Welcome to Buckland Brewer

Buckland Brewer residents celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee in June 2011

(Photo courtesy of Trevor Maggs.)

Buckland Brewer parish lies in the rolling countryside of north Devon, primarily agricultural both livestock and arable.

Our village has a parish church, chapel, village shop, pub and more. The high point is over 150 metres above sea level. There are 314 dwellings with a population of 794. 

Check out the parish map to find where we are.

Read about the history of Buckland Brewer thanks to “The History Interpreter” (our own Janet Few). also, check out the Buckland Brewer History Group.

Hello and goodbye

I have run the Buckland Brewer parish website for about five or six years. However, having now moved out of the area I can longer keep it newsworthy and maintained.

Despite not having been updated for over a year, this site still has a high Google page rank. However, I’ve let the domain registration lapse so it will disappear shortly.

The parish council supported the site until recently but has gone elsewhere: with a lower page rank.

Thank you to all those who have visited the site to find information about Buckland.

If you require a small, well built and affordable community or charity website, drop me a line: stuff@petermcclymont.co.uk