continue as normal throughout the summer.

A386 closure overnight 23 to 24 June 2014


The Clerk to Buckland Brewer Parish Council has received a Road Closure notice from  Joanna Cole, Customer Liaison Administrator, South West Highways.

There will be a NIGHT TIME Road closure on the A386 Bideford to Torrington Road from Weare Giffard Cross to Rakenham Toll House Cross, Monkleigh, during the evening/night of Mon 23rd June.  During the works, a diversion route will be signed and maintained as also shown on the map (click on Map A386 Weare Giffard to Rakenham Toll House.)

It is to enable SWH to carry out patching works on behalf of Devon County Council.    Circumstances and weather permitting, the anticipated working times will be 7pm – 7am.   Please be aware however, that the dates may need to change at short notice.

South West Highways apologise for any inconvenience.

If you have any queries please email Joanna Cole (joanna.cole@swhltd.co.uk) or telephone her at 01805 622395 ext  2017